Interesting ideas for landscaping a personal garden

Thinking of how to ennoble a summer cottage, the owners can at least break up bright flower gardens. Various buildings (for example, patios, playgrounds) and small architectural forms (arbors, pergola, bridges, garden furniture) have their own functional purpose, at the same time decorate the territory, make it cozy and comfortable.


  • The use of flowers and small architectural forms to ennoble the site
  • Light tent and capital gazebos – cozy corners of rest on a personal plot
  • Arrangement of a playground and patio
  • Real and dry streams – the highlight of the territory

The use of flowers and small architectural forms to ennoble the site

It is optimal to think about the ennoblement of the homestead territory at the stage of development of the site. It often happens that such an opportunity is absent. In any case, there are a number of decorative elements, as well as small architectural forms that improve the overall appearance of the site, bring comfort and coziness. For climbing plants build trellises, screens, arches, pergolas. They are great for installing on verandas, along walkways or near a pond..

The highlight of the site can be recreation areas, such as arbors. There are many options for this structure, made of various materials: wood, metal, plastic, etc. Gorgeous forged designs entwined with grapes, clematis, climbing roses.

Various flowering and decorative deciduous plants are always popular because they perfectly decorate the territory. Therefore, it is worth breaking a flower bed, and place flowerpots on paved and concrete surfaces. In addition, hanging baskets located near the entrance to the house look good..

beautiful garden

A continuously flowering mixborder requires some knowledge from the gardener

To improve the garden, as a rule, a mixborder helps, which will delight its flowering from early spring to late autumn. It is based on a wide variety of perennial, annual and even indoor plants. The mixborder will turn out beautiful if the gardener has enough knowledge to get flowers that differ in flowering terms, height, etc., on one bed..

Light tent and capital gazebos – cozy corners of rest on a personal plot

If there is any doubt as to whether the arbor will fit into the landscape of the site and whether it is needed at all, you can set up a light tent. Make it not very difficult. The foundation of the structure is arranged on four sides, where arc-supports are fixed, on top of which is a dense fabric. Around racks and to the roof of the awning it is easy to pull a mosquito or fishing net. In its cells you can weave climbing plants that will make the tent even more cozy and secluded.

household territory

An original gazebo-rocking chair will become an adornment of a personal territory and a favorite vacation spot.

Capital gazebo is a great place to relax. Craftsmen bring electricity inside, place a barbecue, garden furniture. If the arbor is glazed, then it will become like a room in the garden. For lovers of original designs, there are other solutions. You can build a gazebo-rocking chair, which is a gable roof on supports and a wooden shield with benches and a table, mounted on suspensions.

Arbors from growing trees look unusual. For this purpose, easily bent trees planted with a step of 1 meter, for example, willows, mountain ash, maples, birch, linden, are suitable. It is advisable to place additional supports between the trunks, connected by a wire to which branches are attached.

After reaching the trees 2 meters in height, they begin to form a living roof of the arbor. Such a structure requires more care, because it is necessary to adjust the direction of growth of trees, cut off excess and dry branches. Decorate bare tree trunks with nearby climbing plants.

rest zone

A gazebo made of living trees is an unusual design for a recreation area, inside which you can put garden furniture

Arrangement of a playground and patio

The patio is another great place to relax as a family or receive guests. In fact, this is an “open-air room” with a paved floor that adjoins the house and connects it to the garden. The patio can be a very small area, paved with paving slabs, on which a pair of chairs and a table is located, or it can be a multi-tiered structure with flower beds, pergolas, ponds, permanent furniture.

When deciding how to ennoble the site, it is worth worrying about the area for children’s recreation. Sandboxes, swings, or even entire complexes with a slide and sports equipment are built for the growing children. The functionality of the play area most depends on the age of the child and his needs. For the smallest kids, sandboxes, lawns, etc. are enough.

for a child

Children’s play areas will make your child’s stay at the cottage interesting

At the age of 3 to 6 years, swing, simple sports equipment, slides are gaining relevance. You can lay a closed path around the site for trips, first on a tricycle, and later on a regular bike. As the child grows up, more complex play equipment is built: huts, fortresses, pirate ships. The playground becomes relevant from the age of 12. For her, you should take a new place in the garden, and from the sandbox you can make an alpine slide or flowerbed.

Real and dry streams – the highlight of the territory

Happy owners of a reservoir on a site can ennoble it with the help of moisture-loving plants, strengthen the banks with rounded boulders, stones. Suitable for planting: incense, calamus, fern, reeds, marshy irises. Also weeping willow, bushes of barberry, hawthorn, and viburnum are planted along the banks.

Ponds are decorated with lamps that create a romantic atmosphere in the evening. In addition, various figures of fairy-tale characters and animals (frogs, snails, herons) are used. If the reservoir on the site is artificially created, then it is good to populate it with natural inhabitants: water striders, amphipods, ponds.

Another option for an excellent decoration of the territory is a dry stream, which is placed even in small areas. The process of its creation begins with the marking of contours using a rope. Then the upper part of the soil is removed, and the bottom is lined with polyethylene or geotextiles, which will prevent the germination of weeds and keep the shape of a dry stream. Coarse sand, gravel, pebbles are suitable for the channel. Sometimes beautifully polished glass shining in the sun is added.

site improvement

Dry Stream is an excellent alternative to a real reservoir and can be equipped even in a small area.

Boulders and large stones are used to build shores. In addition, a garden bridge can be thrown over a dry stream. It is also arranged over real ponds and small ravines..

Improving the site is a pleasant and sometimes troublesome task. Use a variety of plants, small architectural forms, ponds. The result of such an activity is a cozy and beautiful garden area.


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