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How to lay a carpet

To an uninformed person it may seem that working with a carpet should not cause difficulties. But, as practice shows, the process of laying this material requires certain skills. To understand how to lay a carpet, you need to familiarize yourself with the existing methods of laying it. The choice of a specific method for fixing the carpet correctly depends on the specific situation..


  • Traditional preparatory work
  • Ways of laying carpet
  • Perimeter Stacking
  • Free laying with tape mounting
  • Stretching Method – Stretching
  • Glue laying method

Traditional preparatory work

The implementation of any repair and construction work is not complete without a preparatory stage. Before you start laying the carpet, you need to purchase special tools that can greatly simplify the work. For styling you will need:

  • Carpet knife
  • Reiki made of metal, with which you can fix the flooring near the thresholds;
  • Roller to uniformly roll the web.

Carpet should be laid on a flat base, without bumps and drops. In a situation where the existing foundation does not meet the specified requirements, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. The device of this flooring on the substrate can significantly extend its service life. In addition, the substrate smooths out unevenness well..

During the execution of work, it is important to maintain the optimum temperature, since you need to lay the carpet at a temperature above 15 degrees and air humidity of 75-80 percent. The flooring is maintained at a working temperature of at least 24 hours for acclimatization. It is especially important to observe this rule in the winter season, as sudden temperature changes can adversely affect the quality of work performed..

Ways of laying carpet

The choice of method for laying the flooring depends on several factors:

  • Functional purpose of the premises (residential building or office building);
  • The basis of the carpet: solid fiber is measured exactly in accordance with the area of ​​the room, and the material without a substrate is cut with an allowance;
  • Patency;
  • Initial state of the floor.

In a situation where the carpet does not require special fixation, for example, on a loggia or balcony, it is enough to process the edges with an overlock.

Laying carpet on the loggia

Laying carpet on the loggia

To understand how to properly lay a carpet, you should consider in detail the existing methods for laying it. The most common are the following methods:

  • Free laying with fixing the carpet around the perimeter;
  • Free laying with fixing carpet on tape;
  • The method of tension is stretching;
  • Glue laying method.

Perimeter Stacking

The specified method is the simplest in practice, but is characterized by disadvantages arising during operation. It is important to consider all unpleasant moments before laying the flooring. This method is most suitable for small rooms where it is possible to cover the floor with one piece of carpet..

Free installation of perimeter carpet

Free installation of perimeter carpet

The material is placed on the floor so that it goes onto the walls 5-10 cm around the entire perimeter. Then you should smooth out the wrinkles that have arisen in the direction from the center to the edges. Excess flooring must be trimmed using a profile or long rail. At the final stage, near the walls, the coating is fixed with a plinth, and in the area of ​​doorways – with a metal profile profile.

Among the advantages of this method, it should be noted the simplicity of laying and the existing possibility of replacing the coating.

The disadvantages include poor fixation of the carpet, low wear resistance, the possibility of bubbles on the surface. When cleaning and moving furniture in a room covered with carpet in this way, care must be taken.

Free laying with tape mounting

Fixing the carpet with double-sided tape allows you to lay quickly and easily, as in the previous method, but has several advantages characteristic of the adhesive method. A double-sided tape having a width of 60-150 mm is glued to the clean prepared base around the perimeter. Further, strips of tape are glued over the entire area of ​​the room in increments of 50 cm, but the protective film has not yet been removed. The carpet is carefully measured, laid, then the film is removed, and the coating is glued to the floor. If the room is larger than a single piece of carpet, then in this way you can lay several pieces butt.

Free laying of carpet with fixing on adhesive tape

Free laying of carpet with fixing on adhesive tape

The method of laying carpet with adhesive tape allows you to lay it on the previous coating. In addition, this method is ideal for those who often change the design of the room. Dismantling the old carpet glued to the adhesive tape is faster than in the situation with the coating glued to a special adhesive.

Among the shortcomings, one can note the risk of bubbles, since the adhesive tape can deform under the influence of high humidity or temperature changes.

Stretching Method – Stretching

Stretching refers to professional methods of laying carpet. The basis of this method is the elasticity of the material inherent in textile coatings.

Narrow slats with spikes are attached around the perimeter of the room at an angle of 45 degrees, onto which the material is pulled using special tools. Under the carpet, lay a substrate that enhances heat and sound insulation.

Glue laying method

The method of laying carpet with glue is the most traditional, but requires some skills. The carpet must be laid out on the floor and cut to the size of the room. Then it should be folded in half. The exposed surface is covered with glue using a notched trowel. Using a special tool allows you to apply glue evenly over the entire surface. Next, half a piece of carpet is returned to its place by gluing it with a roller. Do the same with the second part. At the final stage, the installation of metal rails and skirting boards is carried out.

The adhesive method for laying carpet

The adhesive method for laying carpet

One of the advantages of this method is reliability. It is suitable for laying several pieces of carpet when you need to cover a large area. With this method, the appearance of bubbles on the surface, displacement of the floor covering is practically eliminated.

The only drawback of the adhesive method of laying is the complexity of the process, requiring some practical experience.

With any method, excess carpet is trimmed with a flat board or profile. If in the room located immediately behind the door, another coating is laid, then you can slightly smooth the transition using the floor profile. The process of laying carpet is completed by the installation of skirting boards.


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