Simple ways to decorate the garden

Simple ways to decorate the garden

The garden and garden plots serve a very tangible practical purpose – their main purpose is to grow fruits and vegetables on them. That is, we use these territories for food. But these areas can be made the focus of style, transforming with the help of improvised materials and even unnecessary things that you wrote off, mistaking for trash. Simple garden decoration with our own hands – photos, small tricks and unusual ideas we have selected for you in this material.


  • The most obvious option is landscaping
  • Practical decor
  • Birdhouses
  • Turn on creator mode: quintessential creative

The most obvious option is landscaping

The simplest and most common way to transform a site is, of course, landscaping it. Flowers and hedges are an organic and self-evident solution. Flowerbeds and green plantings are the best decorations for the garden. Adding greens to the kindergarten, you solve several problems at once.


Gardening is the most popular way to decorate a garden

  1. Flower beds will give the site grooming and “sleekness”.
  2. Vertical gardening will add volume to the territory, hide some flaws (dried trees or stumps, outbuildings with peeling paint, etc.). Use bindweed, ivy, hops and lemongrass.
  3. Hedgerows will help divide the territory into zones, hide their possessions from prying eyes. Usually used are thuja, rosehip, jasmine and lilac.
    Tip: if your choice fell on vertical gardening, and you want your garden to be fragrant with flowering green carpets covering the walls during the flowering season, first stretch a rope or fishing line along them. So the plants will quickly cover the required area and grow better, plus you can control their direction.

Practical decor

  • Gazebos

If you want to equip a place for communication with guests under the canopy of fruit trees, you will not find better ideas than installing a gazebo. Choose models made of wood, not synthetic materials – they look more noble and organically fit into the atmosphere of any garden. In the garden, you can also make a mini gazebo for relaxing from work, or you can find an unusual creative greenhouse.

  • Furniture

Furniture is a good way to ennoble even a garden, at least a summer cottage, and in a garden plot it will be useful. Forged shop or stylized chairs and tables will add sophistication and sophistication to the area, especially if you combine such furniture with a green hedge or a canopy of fresh flowers. So you solve two problems at once: the household item will serve as an element of decor.

  • Fences and fences

The first thing that catches the eye of the guests is the fence. Therefore, one should also think about its decoration. Protection from prying eyes and intruders is important, but the fence can also serve not only for practical purposes.

fence on the plot

The fence can be made an art object.

Use a figured grid, metal fantasy elements. The fence can be landscaped with girl’s grapes, the same ivy or roses. If your fence is solid, paint it with bright colors, use ornaments and floral patterns.

beautiful fence

Relive the fence with bright colors – this will add appeal to the entire site


If you want the garden to always be full of birds chirping, you can equip birdhouses, bathhouses and feeders for birds. Use your imagination, forget about primitive square houses – make a birdhouse of an unusual shape, several floors, take care of color. So your garden will come to life in the literal and figurative sense – housing for birds can be the highlight of your garden design.

emphasis in decor

An unusual birdhouse can be an interesting accent in the decor

Painting tip: whatever you decide to paint, it’s better to choose light, calm colors, this will add light to the exterior.

  • Original backlight

If the area is large, you will need to illuminate the area at night. And all kinds of flashlights, lamps will come to the aid in the design and decoration. Use hanging lanterns that can be equipped with mini flowerbeds with hanging plants, large lanterns with candles, stained glass options and luminaire houses. So the question of lighting will be removed, and you can add mystery and even fabulousness to your garden. Garlands also look good.

garden night lighting

With the right choice, the garden will be buried in flowers day and night

  • Add water

The most spectacular decorative ornaments of the garden are ponds. Depending on the area, vary the size of the pond or stream. In addition, this is an excellent solution if groundwater lies close to the surface on the site – such a move will allow you to occupy part of the land unsuitable for use for planting. If you decorate the pond with lilies, water lilies, run live fish into it or throw a bridge, you will become the owner of the real Narnia. Nearby you can place figures of mermaids, fairy-tale creatures. You can decorate the pond with floating candles.

