How and how to cut drywall: tools and methods

How and how to cut drywall

Drywall is a unique material that, on the one hand, allows you to obtain durable structures, and on the other, it is fragile, providing for a careful and accurate attitude. Despite the fact that the cutting process of this popular means of decorating is not particularly difficult, incorrect cutting is the most common mistake leading to overuse of material. About how to cut drywall correctly, we now find out.


  • Cutting tools
  • How to cut drywall
  • Straight cut is the easiest
  • The specifics of a double-sided cut
  • How to make a round hole in drywall
  • Making a cutout

Cutting tools

First of all, it is necessary to prepare the tools that will be needed during the work. You should immediately make a reservation – these items are completely ordinary and for the most part will be found in everyone’s house.

Pencil and tape measure

The simplest devices, without which, however, can hardly be dispensed with. No special requirements are imposed on them. The only thing for your convenience, the pencil should be sharp, and the length of the tape measure should be 3 meters at least.

A metal ruler or …

The longer, the more comfortable you will work. If one is missing, then a metal profile is a good alternative..

Which knife to prefer?

Universal knife is useful more than once

Drywall Tool: Knife

There are 2 options here: use a clerical knife, which, of course, is not very convenient or buy a universal knife with interchangeable blades. This multifunctional invention will come in handy more than once..


It can also do a good job, but only if it is not old and excellently imprisoned. The best option is a narrow saw designed for cutting dry branches.

Peeling planer

A slice is processed using a planer.

Peeling Planer – an indispensable tool

This is the only drywall tool that cannot be replaced with anything. It is used to process the edge of the resulting slice. Do not even try to follow in the footsteps of some “craftsmen” and try to replace it with a file or a grater – nothing good will come of it.

How to cut drywall

Drywall allows you to get details of all kinds of shapes and contours. Just need to approach cutting with a fair amount of patience (especially at first). Traditionally, several types of sections are distinguished:

Straight cut is the easiest

Its main purpose is to reduce the sheet to the required size. This is done simply and easily. On both sides you need to mark the specified size, then attach a metal ruler and cut through the top layer of cardboard.

How to cut drywall

How to cut drywall

First draw a line with a pencil, and then do not make an incision – so it will turn out not quite even.

Do not forget to deepen the slot three times, then the sheet will break where it is needed, and not where it wants to.
Then you should put a sheet of drywall on the edge and, going on the other hand, knock on it. After a few shocks, the gypsum core will not withstand the pressure and will break according to your marking. You just have to cut the second sheet holding the cardboard halves. We can assume that the task is completed.

The specifics of a double-sided cut

Such a cut is indispensable if there are obstacles in the way of the constructed structure, for example, a doorway or a beam. In this case, on the one hand, it is necessary to cut out the corresponding shape. Usually a rectangle or square.
The shape is cut out simply – you just need to saw one side with a hacksaw, and cut the second a little with a knife. Then break and cut from the back side (as indicated in the previous example). It remains to process the cut with a planer.

How to make a round hole in drywall

Most often, the need for round holes arises during the installation of fixtures in a suspended ceiling. There are two ways to achieve what you want. In the first case, you need a nozzle used when inserting the lock into the interior doors. In the second – you can do with a knife, with which a circle of the desired diameter is cut, and then it is carefully knocked out with a hammer.

Making a cutout

Such a cutout is often used in the bathroom and the bathroom, where there is an extensive network of sewers and water supply. The main difficulty is the correct calculation of the cut.

Recheck the applied circuit several times before taking it on..
If the cut is larger, attaching the sheet to the frame will cause difficulties, if less, it will take additional time to fit.

The results of hard work

End result

That’s all the difficulties, or rather, their complete absence. As you know, you cannot gain experience without practice, which means that it is time to start decisive action.


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