How to choose a carpet for the home: focus on the main points

How to choose a carpet for your home

Updating the interior is not an easy task that everyone faces. Wall and ceiling decoration can work wonders and bring novelty to the room, but there is one more secret, thanks to which you can perfectly complete the task. Carpets for the home play a large role in the interior design of the home, give it coziness, comfort and warm colors. But sometimes the choice leads to confusion and uncertainty about the correctness of the decision, since the assortment is wide, and the color scheme is diverse.


  • Carpet or carpet?
  • The advantages of laying carpet
  • A guide for those wishing to choose
  • Material is the main criterion
  • We choose a carpet for different rooms
  • Landmark – color scheme
  • Carpet for kids room

Carpet or carpet?

Often people confuse the concepts of “carpet” and “carpet”, although they replace each other, they mean completely different things. For clarity, I would like to note that the carpet is attached to the base, occupying the entire surface of the floor, and the carpet is much smaller in size and lies freely.

Carpets are delivered in rolls, in the form of carpet tiles. This is a decorative type of coating that can be used at home, in working and representative office rooms, theaters, kindergartens.

Carpet came to Europe from the USA, since the vast majority of floors are made out there by laying carpets. In European countries, it has become popular relatively recently, but such a decoration is not a modern novelty. Even the inhabitants of ancient Egypt woven straw mats, which were then laid out on stones.

The advantages of laying carpet

Undoubtedly, comfort is an important component, so the carpet should bend under your feet, it is pleasant to affect the body when walking. Softness is an equally important parameter, because for a long time people have been striving to walk on a soft surface, realizing this with the help of skins and the same mats woven manually. It turns out that carpeting is not only comfortable walking, but also a health benefit, since in this case the effect on the musculoskeletal system is less.

Thermal insulation – a special structure (powerful base) and the upper surface (pile) form specific airy clumps that accumulate heat and for a long time give it to the atmosphere of the room. And if, in addition, floor heating is equipped in addition, then you can save money.

Important: plus everything, the carpet acts as an insulator: it prevents the outflow of heat and complicates the undesirable entry of low temperatures into the room from below.

Sound absorption and sound insulation – carpeting reduces the penetration and spread of sounds: outside (street, neighbors), inside (steps). At the same time, the sound absorption level can reach 25-30%, the indicator depends on the density and thickness of the pile, on the type of base.

Important: no more coatings have such acoustic insulation regarding footfalls..

But this is not the whole list, the carpet is worthy of respect:

  • wide and rich selection of patterns and colors;
  • delicately affects the feet;
  • adds elegance to the interior;
  • suitability for styling with your own hands;
  • guarantees a unique microclimate;
  • suitable for different rooms;
  • serves for a long time.

A guide for those wishing to choose

Nowadays, there are a variety of carpets – how to choose the best option? The first thing you need to pay attention to the material, or rather its origin. In general, we can say that synthetics are cheaper and wear-resistant, but not always better, because the quality can vary significantly.

Material is the main criterion

Nylon and polyamide – the same material, just different names in America and Europe. It has a set of good qualities: wear resistance, elasticity, resilience, ease of operation. But there are also disadvantages – high hygroscopicity, polyamide absorbs moisture from the air, is electrified and expensive, so buying a carpet of this variety is quite expensive.

Carpet made of acrylic fibers – compared to the previous one, this is a cheaper option, shorter service life and difficulty of cleaning, well, and a limited color scheme. But, despite the shortcomings, these carpets are attractive in appearance, feel like wool and are not electrified.

Carpet for the bedroom

Carpets in the bedroom

Polypropylene is an affordable cost and a normal set of quality characteristics: color and structure are not lost, there is no charge with static electricity, easy cleaning. Perhaps, of the shortcomings, a short service life (5 years) and sensitivity to liquids should be noted (after such contact, the material may deform and lose positive qualities).

Naturalness is always in price – the carpet made of wool is elastic, holds color well, and has good elasticity. Just one look at the floor, it immediately becomes clear that it has a natural coating, because the wool does not have the luster that is characteristic of synthetic materials. A significant plus – environmental friendliness and an extremely pleasant feeling for bare feet, as well as resistance to wear and water.

We choose a carpet for different rooms

Each room is designed for specific purposes, so when choosing a carpet you must be guided by this criterion..

  • Corridor, staircase, hallway – places of the most intense passability, therefore, the carpet should have a dense low pile, good dirt-repellent performance. A rubber-based option is also possible..

Important: the best solution in this case is a minimal pile or its absence at all.

  • Canteen – a room in which frequent staining is possible. Therefore, you need to choose a coating with fibers that are immune to dyes and have dirt-repellent properties..
Carpet selection

Pile height is an important indicator

  • Living room – tufted coating with a short and multi-level pile. There is a slightly different alternative – Berbers, that is, a multi-level carpet in the style of an Afghan carpet. These are elegant geometric patterns created using large loops with different heights..

Important: if cats live in the house, they will quickly spoil the drawing, since they will touch the loops with claws.

  • Concerning the kitchen, it’s better to cover the floor with a needle-punched carpet with a colorful pattern. And for the bathroom, the most practical flocked carpet.
Kitchen carpet

Carpet on the kitchen

  • Bedroom – a room with the lowest intensity of patency, so the requirements for durability and crease are not very stringent. But at the same time, anti-statistical indicators are important, they protect a person from unpleasant electrical discharges. Well, barefoot walking should also be considered, so a high pile cover would be the most ideal..

Landmark – color scheme

The color scheme of the carpet significantly affects the nature of the room, because if you choose the right one, you can create an extraordinary atmosphere that is in harmony with the decoration of the walls, ceiling, furniture.

Wide choose

A variety of colors for carpets

A few recommendations:

  • gray – an excellent combination with metal and glass, the room visually increases;
  • brown – a sense of calm, an excellent option for rooms where they work and relax;
  • blue – sky and sea, such a carpet has a positive effect on the human psyche. Most often used in bedrooms;
  • green is the color of relaxation and tranquility. Suitable for living rooms and living room;
  • ocher (red-yellow) – the amazing color of the sun, the room is filled with comfort and warmth.

Important: the smallest specks are evident on a carpet of dark colors, and on black dust is clearly visible.

Carpet for kids room

Young children, especially up to a year old, spend a lot of time on the floor, crawl, play and sit. And this means that the carpet for the nursery is not just an element of decor, but a kind of habitat, so you need to choose it with a special predilection, observing some rules.

First, the child should not catch a cold on the floor, for this reason it is necessary to buy carpet on a thick felt lining. A thick and plentiful pile is not practical, since the carpet can turn into a dust collector and cause allergies.

Carpet to the nursery

Carpet for children’s room

The quality of the attachment of the pile is also very important, because small researchers all pull in the mouth. They can pull out the pile, and this is extremely undesirable. Well, design is not the last criterion. Bright and funny colors, funny drawings, fairy-tale characters, cartoon characters, children really like and arouse their interest.

From all that has been said, one can come to a rational conclusion – carpets should be chosen wisely, being guided by the type of material, type of pile, color and purpose of the premises.


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