Pumps, filters and a skimmer for the pool: competently equip a personal pond

Pumps, filters and skimmer for the pool

Not so long ago, the presence of a pool on their own plot was a kind of indicator of luxurious life, because not everyone could afford to install it. For the vast majority of the inhabitants of our country, this miracle in individual use existed only on the TV screen, and such a thing as pool filters was only familiar from discussions of the degree of cleanliness of a public building. We suggest you stay on these devices in more detail..


  • Pool Maintenance Equipment
  • Water filters
  • Pumps for artificial ponds
  • Skimmer: remove surface debris

Today, swimming pools are no longer a luxury. New technologies made it possible for almost everyone to become the owner of at least a small pool. Inflatable, frame, stationary, collapsible structures – anyone can choose an option based on their own preferences and financial capabilities. When buying a pool, you have to think about cleaning it. In this article, we will talk about various equipment that allows you to forget about this problem and at any time enjoy immersion in the clean, refreshing water of your own pool..

Pool Maintenance Equipment

For pools of all sizes and the structures surrounding them, there is a huge amount of equipment for water treatment.

Important: the quality of cleaning, water temperature and long uninterrupted operation of your pool depend on the correct selection of equipment.

All equipment for pools created in order to:

  1. Ensure construction safety.
  2. Ensure a pleasant stay in them.

The standard kit will include:

  • filtration system;
  • water heating;
  • plums
  • skimmers;
  • pumps and more.

The pool filtration system is responsible for the purity of water, prevents the formation of plaque on the bottom and walls

To achieve the best result, it is recommended to build a pool and install its equipment at the same time, ordering all services in one company.

This will not only save significantly, but also avoid numerous mistakes.

Water filters

There are a lot of filtering systems for the pool. To choose the right filter for the pool, you need to know how different types differ from each other. Devices are divided into:

  • sand;
  • diatomaceous earth;
  • cartridge.
Sand filters for pools

Sand filters for pools

A sand pool filter is the cheapest, but less effective than the rest. Sand for pool filters is placed in large tanks through which dirty water is driven. All filtered dirt settles at the edges of the device..

Such a system makes it possible to clean the pool of particles larger than 20 microns. In most cases, it is effective enough to maintain the cleanliness of the pool, but servicing sand filters for pools is quite problematic. At least once a week, sand tanks must be cleaned with a reverse flow, which leads to a very large water consumption. Therefore, such a system is not recommended for use with limited use of water resources. Despite this, the sand filter for the pool is the most popular equipment..

Diatom filter

Diatom filter

Diatom earthen filters use special cartridges coated with powder from fossil plankton particles. Compared to sand filters, these devices treat water in the pool much better, they are able to trap particles over 3-5 microns. Maintenance of such filters also requires a reverse cleaning procedure, but in addition, it is necessary to remove the filter grates and replace the diatom mixture. There is a significant drawback: many cities have decided to define this mixture as potentially dangerous to human health, so when changing, you will have to think about its disposal.

Tip: if you need a filter for inflatable pool, then the best option would be a sand filter with quartz sand.

Cartridge filter

Cartridge filter

Finally, cartridge filters – they contain several, usually 3 or 4, cylindrical polyester cartridges. This material allows you to capture the smallest particles and hold them all the time, while the filter remains in a clean state. Such filters are cheaper than diatoms, but slightly more expensive than sand filters. In addition, the cartridge system is very easy to clean, it is enough to remove the cartridges and rinse them with a strong jet, soaking first in a cleaning solution. In the case of severe deterioration, the cartridge can be found in any store offering pool equipment.

Pumps for artificial ponds

Pool pumps are just as necessary equipment as filter systems. Unlike filters, which are replaceable devices, the pool pump is selected for a long service life, ideally for the entire period of use of the pool. That is why the choice of a pump should be approached with all responsibility. All pumping systems can be divided into three groups:

  • self-priming;
  • filtering;
  • normally suction.

Each type has its own distinctive abilities. So a self-priming pump is usually installed above the surface level, as it can lift water up to a height of three meters. The filter pump for the pool carries out preliminary water purification from large mud particles. If you buy a filter pump for the pool, be sure to make sure that the performance of the filter component does not exceed the performance of the pump itself, otherwise this will lead to a significant deterioration in the quality of cleaning, and subsequently to failure of the entire system. Normally suction pumps are used in various decorative devices, waterfalls, attractions.

Filter pump for inflatable pool

Filter pump for inflatable pool

Even when buying a pump for an inflatable pool, you should familiarize yourself with its performance. After all, the larger the volume of the structure, the greater the amount of water will pass through the system for each session. In addition, you need to consider the conditions for the location of the pool. If it will be placed indoors, then the pump performance should not be very large, since in this case the pool will remain in a clean state longer.

Skimmer: remove surface debris

Another no less important element for water filtration is the pool skimmer. It is designed to clean the surface of the water from debris, hair, sebum and other contaminants. If this simple device is neglected, then the so-called stagnant zones will form in the pool, in which water deteriorates more quickly and the chemicals added during operation are concentrated.

The simplest skimmer looks like a tank with a filter, into which water enters through a special hole in the side wall and, passing through the cleaning and heating procedure, returns to the pool again. Despite the simplicity of the design, a skimmer for a pool with your own hands is very difficult to do. It is better to buy ready-made equipment in specialized stores, but you can install it yourself.

Some models provide a mesh bucket (coarse filter), but in most cases water is transferred directly to the filtration system. All skimmers are divided into two groups:

  • mounted;
  • embedded.
The hinged skimmer for outdoor pools is installed on the windward side

The hinged skimmer for outdoor pools is installed on the windward side

The hinged skimmer for the pool is by far the most common. It does not require integration into the filtration system, but is simply hung on the inside edge of the pool. Such models can be used to clean inflatable and frame pools, in which it is not possible to install built-in skimmers, and they are also indispensable if these devices were not mounted during the construction of the structure. In order for the hinged skimmer to work offline and to run smoothly, it is necessary to equip it with a return pipe.

When installing hinged structures yourself, you must adhere to certain rules:

  1. If the pool is open, then the hinged skimmer should be installed on the windward side, so that leaves, dirt and dust independently fall into the treatment system due to the flow created by the wind. In indoor pools, devices are placed evenly around the entire perimeter.
  2. One latest-generation skinner can clean 25 square meters of water. Based on this value, the required number of devices for each specific pool is calculated.

Very often, bottom skimmers made of polypropylene alloys are installed in the deepest parts of the basin.

Built-in skimmer is mounted at the stage of construction of an artificial reservoir

Built-in skimmer is mounted at the stage of construction of an artificial reservoir

Built-in devices are mounted directly into the walls of the pool, so you need to take care of their acquisition and installation at the beginning of construction. Such models are highly efficient and more productive, therefore preferred in very large pools.

Consequently, a perfectly functioning mounted skimmer remains the optimal choice for owners of small private artificial reservoirs..

Properly selected and installed equipment for swimming pools will allow you to forget about the money spent and enjoy the gentle touches of clean, sparkling blue water, surprisingly relaxing after a hard day or energetically invigorating in the morning.