What garden stuffed bird are afraid like fire: a master class on creating a “sweet couple”

What garden stuffed bird are afraid

Summer residents are waiting for the first summer berries with special impatience, because after a long winter the family missed the sweet vitamins. No less passionately awaiting this moment and feathered “neighbors” – starlings, sparrows, as well as crows. And when the time comes for ripening early cherries or strawberries, a stubborn struggle begins over who will get the crop. To prevent unexpected raids, summer residents are on duty all day in the garden, throw nets on small trees, and next to tall trees or fix a garden scarecrow on them.


  •  What the birds are afraid of: we select elements for the future stuffed animal
  • Shine and movement: causes bird fear with its inconstancy
  • Blue color: scares unusual
  • Crackling and noise: hazard warning
  • Birds of prey or their models: a direct threat to life
  • Master class: how to make a scarecrow garden perfect
    • Option 1: Merry DJ from old clothes
    • Option 2. Young lady from garbage bags
    • But not every guardian is afraid of birds. They use many as an airfield, from where it is possible to more carefully examine the contents of the garden. It turns out that the stuffed animal “worked”, it should be created taking into account all the factors that the birds are afraid of. Consider these factors in more detail and create on their basis a couple of ideal stuffed animals.

      What the birds are afraid of: we select elements for the future stuffed animal

      Any bird will not attack a tree if there is even the slightest threat to life. And this threat is not only a person. Here is a list of the most scaring objects and objects that the birds can’t get used to:

      • Everything that moves and shines.
      • Everything that makes sharp sounds and noise.
      • Everything is colored blue.

      We will deal with each item.

      funny scarecrow

      This funny scarecrow is unlikely to scare the birds, but the attention of all passers-by will be only on your site

      Shine and movement: causes bird fear with its inconstancy

      Shiny objects for birds themselves are not scary. Let us recall at least forty, who drag into the nest everything that attracted brilliance. But if a shiny object starts moving, spinning, scattering glare from the sun’s rays, then it becomes awesome for birds, because it is incomprehensible. The birds do not know how this “horror story” will behave the next minute, and therefore prefer not to get close. So old CD and DVD discs can do a good job if you add them to your stuffed wardrobe.

      In addition to shiny objects, you can include in the paraphernalia of the garden guard everything that begins to move from the slightest blow of the wind: film, magnetic tapes from old cartridges, balloons, etc..

      scarecrow in the garden

      Everything that is characterized by chaotic movements alarms the birds, even if it does not look like a person

      Blue color: scares unusual

      From the entire color palette, starlings and sparrows are for some reason afraid of saturated blue (it is also called royal blue). Such a tone is rare in nature, and birds simply do not have time to get used to it. So in the clothes of the garden scarecrow, you need to use this particular shade.

      color stuffed

      The blue color of the stuffed animal clothes frightens the birds more than the doll itself

      Crackling and noise: hazard warning

      At the dachas there is no such movement as in the city, and the birds squeeze with silence. If on the site something begins to crack or make noise, then this is knocked out of the usual rhythm of life of birds and scares them. True, if sounds will be made constantly, with a certain regularity, then the birds will soon get used to this danger. Therefore, it is necessary to alternate different types of rattles and “noisers”, changing their places every week.

      Birds of prey or their models: a direct threat to life

      Ornithologists who study the behavioral reactions of different breeds of birds have come to the conclusion that there is no better way to repel the feathered “trifle” than their predatory “brethren”. It is not without reason that in the city, trained falcons, eagles and golden eagles are used to eliminate colonies of pigeons that crap on monuments of historical significance. A couple of flights of a predator – and the birds will forever forget the way to this area. True, summer residents rarely manage to get a real bird of prey. A simpler way is to hang a scarecrow on a high pole or find a dead crow. Suspended dead “relative” – ​​the best evidence that it is unsafe.

      how to make a scarecrow

      If you did not find a dead bird, you can make it a dummy yourself

      So, four deterrent factors are known to us. It remains only to introduce them into the future scarecrow, so that it becomes a real guard for sleeping berries.

