Pool Care and Maintenance: Ways to Maintain Impeccable Condition

Pool care and maintenance

Timely and proper care of the pool is the key to a comfortable swim. In order for the water to always be clean, fresh and cool, regular maintenance is required to keep the pool in good condition. At the same time, the list of care work includes not only water purification, but also filtration, chemical treatment of the swimming environment, as well as a number of other actions.


  • The content of the ideal state of water
  • Physical processing methods
  • Chemicals for water monitoring
  • Care for the pool in the country
    • Frame pool maintenance
    • How to care for an inflatable tank
    • Ways to eliminate visible defects
    • The content of the ideal state of water

      Two basic requirements are imposed on pool water – safety and aesthetics. Under the influence of various factors, there is daily pollution of the swimming environment, organic and inorganic substances get into it. It is possible to make water hygienic through physical treatment and the use of special chemicals. It will be enough for you to spend about 10-20 minutes a week in order to maintain the pool in good condition.

      Physical processing methods

      The bulk of the large particles entering the water is retained by a filter. To ensure good circulation of the flow, the water pump must be operated for at least 6-8 hours per day.

      Technical devices

      To filter the water in the pool, you need a pump, it should work at least 6 hours a day

      If there is a sand filter in the pool, then it should be backwashed every week. Other types of filters must be cleaned periodically in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions..

      Chemicals for water monitoring

      Such maintenance of pools is carried out in the following ways:

      • water disinfection
      • pH adjustment
      • algae prevention
      • coagulation

      For disinfection, special pool care products are used. They are based on active oxygen, chlorine, bromine and other components..

      With the help of chemistry, all kinds of fungi, bacteria and viruses are destroyed.

      Particularly popular is active oxygen purification. This method is considered to be gentle since it eliminates the use of chlorine..

      Water purified in this way has no specific odor and does not foam.


      Water in the pool must be disinfected, enriched with oxygen, bromine and other components

      About once a week it is necessary to check the pH value of the water. A special device is used for these purposes..

      Technical device

      Do not forget to check the pH of the water

      The optimum value is considered to be pH from 7 to 7.4 units. If you find a decrease in this indicator, then you need to add water to raise the pH. With a high rate, on the contrary, use means to lower it.

      PH level

      Use special products to adjust the pH of the water.

      To prevent the appearance of algae in the water, it is necessary to add drugs that act against organic formations. They are administered immediately after filling the pool..

      Coagulation allows you to fight with the smallest particles of fat, protein, dirt, germs. Flocculants added to water bind microscopic particles to flakes, which are then held by filters.

      Care for the pool in the country

      Maintenance of pools in the country is carried out in a similar way, i.e. chemical water treatment and physical treatment are carried out. At the same time, the size of the pool itself does not play a significant role, since the care technology is the same. Only maintenance of the frame and inflatable pool has some distinctive features.

      Care for the country pool

      Any type of country pool requires maintenance

      Frame pool maintenance

      Consider the basic steps for caring for a frame pool:

      1. Water filtration. As a rule, the filter is already included with the pool. In any frame pool it is necessary to install a water treatment filter.
      2. Garbage collection from the surface. When the pool is in the open air there is always the possibility of its pollution by fallen leaves, insects and other debris. In order to avoid the process of decay of organics, it is necessary to periodically clean the surface of the pool. To do this, it is enough to praise the garbage with a net or a skimmer.
      3. Chemical disinfection. Mechanical cleaning and pool maintenance should always be complemented by chemical cleaning methods. Special preparations will help to avoid turbidity and flowering water, will help get rid of bacteria and germs.
      4. Cleaning the bowl. On the walls of the pool, dirt gradually accumulates, which must be removed. For this purpose, you can use bottom vacuum cleaners and raid cleaning kits..
      Pool for a summer residence

      Features of frame pool maintenance

      These measures will allow you to maintain the frame pool in a safe and good condition, as well as extend its life.

      How to care for an inflatable tank

      For summer cottages, inflatable pools are most often chosen. Caring for them requires less time, and the installation process is quite simple. Maintenance of pools of this type consists in periodic disinfection of water and cleaning the walls of accumulated mucus.

      Before filling, the inflatable pool must be treated with protective equipment. Then add disinfectants directly to the water. Disinfectants should be added once or twice a week..

      Country inflatable pool

      Inflatable Pool Care

      It is advisable to change the water in the inflatable pool several times during the season. With a large volume of the structure, its contents are best drained into the sewer. If the pool is small, then water can be used to water the garden. After draining the water, the walls of the pool must be cleaned, washed and treated with protective agents. Then you can refill the structure with water.

      Ways to eliminate visible defects

      With a high level of organic contamination, the water in the pool becomes cloudy. This defect is eliminated by adjusting the pH level with special preparations. Shock chlorine is also added to the water, which ensures disinfection of the swimming environment..

      Cleaning and handling

      Regular pool maintenance will eliminate the risk of contamination and clogging of containers.

      The presence of algae or metals in the water causes it to turn green or bloom. In this case, the pH level is also regulated, the pool walls and the surface are cleaned of impurities and disinfectants are added to the water.

      The accumulation of sludge causes turbidity of the water. To eliminate this defect, it is necessary to use special additives, for example, Desalgin. But when a rusty shade appears, the quality of the fittings should be checked. If they are made of ferrous metal, it is better to replace them with PVC or copper products..

      The walls, structural components and water in the pool will not be polluted intensively if the container is made of material that impedes the unwanted settlement of algae and colonies of microorganisms.

      Do-it-yourself pool maintenance will allow you to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining this household item. You can not only control the entire process of care, but also choose those cleaning methods that will optimally meet your requirements. A useful source of information in which you can find out everything about pool care is the forum. There you can not only read the opinions of the owners of the pools, but also ask your questions, share experiences with others.