Collection of ideas for the garden: from a large-scale approach to the little things

Collection of ideas for the garden

Your cherished dream has come true – you became the owner of a piece of nature? Bought a cottage or inherited land outside the city? Of course, you will want to equip the territory in the best way, decorate new possessions and surprise others with your ideas. The pursuit is laudable! Stock up on materials, show imagination, study ideas for a garden and a cottage, already realized by the same lucky people as you, take “the armaments” tips outlined below, and start creating.


  • Fundamental Approach – Own Style
  • Fence – frame for a natural masterpiece
  • A kaleidoscope of landowner-made fences.
  • Get inspired and choose your own
  • Corner of rest – a paradise in the garden
  • Blooming flower beds – a joy to the eyes
  • Plastic bottles – why not material for creating an extraordinary flowerbed?!
  • Children’s recreation area – all the best crumbs

Garden Ideas by a Professional

Fundamental Approach – Own Style

It is said that the style of the garden reflects the personality of its owner, like a mirror. Like people, gardens are simple or multifaceted, creative or conservative, intricate or sedate, calm or vibrant, tied to one style or combining several – it all depends on you – the owners.

But still, you need to focus on something, right? First, explore garden ideas invented by other landowners, photos of which are generously presented on thematic sites and forums. Secondly, listen to yourself: what do you want to surround your life with, what surroundings would please you. Thirdly, carefully examine your possessions and existing buildings, because the general harmony is also important, and your project, in the end, should fit in the existing territory.

beautiful flower bed

A beautiful garden is the pride of the owner.

Try to transform your possessions, perhaps the neighbors will take an example from you and ask for advice in the arrangement of their plots

So, what should be considered when choosing a style for a garden?

classic garden

The classic garden style is always in fashion!

  • Climate.
  • Architecture of the house and other buildings.
  • Garden area.
  • Surrounding landscape.
  • Financial opportunities.
  • Opinions of family members.

Professionals argue that the most frequently repeated and frustrating gardeners subsequently make a mistake when choosing a garden style is to ignore the local climate. Often, newly made landowners plant their territory with vegetation that requires different climatic conditions, and as a result, plants die from the cold, dry out or suffer from a lack of sun. Such a tragedy cannot pass unnoticed. Therefore, start your style selection by checking whether it will be comfortable to “live” in your strip as components of your favorite landscape.
An important factor is the harmony already existing on your land (houses, arbors, plantings, ponds) with what you want to bring. You must admit that a hi-tech summer cottage is unlikely to make friends with an English or peasant garden, especially if the territory is tiny and it is not possible to divide it into zones. Even if the project you have invented miraculously “fits in” in the neighborhood, do not forget to find out the opinions of your family and calculate the budget, because the financial and moral idyll in the family is above all else, isn’t it?!

rural style

A colorful fence is an integral part of rural style

We will not describe in detail the existing garden styles, since there are a great many of them, as well as materials on the Web on this topic, but practical tips are now “worth its weight in gold”. Meet the best and most proven of them.

  • You built a house of logs, are you planning to build a gazebo in the same style? Then you should consider rural style – everything together will look amazing.
  • Did you get a huge garden with large trees? Then the ideal solution for such possessions is the Russian style.
  • Mountains surround you, and in the evenings do you hear the sound of the surf? A dream come true – your garden on the coast? Explore the Mediterranean style.
  • Have you inherited a tiny piece of land with a brick fence? No problem! Exotic style will turn the “little garden” into a paradise oasis.
  • Do you have a reservoir, but a lot of stones “settled” in the territory? Choose the Japanese style – make no mistake.
  • The hedge surrounds the site, and the paths are lined with stone? English garden – ideal for such a territory.
  • The previous owner did not have a delicate taste, and the land is a chaotic combination of different plantings? This is not a reason to be upset, but a wonderful opportunity to create a garden in fusion style – a “mix” of various styles, sometimes even opposite in mood.

As you can see, the style ideas for the garden and the dacha are “hidden” in the plot itself, the main thing is to find, recognize and increase them.

Fence – frame for a natural masterpiece

Inveterate gardeners say that the fence is a “frame” for a natural picture, perfectly complementing the landscape, a kind of – the last touch in the process of transforming the site. What the fence will be is up to you. Meanwhile, keep in mind that its design “fits” into the general landscape, like home and does not interfere with neighbors. Some newly minted landowners enclose their territory with a high concrete fence, without thinking that it is, firstly, ugly, and secondly, it may prevent plants from developing, not only yours, but also their neighbors. A closed garden is good, but there are a lot of alternative options that allow you to “hide” from prying eyes. For example, make a “live” fence of trees or shrubs. Every year it will become more reliable, higher, it will never break and will not get bored. Do not know how and from which to build such a fence? Afraid it’s troublesome and expensive? But in vain, now you yourself realize this.

Consider a detailed guide on how to build a willow fence. According to experts, this option is one of the easiest, affordable and looks great:

  1. Find (buy or chop) willow cuttings. It is better to choose frost-resistant, unpretentious varieties of care, such as purple, three-stamen, dewy, rod-shaped or five-stamen willow.
  2. Pull the cord around the perimeter of the future fence, after driving in the pegs.
  3. Dig up soil 50 cm wide and deep.
  4. With an interval of half a meter, drive in metal supports and connect them across the poles so that there is something to tie the shoots to.
  5. Plant the cuttings (depth – 30 cm, spacing – 20 cm).
  6. Tie the seedlings to the poles with a bast.

