Create a symbol of good luck by feng shui – music of the wind

The music of the wind is a beautiful melodic instrument, which is increasingly used for interior decoration. With its help decorate even personal plots. At the same time, the practical goal is pursued – the sound of the windmill bells scares away the birds. The most popular are metal and bamboo bells. Craftsmen can create their own tool that will delight the eye, bring good luck.


  • General idea of ​​oriental bells
  • The objectives of placing wind music
  • Placement of oriental bells according to the method of eight omens
  • Creation of a symbol of good luck and its placement in accordance with the cardinal points

General idea of ​​oriental bells

Wind music is a Feng Shui windmill made of small objects (for example, hollow tubes, bells, coins, etc.) that make a rustling, melodious sound or ringing when they touch each other during gusts of wind. Very often, the tool is used for a more decorative purpose..

The music of wind

One of the most popular materials for creating windmills is metal, which copes well with the function of energy transformation.

When it is necessary to precisely correct the energy flows, a strictly defined set of bells will be required to clear the space. There are difficulties with the acquisition, and many prefer the tools that are sold in Buddhist monasteries, where the monks produce the right symbols and signs of good luck..

In general, the main purpose of traditional wind music is to mitigate the negative impact of Flying Stars, transform negative energy and, as a result, minimize their impact on health and good fortune. If the negative “5 – Star of Troubles”, “2 – Star of Diseases” arrive in a certain sector, then it is worth placing oriental bells.

The most popular are metal and bamboo windmills. They are used for different purposes, depending on the material of the instrument, the number of tube-bells.

do it yourself

Oriental bells can be made from a wide variety of materials, such as shells.

The objectives of placing wind music

The main objectives for placing Chinese bells include the following.

  1. Decorate the room with an original and beautiful decorative element. In this case, it does not make any difference how many bells are used to create a windmill, what material it is from, where it is located. The only important thing is that the owner of the house likes this decorative element. As a rule, people in this case believe that oriental bells are a mysterious symbol of feng shui, bringing luck.
  2. To stir energy, raise its flows up. It is believed that hollow tubes pass energy flows through themselves, asking them the desired motion vector.
  3. To scatter and stop the flow of highly directed energy in the room. This is ideal for narrow, long corridors, rooms where the doors are located opposite the windows. The shape and number of elements of the windmill for this case does not play a big role.
  4. Protect the house from negative energy. Feng Shui wind music can be used outdoors. It can be placed in a window opening for crushing and dissipating the negative energy of “hidden arrows” (for example, indicating a power line house). In addition, the music of the wind is designed to scare away evil spirits, so it is sometimes hung in doorways.
  5. Decorate and protect a garden plot or garden. This tool not only cleans the space with its melodic sounds, but also scares away birds.
windmill on site

Windmills are relevant for home gardens where they transform energy and disperse birds

Placement of oriental bells according to the method of eight omens

To place the symbol of good luck, you can use the method of eight omens that affect human life. It is believed that if Feng Shui wind music weighs correctly, then life will improve. For example:

  • metal bells hung on the northwest side will help get the help of a patron. In this case, the tool should contain 5, 6 or 7 tubes;
  • increased popularity, new friends and love bring ceramic wind music from 2, 8, 9 ducts, located in the southwest;
  • to realize creative achievements, improve mutual understanding between parents and children will help oriental metal bells hanged in the western side from metal with 5, 6, 7 tubes;
  • to change work or move up the career ladder, a metal windmill in the northern part of the building should be used;
  • academic excellence is promoted by ceramic wind music located in the northeast;
  • improve relations with significant adults, superiors will help Feng Shui bells made of wood with 3, 4 tubes;
for good luck

Wooden and bamboo windmills bring good luck to the house, especially if you hang them in the right place

  • a wooden windmill hanged in the southeast, contributes to the improvement of financial standing, debt recovery
  • for the implementation of creative plans and solving issues of job search, placement of a wooden symbol of good luck with 3, 4, 9 tubes in the south side of the room.

Creation of a symbol of good luck and its placement in accordance with the cardinal points

Wind music can even be made with one’s own hand. For this, as a rule, the following tools and materials are used:

  • electric drill with drills for those elements in which you need to make holes;
  • pliers, pliers, nippers if necessary;
  • sounding material (tubes, sinks, bells, coins, beads, etc.);
  • threads for hanging, for example, fishing line, wire, colored ribbons, etc..

This set can vary greatly depending on the complexity and size of the eastern bells. Some options are easy to make with a single knife, while others will even require paint work. Do-it-yourself music of the wind is said to be of much greater value. In any case, you can get a lot of pleasure from the process of its creation..

do it yourself

Oriental bells can be made with your own hands from the cute trinkets that are in the house.

When placing a symbol of luck, it is worth considering a number of rules that allow you to avoid a conflict of elements. For clay bells, the southwest northeast and central part of the house is suitable. Such windmills are not particularly melodic and loud..

Metal bells wind music optimally hang in the northwestern, western part of the house. In principle, they can be placed in the north. Glass and ceramic windmills are best suited to the north. In addition, they can be hung in the northwestern, western part of the house. Wooden bells are good for the southeast and east.

Wind music is a beautiful instrument with a practical purpose. Metal options do a great job of dissipating negative energy, while bamboo and wood will attract good luck to the house. There are a number of important rules for placing this symbol of fortune, neglect of which will make it a simple decoration element..


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