Imitation of a fireplace or false fireplaces with your own hands: types, methods of construction

Imitation of a fireplace or false fireplaces with your own hands

Many people want to see their home beautiful, cozy and romantic. What can complement the interior? Of course, a fireplace. But here there is a small problem, a full-fledged fireplace can not be equipped in all rooms, and even permission from the relevant authorities is required. But it’s okay, imitation of a fireplace is a great alternative, and besides, it is easy to make without serious construction skills. But fantasy and imagination in this matter will be required to create a real miracle, a spectacular home.


  • False Fireplace – A Work of Art
  • Classification of imitation fireplaces
  • Little tricks of arrangement
  • We build a false fireplace on our own
  • Artificial Stone – Original Finish

False Fireplace – A Work of Art

It is clear and understandable that the conditions of a city apartment are not acceptable for creating a fireplace with an open fire. Of course, there is still such a thing as electric fireplaces, but this is a completely different story, it is much better to create an artificial fireplace and enjoy its contemplation, as well as be proud of yourself, realizing that this is done with your own hands.

Fireplace imitation

Imitation of a fireplace – beauty!

Artificial fireplaces are characterized by a number of advantages:

  • firstly, a lot of money is not needed for equipping a fireplace, only for materials;
  • secondly, it can be made from very affordable materials: particleboard, wood, foam concrete, drywall, brick, pressed cardboard, polyurethane, pebbles;
  • thirdly, in the firebox area you can change the decor, so that the false fireplace will change, depending on the mood and wishes of the person;
  • fourthly, tiles, mosaics, forged elements, paintings are used for decoration, and these are beautiful materials that can transform a fake fireplace and make it unique and individual.

All these are good virtues by looking at the false fireplaces: the photos in the article are confirmation, you can see their beauty, a variety of compositional solutions and a complementary role in the integrity of the interior decoration of the room.

Artificial fireplace in the apartment

An artificial fireplace is a great solution that can be entered into any interior

But this is not all, the image of the fireplace on cold autumn and winter days, even if a little unnatural, but still warms the atmosphere and brings warmth and comfort to the room.

Imitation do-it-yourself fireplace – creative process, interesting and exciting.

Classification of imitation fireplaces

Before proceeding to a direct answer to the question: how to make an imitation of a fireplace, I would like to dwell on the concept of “false fireplace.” In fact, this is an imitation of a firebox and a fireplace portal, which serves as an interior decoration and gives it a peculiar flavor. Thanks to this visual deception, the effect of the presence of a fireplace is achieved, but you can build false fireplaces with your own hands without installing exhaust pipes and without installing bulky fireboxes. Such an imitation can be performed in a variety of stylistic variations and with various functional features, it already depends on the ideas of its creator. Often, with the help of such fireplaces, designers try to beat some interior flaws, for example, protrusions of load-bearing structures or interior partitions.

Artificial fireplaces are divided into three groups:

  • reliable – a complete imitation of the present, while accurately observing the dimensions and design principles. You can install biofireplace burners in the furnace, and this, in essence, is a complete copy of the burning hearth. This is the most expensive group, but in fact they look believable.
  • conditional – such false fireplaces are distinguished by the presence of a portal that protrudes from the wall. There are many options for decorating them, the furnace hole is filled with firewood or candles are placed there. The main thing is that everything should be concise and beautiful..
  • symbolic – are made of completely different materials, basically they are neither in size nor in design like a full-fledged fireplace. Often this is a picture made on the wall, with minor elements of decor.
Decorative fireplace

Corner fake fireplace option

Also exist corner raised fireplaces, they are very popular because you can put comfortable armchairs near them and create a quiet corner for family vacations.

Little tricks of arrangement

The advantage of a fake fireplace is its versatility: you can simulate a fire in the hearth or just focus on the decoration. The portal for the fireplace is decorated in different ways, the most sophisticated one is the installation of candles. If small accessories and various candles are randomly placed in the opening of the fireplace insert, then the false fireplace magically turns into an amazing decoration for a romantic dinner or meeting.

Artificial fireplace

Imitation of a fireplace – romantic style

Even greater reality can be achieved by filling the firebox to the top with logs. This solution looks especially impressive in a firebox with a semicircular top. You can put books or other objects on the mantelpiece, for example, items from your favorite collection: figurines, sinks.

An imitation of a fireplace in an apartment looks completely different if firewood is laid out on a metal grill with yellow-red backlight. This is an amazing sight, we can say fantastic.

And the most festive option is a New Year’s imitation of a fireplace, on which you can place garlands, Christmas balls, traditional gift socks. In this case, false fireplace in the interior creates a unique mood and expectation of a miracle. Children are sure to be delighted with such a beautiful fairy tale, and even with New Year’s presents.

If the fake fireplace is equipped on a bare wall, then you can hang lamps on both sides, but you just need to make hidden wiring so that the hanging wires do not spoil the big picture.

We build a false fireplace on our own

How to make an imitation of a fireplace yourself? Now let’s figure it out. The easiest way to create such a fireplace is to buy a finished portal, it is simply installed in the right place and filled with accessories. But it is somehow uninteresting and very simple. Better make some effort and do it all yourself..

Equipment fake fireplace in the apartment

Installation of metal structure

For equipment false drywall fireplace You will need profiles, screws, moldings, putty, glue and sheets of drywall (without them, nowhere). At the initial stage, it is necessary to create a drawing and calculate the volume of materials. Here you can dream up and develop a good design, but do not get too carried away and remember that the dimensions of the structure should be in harmony with the dimensions of the room.

Important: a fireplace that is too bulky in a small volume of the room will look unpresentable, and very small comical. And plus everything, the furnace should not be too deep and high so as not to burden the structure.

If a place for the fireplace is chosen, then you can install the frame from a metal profile. Then, with the help of self-tapping screws, sheets of drywall (measured and fitted in size) are attached to this frame. This process is performed by one person because the drywall sheets are small..

Installation of drywall boxes

False fireplace – drywall construction

After the final assembly of the structure, it’s time to seal the joints with putty, primer and paint the “newly made” false fireplace. After the paint has completely dried, it is necessary to fix the decorative moldings with glue, and when using candles it is advisable to take care of protection against fire. To do this, a sheet of heat-resistant material is attached to the top of the furnace.

Artificial Stone – Original Finish

How to make a false fireplace luxurious and pompous? Painting and pasting with a self-adhesive film is the cheapest option, not very original and ordinary. And an artificial stone for a fireplace is just right, if you want to get a rich and expensive false fireplace in the end.

Fake diamond

Artificial Stone – Multifaceted Material

Using different types of artificial stone, you can design a fireplace in an old or modern style. And also, in parallel with the stone cladding, decorative elements made using the same technology are also used. Such a move gives the fireplace even greater expressiveness, integrity and individuality. Bas-reliefs, tiles, decorative tiles are used as such elements..

The use of artificial stone opens huge horizons for a person. Here you can give free rein to the imagination, apply all kinds of forms, textures, starting with “boulders” and ending with cute “bricks”. It all depends on the style of the room and on the desires living in the house / apartment, because the false fireplace should look logical in the room, in harmony with the interior decoration and please the eye.

Fireplace imitation

Rich fireplace decoration

Imitating a fireplace in an apartment (country house) is not difficult and not very expensive, so it should be in every home, because it is romance, beauty and an aesthetic addition. There must be time for rest, let the whole world wait …