Tips for decorating flower beds and flower beds in the country

Making a flower garden with your own hands is an entertaining process that does not require the knowledge of a professional designer. No matter where you are going to create your own paradise, in the garden or on the balcony of a high-rise building, the main thing is to have a little imagination and desire.


  • Flower bed or flower bed
  • Important design details
  • What are the flower beds

Flower bed or flower bed

Many people think that a flower bed and a flower bed are one and the same. In principle, the difference between them is minimal. The difference is that the flowerbed usually has a strict geometric shape, and the flower garden can be designed more freely. Flower beds are rectangular, oval, square and triangular. There are other varieties of them, but they are all built according to the strict laws of geometry. It should be noted that all these laws are needed only for the general development and writing of books on landscape design. And what you will call your blossoming masterpieces – it does not matter, the main thing is that they please you.

Before you start designing a flower garden in front of the house, you need to determine their size. It depends on the size of the plot of land that you can set as flowers. If it is large enough, then it is very likely that you will have to do several separate compositions.

do-it-yourself flower garden

Making a flower garden with your own hands is an entertaining process that does not require professionalism

Important design details

Dreaming of the flowering of their summer cottage, it is very important to choose the right plant varieties. Many housewives have been occupied with flower beds for more than a year and have a supply of seeds collected personally. If you belong to such – respect to you and glory. And in order to land everything correctly and on time, you need to know a few little secrets.

1. It is very important to choose the optimal color scheme on the site. Two or three colors should prevail, usually it is blue, red and yellow. Other colors – additional or background. Consider the fact that yellow is the dominant color; it will always be the brightest spot among any vegetation. It often happens that mistresses sow a small piece of land with a large number of colorful plants (well, the seeds should not be lost). Bottom line: either the flowers do not want to grow at all, or they grow and merge into one incomprehensible motley plot. Lack of taste gives rise to bad taste, so better less is better.

2. The second secret is the choice of plant species. There should not be many. The number of plant varieties can be limited to two or three per flower bed, but take into account the rules of color and the laws of nature (some plants do not get along well with others).

decoration of flower beds

When designing flower beds, it is important to choose the right varieties of plants

interesting flower bed

An old flower cart will decorate your garden and make it a local attraction

3. How to arrange a flower garden in front of the house so that it is motley all summer – one of the main tasks of summer residents. It is important that the flowerbed has both early flowering and late flowering flowers. It is even better to choose plant seeds that bloom from early May to late October. There are many such varieties, a striking example is salvia and marigold.
4. In addition to traditional flower beds, there are also unusual ones that strike with their simplicity and originality at the same time. At the same time, any old household items are used: from umbrellas and bowls to old sofas and lockers. Awaken imagination and help to correctly design flower beds of photos, which are now very much on the Web.

What are the flower beds

All varieties of flower beds can be divided into several main types

  • Mono-flowers are the simplest flower beds that are planted with plants of the same species and the same color. A great example of such are the rose garden. If this is your first time creating flower beds, then you can safely start with roses.
  • Regular and irregular flower beds differ in the nature of flowering. The first are planted with plants that begin to bloom all at the same time and fade in the same way. The second ones are flower beds, during the creation of which different flowers are selected: from early flowering to late flowering. That is, it blooms all summer and for giving it is better to choose this option.
  • Carpet beds – this is the most complex form, which requires clear contours and a very careful selection of undersized plants. Leaves and flowers of different colors create beautiful patterns that are especially well visible from a height. You can’t even say that it’s nice to watch colorful pictures. The beauty, of course, is indescribable, but care requires constant and serious. In general, the choice is yours.
  • Creative compositions for giving. Unusual floral arrangements attracted the most attention. If you have old baskets, carts, or other household items in your closet, do not rush to throw them away. With their help, you can make the design of a flower garden in the country. It is enough to paint the same basket in white, fill it with soil and set it in the center of the lawn. They do exactly the same with the trolley, only it can not be painted, but cleaned and opened with varnish. Such flower beds are elevated, so they need to be planted with picky flowers. Saxifrage, eschscholzia, kosmey and stonecrop calmly lack moisture, so they are ideal for such compositions.
flowers in the garden

Using flowers, you can simulate a small river in the garden

It is impossible not to note the beauty of the tiered flower beds, which are built by a pyramid from anything: whether it is stones or pieces of mesh netting. The most affordable option is car tires of different radii. Most often they are used to plant strawberries and strawberries on the site, but the flower arrangements look just fine in them.

If there is a reservoir in the country, then it must also be involved. If you know how to arrange a flower garden with your own hands in the garden, then making a floating flower bed is not difficult for you. To do this, you will need a small raft of polystyrene foam, an old slipper and soil. Plants need to be selected such that they will not suffer from an excess of moisture. Such “water chowders” include swamp iris, astilbe, daylilies, cyperus, hosts and geyhera.

Floating flower beds

Floating flowerbeds can decorate a pond

The design of flower beds and flower beds can be even more original. People even use old toilets. Maybe this is a little absurd, but with a thoughtful decoration it looks very interesting. We must pay tribute to the person who first came up with mini-flower beds from worn shoes. Boots, sneakers and summer slippers with flowers turn the yard of the summer house into an art museum. The shoes are covered with paint, a hole is made in the sole, so that the sprouted roots can reach the natural soil and are placed at different ends of the garden. Such “flowerpots” adorn the alpine hills and other flower beds.

flowers in old shoes

Boots, sneakers and summer flip flops with flowers turn the summer cottage into an art museum

Now that you know what plants it is better to plant a flower bed and how to arrange a flower garden, you can create a corner near your house for relaxation. Run into the closet, drag everything from which you can create a composition, fantasize – and you will succeed. I wish you success and creative mood!


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