How to install the skirting board – we fix the skirting board independently according to the technological rules

How to install a skirting board

Skirting board is a decorative strip installed horizontally along the junction of the floor with the wall. This obligatory element of the interior can be made of various materials, but the most popular are wooden and plastic skirting boards. Their task is to hide the cracks and cavities that are always present at the junction of the wall with the floor. It is not difficult to install the baseboard, however, even in this simple case there are tricks and nuances. How to nail a skirting board? With what to do it? What secrets does an ordinary piece of plastic hold in itself? Let’s look at these issues in detail..


  • What does the stacker need?
  • Fix the baseboard with clips

What does the stacker need?

In principle, the installation of wooden skirting boards, as well as plastic ones, is the same, so we will need the same tool.

  1. Roulette – we will measure the walls and baseboards
  2. screwdrivers
  3. hacksaw or trimmer
  4. hammer drill or hammer drill – for drilling concrete walls
  5. screwdriver or conventional drill – for drilling wooden and drywall walls
  6. self-tapping screws, dowels
  7. baseboard clips

Fix the baseboard with clips

Metal clips are one of the most popular methods for fixing skirting boards..

This method is good not only because it saves time, but also because the baseboard can always be removed, because everything happens in life.

Skirting clip

Here is one of the types of metal clips

So, go to action.

  • To get started, take the clip and press it firmly against the wall and floor. With a pencil, we outline the place where the hole for the self-tapping screw will be.
  • Now, actually, you need to drill this hole. If the wall is concrete, then we use a puncher or a percussion drill, and for a drywall we take an ordinary screwdriver. In order not to miscalculate with depth, you can mark on the drill the length of the self-tapping screw using electrical tape, a piece of rubber or cork. Holes need to be drilled at a distance of about 30 cm from each other, but if the walls are perfectly straight, then less often.

Important: the first hole should be located 10 cm from the clypeus. The same goes for external and internal corners – clips should be 10 cm from the corner.

  • At the next stage, you need to try on the plinth against the wall and make sure that it is tight in all places. If you find irregularities, then in these places it is worth installing additional clips. This ensures a perfect fit for the skirting board..
  • We cut the baseboard with a hacksaw, a trimmer or a miter saw.
Skirting fit

Cutting the baseboard with a hacksaw

  • Now we find out how to fix the baseboard to the floor, or rather how to install metal clips. You need to screw the clamps to the wall with a screwdriver, but they need to work carefully so that the self-tapping screw does not go into the wall to the end. Finally, it is better to tighten it with an ordinary screwdriver, so you will not damage the mount and will not tear off the head or thread of the screw. When installing clips in drywall, you must use special dowels. They are twisted with a simple screwdriver, and the screws are already screwed into them. Do not make too much effort, otherwise the risk of damage to drywall increases many times.

Important: in those places where the connector will be located (the length of the standard skirting board is 2.5 m, and the length of the walls in some apartments is slightly larger, so you can’t do without this element), you need to install two clips. So you will achieve a perfect fit of the baseboard at the junction.

  • Check all the clips for their suitability (whether they are intact, for damage), otherwise at the time of installation you will have to spend time replacing the damaged clip.
  • Now we turn to the main answer to the question of how to attach the skirting board to the clips. Begin the installation from the corner of the room. It is necessary to press the baseboard with your fingers with a little effort, but it is better to avoid hammers and other tools in this case – the plastic may not withstand such loads and simply burst.
Fixing the baseboard on clips

Fixing the baseboard to wall-mounted clips

  • At the end of all manipulations we put stubs and admire the beauty!
Types of Stubs and Connectors

Types of Stubs and Connectors

Step-by-step photos of mounting skirting boards

If all the photos are combined into one, then the installation process of the skirting board looks like this

Plastic baseboards are also good in that they can simulate any kind of wood and it is almost impossible to distinguish the real wooden bar from the plastic with the naked eye.

Now you know how to install the baseboard and what you need for this. Use the tips and live in a beautiful and comfortable apartment.


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