      Master class: how to make a scarecrow garden perfect

      Option 1: Merry DJ from old clothes

      To create a garden DJ you need to stock up on the following materials:

      1. High wooden pole (about 2 m) and 2 crossbeams (up to a meter).
      2. Unnecessary clothes in which the blue color will be present (pants, shirt, cap).
      3. Last year’s pumpkin to create a head (if there is no pumpkin, use a bag of cloth stuffed with straw).
      4. The filler with which you will stuff clothes (nitron, rags, straw, etc.).
      5. Music discs.
      6. Radio in working condition.
      7. Markers.
      scarecrow installation

      Look for open areas to set up the scarecrow so that it is clearly visible in all directions

      When everything you need is collected, get to work. The sequence of actions is as follows:

      • We knock down the frame on which the DJ will sit. To do this, we beat the crossbar to the pole, retreating 30-40 cm from the top. She will be wearing a shirt.
      • We make the head. If last year’s pumpkin or zucchini was found, then cut out a small hole in the center and select all the contents of a tablespoon through it from the inside. Then gently cut the face with a knife. If there is no pumpkin, use a light linen bag. We fill it with hay, nitron, etc., and draw the eyes, nose and mouth on top with markers..
      • We put our head on a pole. Pumpkin will keep due to the fact that there is no through hole on top. The bag must be pulled at the edge of the thread and tied to a pole.
      • Decorate the head. To give the DJ’s head a natural look, we put on an old wig from above, or with the help of pins we fix the hair from nitron, and then we pull on a cap or hat.
      • Create the upper torso. We pull the shirt over the crossbar, completely file it and fill it with filler from the inside. First fill the sleeves, and so that the nitron does not come out, sew the cuffs with large stitches. Then fill the rest of the shirt and hook the edges with pins from the bottom so that nothing spills out.
      • We put on the scarecrow pants. Cut the second bar so that it fits snugly into the lower back of the trousers. Fill the pants to the knees with filler, and so as not to fall out, sew the line of the knees with thread. Leave the bottom of the legs empty. Let her flutter in the wind. Insert the crossbar in the lower back and nail it to the pole. So you fix the “legs” stuffed to the body.
      • We create a musical decor. Tie a few pieces of music discs to the sleeves of the shirt on threads of different heights. Let them sparkle and move in the wind. Wrap the old radio, which is still in working condition, with a film (in case of bad weather), cutting a hole around the speaker, and hang the DJ on his neck. And so as not to fall from the wind, wrap 1-2 circles of tape around the shirt. Stretch the extension cord from the radio to the nearest power outlet and tune in to the clearest wave in your area. At night, the extension cord will have to be removed.
      • Place a DJ near the berry pickers and turn on the radio.

      Advice! No need to leave the radio on all day, otherwise the birds will get used to the noise. Use it for a couple of hours at different times of the day.

      Option 2. Young lady from garbage bags

      It is very simple to make a scarecrow with your own hands from garbage bags. They come in different colors, but still the main one is better to make blue. Since we have already created a male guard, we will make a girlfriend for him. The frame for creating the young lady will be the same two-meter pole. Only the crossbar needs one, not two.

      how to scare the birds

      Scarecrows from plastic bags scare the birds by constantly rustling the film

      In addition, you will need:

      • multi-colored garbage bags;
      • the package is thicker for the head;
      • nitron;
      • adhesive tape of medium thickness;
      • magnetic film;
      • tin cans of drinks;
      • balloon;
      • markers.

      The principle of creating a scarecrow is similar to the first master class, i.e. every detail is strung on a pole gradually. But since the basis is polyethylene, hard straw cannot be used as a filler. She will break through a thin film and spoil the appearance of the scarecrow. Therefore, we will only fill our heads with nitron.

      Features of creating a garden young lady:

      • For the head, use a package of light solid color, so that the face drawn with markers is clearly noticeable. Put it on the top of the pole first, then fill it with filler, tie it at the base and paint.
      • From a magnetic film, cut long strips and glue them either directly to the stuffed head, or first on a paper blank, and then on the top of the doll. Magnetic tapes will serve as a young lady with hair and, freely waving, will bring fear to the birds. Hide bald spots on top with a scarf or bow from a garbage bag glued with tape.
      • To create a blouse, you need 3 packages: 2 – on the hands, 1 – on the chest. We cut a small hole at the bottom of the package and through it we extend the sleeve to the junction with the pole. We fix it with tape on the shoulder and around the elbow, leaving the wrist part of the sleeve freely fluttering. The central part (chest-back) is made of one package, pulling it through the bottom of the pole with a cut hole. We fix with tape only in the upper part, and leave the bottom free.
      • The skirt is created from several air-inflated bags, fastened together with adhesive tape. The more magnificent you make it, the more spectacular the scarecrow will be. All packages are wrapped around the pole and fixed to it with tape.
      • We tie an inflated balloon to one hand of the young woman, hang several empty tin cans on the second, which will create noise.

      As soon as this “sweet couple” appears in your garden, the birds will boycott the cherries. And if you plan to put scarecrows on different edges of the plot, change their places a couple of times a season to enhance the deterrent effect.


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