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Gates for the garage – types, their features, advantages, disadvantages

Garage door

Garage door must be reliable and durable, because they save vehicles from criminal attacks. Their functionality cannot be overestimated and in order to make a rational choice, you need to have a general idea of ​​the features of different types. Today, the purchase of gates is not a problem; many manufacturers sell finished products and make them to order. For this, it is only necessary to correctly carry out preliminary calculations, determine automation and other additional features.


  • Practical, comfortable automation
  • The choice of garage doors: swing
  • Roll back like a cabinet door
  • Lift-up type of gate
  • Rolled view – roller shutter
  • Sectional garage door

Practical, comfortable automation

Garage – the main place to protect the car, it can be located outside the home or directly built into the architecture of the house. Garage doors can be called the most vulnerable structural element, because they are constantly exposed to mechanical and atmospheric effects. For this reason, metal garage doors are the most sought after, because this material is durable and withstands the test of time..

Modern ideas are radically different from previous years, most recently, swing type gates were the most common – reliable, massive, lockable on barn locks of impressive size. Yes, and they did not have a special alternative in the Soviet years, but today new types of garage doors have appeared on the market, interesting, practical, able to satisfy all tastes.

Important: at the present time, garage doors are equipped (at the request of the owner) with various types of automation, they are convenient to use, are sold at reasonable prices, are available to almost all segments of the population.

In fact, automatic garage doors are conventionally divided into household and industrial. The latter are designed for a large number of closing / opening cycles. But the cost of the finished product may vary depending on the features of components and the size of the gate itself. In any case, it is advisable not to save, because the garage should be under reliable protection. It is even better to equip them with an electric drive so as not to waste time and effort opening / closing.

With the help of automatic gates, a person gets rid of unnecessary movements, that is, a daily repeating procedure is significantly accelerated. In addition, this type of garage door has the following advantages:

  • ease of control – to perform the necessary action you do not need to leave the vehicle, just press the button on the control panel. This is especially valuable in rainy and frosty weather, when you do not want to leave the car at all;
  • time saving – a second and the desired process is implemented. Undoubtedly, this is very true when the driver is late for work, in a hurry on personal matters, then every minute counts!
  • use of additional functions – for example, you can set a specific time when the gate should close. That is, even if in a hurry the owner forgets that the gate remained open, this is not a problem.
  • comfort and practicality.

The choice of garage doors: swing

Gates for the garage are oar – most often the canvas consists of two wings. Their indisputable advantage is excellent burglar resistance, because thick steel is used in the manufacture (maybe sheet metal, sandwich panels, wood), and the design is equipped with reliable crossbars, anti-removable pins, safe-type locks. Moreover, such gates have a variety of design options, different shapes, they are easy to install and operate..

Iron gate

Metal gates are the simplest popular option, the disadvantage is that they require a lot of space, create inconvenience when opening and cleaning snow around the garage

But this popular species also has drawbacks, which are the obligatory availability of free space for opening the wings, and in winter it is also necessary to work with a shovel, having cleared the site of snow. As for automation, it can be carried out, so to speak, increasing usability. But you will have to pay for comfort: burglar resistance is reduced to some extent, in addition, the drive that will be located in the opening will make it a little narrower.

Iron garage doors can be insulated, because a warm room for a car is not a luxury, but a prerequisite for maintaining the vehicle in good condition. The heat insulator is placed between the finishing sheets (lining, corrugated board), and the circuit is also insulated, that is, a brush seal is used.

Important: swing gates can be equipped with additional functionality: wicket, a set of security photocells, warning system, lighting.

Roll back like a cabinet door

Their principle of operation resembles the movement of the doors of a wardrobe. The design of such a gate consists of a guide mounted above the opening, along it the blade moves to the side, which means that the passage is released. Such gates are installed in private garages, at industrial enterprises, because with their help wide enough openings are blocked.

Lift-up type of gate

Garage lifting gates maximize the width of the opening. Their principle of action is this: the canvas rises up, simultaneously deviates to the side and is placed (in the open position) parallel to the ceiling. The main advantage – fitting into any design.

They are easily automated and can be equipped with a gate: integrated into the canvas and freestanding. And the main disadvantage is the possible damage to the opening shutter of an object that is within reach. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor the distance, not approaching a dangerous distance to the opening gate.

Garage door

Garage lift doors are equipped with automation without any problems

Well, even the up-and-down gates “reduce” the height of the garage when open, thereby creating overall restrictions for incoming vehicles.

Important: while this type of gate is not very popular, but all because of the high price and limited choice.

Roll view – shutter gate

Rolling gates for the garage also have the following names: curling and rolling gates. Their principle of operation is very similar to that used in roller shutters. The door leaf (it usually consists of aluminum plates) is twisted into a compact roll that is attached to the wall at the entrance or to the ceiling.

Rolled gate type

Cons of rolling gates – low burglar resistance, the inability to embed an additional door

These gates are considered the youngest, the main advantage is the ability to install even in small rooms with a high opening. Thanks to the aluminum lamellas, the gates are lightweight, and the polymers included in the composition provide excellent heat-saving performance. Accordingly, the operation of automation does not require large energy costs. The only significant minus is low burglar resistance, and the impossibility of installing a gate.

Sectional garage door

The design of these gates consists of sections, which in turn move along the guides and hide under the ceiling thanks to a system of rollers and springs. Sectional garage doors have the following advantages:

Sectional door

Sectional gates save space, are made of materials that exclude heat loss

  • space saving;
  • reliable operation;
  • if repairs are needed, the mechanical damage to individual sections can be replaced independently;
  • door sections, called sandwich panels, are characterized by low thermal conductivity. This means that they can be installed in unheated rooms;
  • possibly embedding a gate;
  • the canvas can be assembled from panoramic transparent materials, that is, the garage door can be turned into an original showcase.

But there are several drawbacks:

  • restriction of the garage height (and this is already a certain inconvenience);
  • a jumper is required in the opening.

To summarize, it must be said that when choosing a garage door, the main criterion is the guarantee of the car against theft, and also the design must be reliable and safe.


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