All the secrets of creating a garden in feng shui

The art of living in harmony with the world is taught by Feng Shui philosophy. By influencing the environment, you can attract good luck. Do not believe? Try it and see for yourself! Your main task is to balance the components of the garden so that everything in it looks as natural as possible. Build your feng shui garden with our tips.


  • Let’s deal with the terms
  • Ba gua pattern
  • Fountain – a symbol of prosperity and abundance
  • The music of wind
  • Tips for beginners in Feng Shui
  • Hills and plains
  • Artificial pond
  • Plants in the garden

Let’s deal with the terms

Feng Shui literally translates as “wind and water.” If you interpret the expression in a broader sense, then Feng Shui covers natural landscapes: mountains and rivers. Take control of such areas of life as career, love, creativity, wealth with the help of this Chinese philosophy.

Qi is a positive energy, a vital creative force, a perfect form of being. A balanced and thoughtful interior or landscape design attracts qi energy, which means success in business..

Yin and Yang are a combination of opposites that cannot exist without each other. Flat topography, excessive blackout – the dominance of yin. Conversely, rolling hills with plenty of sunshine are an example of pronounced yang.

Sha – randomness and disorder, manifestation of negative energy.

garden breakdown

An example of a successful garden design is a lot of carefully thought out details, nothing more

5 elements: fire, metal, earth, wood, water determine the Feng Shui garden plot. Find out your item by date of birth. When creating a garden design, pay the most attention to the area that is responsible for your element.

Ba gua pattern

Using the Ba-gua square, you can create a harmonious space. A special grid consists of 9 parts, each of which characterizes certain areas of life. To understand which part of your estate is “responsible” for travel, and which part is for family well-being, you need to impose a magic square on the plan of the garden plot.

Each sector is associated with a particular element. For example, the element of the eastern zone is a tree. This means that wooden objects are best placed in this sector. Here, green spaces will also feel more comfortable. Water feeds the tree, which means that in the eastern zone you can arrange a pond or fountain, but you can not set the attributes of fire and metal (for example, barbecue).


Ba gua square will help set priorities

Fountain – a symbol of prosperity and abundance

The sounds of bubbling water and the view of the current stream can bewitch anyone. Contemplation of the water element helps to gather thoughts, calms and gives strength. Feng Shui fountains can be of various shapes, with or without lighting, in any case, this water feature will enliven your garden. Placing a fountain is best in the southeast. Choose a simple design with silent operation. Nearby you can put the “money” trees (fat trees). An important point: the water from the fountain should flow towards the house, and not vice versa.

The music of wind

A wooden windmill and spikelets of wheat are attributes that attract money. The mill can be attached to the lower branch of the tree. A simple device consists of bamboo sticks suspended on thin threads. At the slightest breath of wind, the pendulum hits the sticks, a melodic ringing occurs. This is how “wind energy” is born.

Wood mill

Wooden mill symbolizes financial well-being

Tips for beginners in Feng Shui

  • Get rid of the old and the unnecessary without regret. Last year’s grass, fallen leaves, dry branches should be collected and taken out of the garden on time. Always keep your garden tidy.
  • Hang a lantern above the front door; the entrance should be brightly lit. Ideal if the front door is made of wood. The metal is covered with wood paneling.
  • Stained-glass windows, blinds, shutters protect the house from “black arrows”.
  • Trees and plants with round leaves can improve the financial situation of its owner. They need to be planted in the southeast of the garden.
  • The mirror above the front door of the house will reflect negative energy.
  • Give preference to rounded shapes. Do not make sharp turns of paths.
  • Benches should be positioned so that the one sitting on them is facing the front door of the garden (or you need to create a barrier between the entrance and benches).
  • Good lighting throughout the site will contribute to material well-being..
  • In the southern part of the garden, it makes sense to plant red flowers. In the southwest, plant pink flowers. In the western part – white, in the northern and northeastern – blue and blue. In the northwest – yellow.
  • Brazier is best installed in the northeast, south or southwest.
  • In the southeast, it’s good to set an orange (tangerine) tree in a wooden tub.
  • The order and cleanliness, the absence of excess items are very important.
garden planning

Mysterious, overgrown, bewitching – it is difficult to look away from such a garden

Hills and plains

In Chinese teachings, uneven terrain is considered favorable, since it allows qi energy to move smoothly and evenly. If you have a perfectly flat garden space, it makes sense to create artificial cavities and hills. Arrange a stone slide or plant a small flower garden on the mound you created, all this will have a beneficial effect on your life. But avoid too steep slopes (the qi energy in this case will rapidly fall down). To reflect negative external energy, a fence is required (a trellis with climbing plants can be pulled over the fence).

Artificial pond

Creating a reservoir is a laborious process that requires special knowledge. In addition, biological balance will be necessary in water. If everything is done correctly, fish can be launched into the pond.

contemplation of the pond

So nice to contemplate the garden, sitting in a wicker chair by the pond

Plants in the garden

  • East and Southeast

An ideal place for coniferous and fruit trees. You can safely plant juniper, ivy, grapes, as well as peach, plum, cherries, raspberries and currants.

  • southern part

It is better to plant those plants that do not require frequent watering. This is a sector of the elements of fire, and fire can conflict with water. Peach, gooseberries, cherries, cherries will bring an excellent harvest in this place of your site.

  • Central plot, southwest and northeast

Mountain ash, hawthorn, weigela, rhododendron, as well as a pear, apricot, dogwood, apple tree will feel comfortable in this zone.

  • West and northwest

Choose drought tolerant plants that do not have long flowering. Treelike hydrangea, mock up, plane tree, action, bobovnik – these plants are suitable for the western side of your garden. From trees you can plant pear, quince, walnut and hazelnut.

And yet, many tips on Feng Shui are more likely to be advisory in nature, their application can not always be called expedient, much is difficult to put into practice. You can’t argue with one thing: in a well-groomed garden, where there is a fountain, a rockery, arbors covered with grapes, and a bridge of an unusual shape, it is much easier to feel happy and successful. Create the garden of your dreams, and let it be beautiful at any time of the year, in any weather.


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