Turn on creator mode: quintessential creative

Using the resources of your imagination, you can make a truly unique and inimitable landscape design, there would be a desire. Moreover, spending fabulous amounts on the purchase of expensive sculptures made of bronze or stone is completely optional for this. Independent garden decoration from improvised material is gaining more and more popularity, plus it allows you to prove yourself as a designer, sculptor, art artist and more, etc..

Everything that your eye falls on can be used. Look into the bins of closets and sheds – for sure there are old things that could give a second life. A pinch of imagination, bold adventurism and a sense of beauty – all that you and I will need in this exciting undertaking. Well, and also, of course, a minimum of investments – you can’t do without it (for paint and other auxiliary materials).

  • Old shoes

If you paint unnecessary children’s or adult shoes with paint (or you can, by the way, leave it like that, with deliberate shabbiness, just do not forget to wash it), they will turn into a spectacular decoration element. In them, you can install small lamps along the path, build mini flower beds from the shoes, put candles in them and install them on the porch. Properly styled old shoes and a suitable context – and the shoes look appropriate and stylish..

creative version of flower beds

Boots – a creative version of the flowerbed

  • Broken things

Overwhelmed building materials (wallpaper, sawdust, brick and tile) can be used for decoration, if you approach this issue with creativity and a share of healthy irony. Cracked tiles or broken bricks can be broken into pieces and laid out with fragments of the path. If there are unnecessary CDs left in the house, they can also decorate the path.

garden decoration

Mosaic comes in handy in the most unexpected places.

The fragments can be hung on a fishing line to the lamps, decorated with beads and rhinestones, you can lay out borders – depending on how much source material you have and how far you are ready to go for your idea.

Broken pots can be filled with earth by digging them a little into the ground, and planted with bright colors so that no cracks are visible – voila, the decor is ready.

The remains of crushed stone, sand and broken brick can be painted in different colors and laid out around the flower beds with different patterns, it turns out very cool, try it. The same construction waste can be laid on the tracks – there’s no need to go the simplest way, laying them with ordinary stone tiles, it’s boring.

In the country, unnecessary plastic and glass containers often accumulate, especially after the holidays. Don’t want to throw it away? Use it as a material for decorative purposes. Properly executed garden decoration from plastic bottles or from glass containers will look expensive and unusual. You can use the bottles in different ways:

  1. The bottoms of glass bottles can be decorated with the same paths..
  2. From figuratively cropped plastic bottles you get wonderful garlands for the garden, play with flowers and textures, there are a lot of workshops on the Internet on this topic..
  3. Bottles can be filled with colored loose substances (sand, mulch) and made of them a mini-fence for flower beds, laid along the paths, use cropped plastic bottles to plant small plants – it looks impressive.
  4. If the Great Experimenter lives in your soul and is strong enough, you can go further – make a house-lamp from glass bottles and cement: the glass will let in light, you will get a non-trivial decor element with a minimum of cost.
  5. The bottoms of the bottles can also be useful for the decor of the house itself – at the porch you can make a mosaic on the wall of them.

Photo ideas for using glass bottles

flowerbed of glass bottles

Creative flowerbed of glass bottles

from bottles

And even a lounge chair for relaxation!

garden lamp

Original garden lamp


Plastic bottles come in handy everywhere

garden lamp

Original fixtures

from plastic bottles

A cute ladybug made of plastic bottles will undoubtedly decorate your garden

  • Mirrors and frames

If you have a couple of old or cracked mirrors in the bins, with the right surroundings and composition, their fragments will make your exterior truly spectacular. And if you have frames from old paintings or from the same mirrors, you can create a unique flowerbed by combining these elements together.

As you can see for yourself, the options for decorating the garden are the whole sea. You can make art objects with your own hands, you can take ready-made elements as a basis and decorate to your liking. If there is a fantasy and a bit of patience, your site will sparkle with paints and flowers. Try, experiment, be brave.


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