An overview of popular tools and methods for cleaning pools

Finally become the owner of a wonderful pool? Floundering in warm water and basking under the gentle rays of the sun, you relaxed and sighed happily that your cherished dream came true? Sooner rejoice. After all, having your own pond is not only a pleasure, but also a colossal job in caring for it. However, a well-organized system, brought to automatic cleaning of pools is only a matter of time and desire, since now there is a lot of information and tools for operating personal reservoirs.


  • The need for a procedure
  • Causes of pollution
  • Mechanical cleaning of a reservoir
  • Chemical cleaning method

The need for a procedure

You must admit that it is natural for the owner of the pool to ensure that the water in the tank is clean and transparent, as well as safe for health ?! What is the first way to get your head around? Of course, change the water. At first glance, this is a good option, meanwhile, if you analyze the situation in detail, this way of caring for the pool will be ineffective. Of course, in this case we are not talking about inflatable “crumbs” with a volume of 1 cubic meter, when, however, replacing water is the best way. Why changing the contents of the tank is not the best way to clean?

pool cleaning

To make the pool look clean and beautiful, you will have to work hard and establish a competent system of care for your water “economy”

  1. Fresh water will warm up for a long time, because you do not like to swim in ice water, right ?! Of course, you can install a special heating system, but you also have to wait a bit, and even spend a lot of money on this wonderful device.
  2. The water collected may not be in compliance. If the pool is not properly disinfected, its contents can be “enriched” with harmful impurities that will not only spoil the appearance of your water “baby”, but also adversely affect the well-being of everyone who will enjoy the procedures.
  3. The cleaning of the pool by changing the water does not guarantee that the tank is completely free of bacteria, fungi and unwanted vegetation. Even having thoroughly washed every corner of the structure, you will not protect yourself from the appearance of problems in the near future, since the harmful “living creatures” quickly multiply and “occupy” the entire territory.
  4. Frequent water changes may cost you a lot. Modern means for cleaning pools can be several times cheaper than the water itself.
how to clean the pool

Manual cleaning is undoubtedly the most profitable price, but instead of money, you invest your time. However, why not, since you enjoy the process?!

Causes of pollution

The contents of the pool, one way or another, become polluted, and not only through the fault of users. Sometimes the environment also contributes to this..

If disinfection of water in the pool has not been done, then the reservoir automatically becomes a “hotbed” of bacteria, fungi, and algae. You yourself will notice that untreated water will quickly become cloudy, and the walls of the structure will be covered with an unpleasant to the touch, mucous coating. Then a nasty smell will appear, the surface will become foamy, the waterline will be “decorated” with dirt, and in some places a rusty coating will appear. How to swim in such an environment? Of course, any person will refuse to experience such a “pleasure”.

pool water pollution

Even with gentle pool handling, water pollution is only a matter of time.

It is worth noting that improper cleaning of the water in the pool is sometimes no less destructive than its absence. If the landlord approaches the process irresponsibly, does not use the integrated method, pours out pool disinfectants “by eye”, uses mutually exclusive cleaning mixtures, then such “self-activity” can lead to much more bitter consequences than just dirty water. There are times when the color of dyed hair changes in those swimming in such reservoirs. Imagine how disastrous for the body such water procedures?!

Contributes to the “pollution” in the pollution of the tank and mother nature. Fallen leaves, active sun, dust, wind, rain – all this, of course, violates the harmony and purity of your reservoir.

To enjoy the poolside, you will have to work hard and establish a comprehensive cleaning system that includes both a physical and a chemical unit of work.

pool cleanliness

Robot vacuum cleaner – your faithful “assistant” to maintain cleanliness in the pool

Mechanical cleaning of a reservoir

Mechanical cleaning helps to remove everything superfluous from the pool, from fallen leaves and dirt to drowned small insects and hair.

For the mechanical type of work you will need a filter and a pump to clean the pool. The capacity of such an apparatus should be sufficient to let the entire contents of the tank pass through at least three times a day (ideally 5-6 times). What types of filters exist?

  • pool cartridge cleaning kit – the most optimal choice, because it is very easy to use;
  • a diatom aggregate that perfectly purifies water, but requires care (granite filling and diatom sand acts as a filter for this system);
  • the sand apparatus is the most budgetary option, in which gravel and in a special way sifted quartz sand is the filtering element.

The listed units are good for purifying water, but are not able to deal with contaminants formed directly on the bottom and walls of the tank. For this type of work, experts recommend purchasing a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the pool. The extravaganza of choosing such devices now strikes the eye. For inflatable and prefabricated structures, it will be enough for you to buy an underwater handheld vacuum cleaner that connects to the filter. Does the budget allow you not to save on caring for your pond? Then choose a semi-automatic vacuum cleaner that works autonomously or connects to a skimmer. Are you the owner of a large pool? Then only full automation. Such vacuum cleaners are characterized by high power and maneuverability, so they can handle large areas.

Butterfly net

A butterfly net is a necessary “tool” for every pool owner

However, no one canceled manual cleaning either. If you have the time and desire, you can do the above work with your own hands, using tools that are worth a penny. A manual brush for cleaning the pool under your “control” will probably free the tank of dirt no worse than a robot vacuum cleaner. And the net for cleaning the pool in skilled hands is not excluded, which will overtake even the famous skimmer in quality and speed of work. In general, choose the method that you like and afford.

Chemical cleaning method

Before you buy different pills for cleaning pools, understand what they are intended for and whether the preparations are mutually exclusive. Alas, not all pool owners know what kind of work they should definitely carry out. Many people think that you can buy a chemical cleaner for the pool, pour it into the tank, and everything will work out on its own. However, in reality everything is different. Dry cleaning complex consists of 4 steps:

  1. Ensuring a normal pH (optimal value 7-7.4). Why is this step the most important? The fact is that many solutions and tablets for cleaning the pool simply do not work if the pH level is impaired. Do not want to throw your finances to the wind? Take pH more often and keep optimal.
  2. Water disinfection. For such work, you can choose familiar chlorine, bromine or active oxygen. It doesn’t matter which drug disinfects the pools on the basis of one of the listed substances – each of them is good in its own way.
  3. Insurance against “occupation” of the reservoir by unwanted vegetation and microorganisms. The third step involves adding special preparations containing algaecides to the water. They prevent the appearance of fungi, algae, bacteria.
  4. Coagulation is the final step, also called flocculation. At this stage, it is necessary to add to the tank a tool that purifies water of everything that could have formed during previous work, but is not subject to filtration. As a result of the reaction of the drug with water, flakes appear in the pool that envelop unnecessary particles, bind them together and push them to the surface. Further, such accumulations of dirt simply, like other garbage, fall into the filter.
pool products

The choice of means for normalizing the pH of water, fortunately, is extensive today.

All of these drugs can be sold in various forms – tablets, liquid, granules, powders, briquettes. In addition, on the shelves you can find combined mixtures that solve several problems at once, for example, maintain pH balance, disinfect and prevent the appearance of limescale. Choose the tool that you like, but remember that the kit you bought should solve all 4 problems listed above.

Proper and timely cleaning of the pool will preserve the beauty of your water oasis, protect vacationers from diseases, and you – from unnecessary troubles.


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