Your fence is ready. As a rule, all (without exception) willow shoots take root, you just have to cut and tie the branches in time. A couple of years – and it would be impossible to climb through such a fence.

wonderful fence

Here is such a wonderful hedge you can get from willow

What other ideas exist for the garden in this direction? There are just a ton of them. You can make a fence from improvised materials, for example, old tires, plastic bottles, spare parts from the garage, reeds, logs, or build a fence made of stone, glass, metal. The main thing is that you like it, “fit” into the design and do not interfere with the development of vegetation. See what unusual hedges gardeners come up with.

A kaleidoscope of landowner-made fences.

picket fence

Cheerful picket fence

do it yourself

Fence from old bicycle wheels

fence in the country

Fence like a real fortress

bright fence

Funny little men

Creative fence

Creative fence from old bicycles


Combined fence

fence on the plot

And such a fence has a right to exist

do it yourself

Here is such an interesting combination

Get inspired and choose your own.

Corner of rest – a paradise in the garden

Whatever the area of ​​the site, a relaxation area in your garden must certainly be. Otherwise, when to admire the surroundings, where to spend evenings, how to relax in company with nature ?! It is up to you to decide what the natural complex will consist of for a break from everyday affairs.

An ideal option is a gazebo, covered with a barbecue, so that this place becomes the epicenter of relaxation both for the whole family and for guests. The territory does not allow to erect a gazebo? Do not worry, build a terrace, because, as a rule, there are always a couple of “ownerless” meters near the front door. Of course, these recreation areas are labor-intensive in execution, but reliable and durable..

No time and money to build serious buildings? Then take a few hours, look for improvised materials in the barn and make a swing for the whole family. Do you like sustainability? A wide, comfortable bench with a back and a pair of sofa cushions is the best place to enjoy the summer garden. Completely reluctant to mess around, no tools, or occasionally appear in the country? Arrange a portable home theater (as in the photo below) or buy a pair of hammocks, hang in the shade and sleep right in the garden, under the lulling rustle of leaves.

rest zone

Cinema on the grass – simpler and more fun for the whole family

No budget problems, the garden is huge, and you want to surprise everyone? Then build a pond or pool, even with a beach or a fountain. However, you are free to make a beach in the form of an independent relaxation corner, for example, as in the photo.

Blooming flower beds – a joy to the eyes

As humorous gardeners say, “One bright bud in the right place is already a flower garden.” Randomly planted flowers are commendable and fun, but you want more, don’t you ?! A flower is a gift of nature, not a weed, so it must be placed in such a way as to get aesthetic pleasure from the neighborhood with a flowerbed, and not the desire to transplant the plant to a more suitable place.

How to plant flowers beautifully? There are several options: give the flowerbed an interesting shape, “play” with shades, use unusual materials to decorate the flower beds.

See how well-matched colors can transform your flower beds.!

beautiful flower bed

Bring bright “notes” to your garden, such a beautiful flowerbed is a matter of a couple of hours

With the help of flowers and plants, you can create garden “paintings” that illustrate your favorite fairy tales or reflect your addictions. A miniature ladybug, a company from Three Piglets or an awesome wonder-judo (as in the photo) – all these characters can “settle” in your garden in the shape of flowers.

playful garden

The miracle of judo invented by the humorous gardener. True?!

Unusual ideas for the garden, brought to life with your own hands – is this not a matter of pride and a sign of creative nature ?! Inveterate gardeners with imagination use the most unusual things as “pots” for flower beds, ranging from old tires to a grandmother’s bed. Take a look at the flower garden from the iron bed dusting in the barn..


The flower bed is unusual and remembered forever. Do you agree?

Plastic bottles – why not material for creating an extraordinary flowerbed?!

See what beauty comes from ordinary plastic bottles.

from bottles

Palm trees near the house

from bottles

From the bottles you get a good fence for the flowerbed

As you can see, interesting ideas for the garden literally “roll” under your feet, gather dust in the barn and run the risk of being thrown out. Do not let beauty pass your possessions!

creative flowerbed

Three little pigs are not only fabulous characters, but also the inhabitants of your garden. Invite them to your place!

Children’s recreation area – all the best crumbs

As they say: children are the flowers of life, therefore, in the garden for rest crumbs you need to choose the best place and build a fascinating “attraction” on it – an area where the little ones will be sovereign masters.

swing in the country

Do not rush to send a chair with broken legs to the trash, because a wonderful swing will come out of it

What ideas for a kindergarten, a kindergarten for teens to choose to please your heirs?

First of all, consider the possibility of creating a treehouse – the childhood dream of each of us.

from unnecessary tires

See what a wonderful slide can come from unnecessary tires assembled in the neighbors

Secondly, make a swing – how can you do without kicking in the air in childhood?!

fun holiday

“Twister” is a fun outdoor recreation for the whole family. Join now!

Thirdly, build a sandbox – a wonderful design that attracts kids like a magnet.

game Zone

Here is what you need to organize a game zone in Twister

What else to introduce children’s original ideas for the garden – it’s up to you, based on the size of the site, the age and wishes of the crumbs, as well as your capabilities in time and finances. You rent a summer house, so you don’t want to invest in the arrangement of the territory? Do not worry! There are lots of ideas for temporary relaxation areas. Taking 2 sheets and a few unnecessary bars, you can make a real wigwam for your little ones in an hour.

as easy as pie

To build a lodge for kids is easy, but you didn’t know?!

Now you know how to make the garden a pride and a favorite place for families and guests to relax..


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