Which ceiling is more practical to make in the bathroom: an overview of popular options, recommendations

Which ceiling is more practical to make in the bathroom

As you know, a bathroom differs from any other in a high level of humidity, therefore its arrangement requires special attention, and this applies, first of all, to the ceiling. The ceiling in the bathroom suffers both from above (leaks from negligent neighbors) and from below – steam from hot water, shower sprays, “sweating” pipes, high humidity. There are plenty of options for installing a ceiling, but, unfortunately, not all types of finishes and materials can withstand such harsh conditions for a long time. You need to choose the ceiling for the bathroom deliberately so that it is practical and aesthetic at the same time, does not cause unnecessary trouble and is combined with the interior of the bathroom. Let’s try together to find convenient options and interesting for many answer the question of what ceiling to make in the bathroom?


  • Bathroom Ceiling Requirements
  • Cheap bathroom ceilings
  • The classic way is whitewashing
  • Democratic ceiling painting
  • Stylish vinyl wallpaper
  • Common option – panels
  • Costly but effective options
    • False ceilings – practical aesthetics
    • Stretch ceilings in the bathroom
    • Mirror surface: priorities
    • Original glass ceiling
    • Bathroom Ceiling Requirements

      To make a good ceiling in the bathroom is not an easy task, because here it is almost always humid and not every option is suitable due to inappropriate technical characteristics. Therefore, in order not to make a mistake when choosing a ceiling in the bathroom, it is necessary to indicate the technical characteristics that it should have:

      • moisture resistance;
      • durability;
      • aesthetics;
      • mold, smudges, salt stains, stains, condensation should not appear on the ceiling surface;
      • the ceiling must be heat resistant
      • the materials from which it is made must be safe, environmentally friendly and fireproof;
      • must not be corroded;
      • the ability to install in a small room;
      • access to hidden structural elements, if any;
      • the ability to easily mount built-in elements (lamps, hoods, etc.);
      • acceptable price.

      Cheap bathroom ceilings

      Inexpensive solutions for the ceiling in the bathroom include whitewashing, painting, vinyl wallpapers, plastic panels..

      The classic way is whitewashing

      Whitewashing is the least financially expensive old, proven way. Of course, this option for finishing the ceiling is the cheapest, but also the most short-lived. Whitewashing is suitable for dry rooms – it does not tolerate moisture. Therefore, to maintain the ceiling in good condition will have to regularly make repairs. In addition, such a ceiling covering in the bathroom will look too easy.

      Democratic ceiling painting

      This is another economical option for finishing the ceiling, but not so light. Firstly, it is possible to paint only a perfectly even ceiling, which means that first you need to remove all irregularities, defects, putty, primer and only then apply paint. Secondly, you need to choose the right paint. You need to use high-quality acrylic water-based paint designed for bathrooms, only in this case the ceiling will last a long time without creating unnecessary trouble. Such paints dry quickly, are not afraid of water. Many of them contain special substances that provide protection against fungus and mold..

      Staining also wins from an aesthetic point of view, because the ceiling can be painted in any color, decorated with patterns and drawings, although today it is unlikely that anyone will be surprised by this method of decoration.

      Stylish vinyl wallpaper

      To finish the ceiling in the bathroom, you can also use vinyl wallpapers, which, thanks to the outer synthetic film, are not afraid of moisture and water. To glue the vinyl wallpaper, you need to carefully prepare the surface so that there are no defects, otherwise the ceiling will look messy and spoil the general appearance of the bathroom. The joints between the strips should be perfect, because if at least one small gap remains, the fungus will spread throughout the ceiling. If necessary, wallpaper can be repainted several times..

      Vinyl wallpaper on the ceiling

      Vinyl wallpaper on the ceiling in the bathroom is an economical and quite nice finish

      Common option – panels

      Often used to decorate the ceiling in the bathroom chipboard panels. Since wood is a hygroscopic material, the panels are necessarily protected with waterproof varnishes. It is very important that the bathroom is well ventilated and ventilated. Subject to these rules, the wooden ceiling will last a long time. Such a ceiling will look very stylish and create a warm and cozy atmosphere..

      The ceiling of the wooden panels in the bathroom

      The ceiling made of wood panels in the bathroom looks stylish and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

      A fairly popular option for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom are plastic panels from PVC. The material is inexpensive, available in different colors. They wash easily, are not afraid of moisture, are mounted simply and lower the ceiling by only a few centimeters.

      Plastic panel ceiling

      Plastic panels for the ceiling in the bathroom – an inexpensive but practical material

      In the panel you can embed fixtures. They look very attractive and are able to adapt to any design. The biggest hit today is chameleon and mirror panels.

      Costly but effective options

      If you are wondering how to make the ceiling in the bathroom so that its decoration is not only practical, but also original and beautiful, then you should pay attention to the more expensive new-fangled types of ceilings, which are becoming more popular every day. These include suspended ceilings, which can be tiled and rack, metal, glass, mirror, as well as stretch ceilings..

      False ceilings – practical aesthetics

      A good option for the bathroom can be a suspended ceiling from mineral plates. The main component of mineral slabs is clay, which resists the conditions of high humidity in the bathroom. True, you need to choose diligently in order to acquire moisture-resistant boards. Such materials are able to withstand moisture levels reaching almost 100%.

      False ceiling in the bathroom

      Mineral suspended ceiling

      Even with significant leakage, moisture-resistant boards will practically not suffer. Their sizes will slightly increase (but only in height), and when the tile dries, there will be no visible signs of leakage on it, unless, of course, the water was rusty.

      If you like newfangled futuristic styles, then you’d better prefer metal tile mineral. Its most important advantage is durability, and damaging it is not so simple. Steel plates do not differ, however, in the richness of the color scheme and even moisture condenses on them, to which dirt adheres well, which means that they will have to be washed quite often. This problem is also solved by a competent bathroom ventilation system..

      Plasterboard ceiling in the bathroom

      Plasterboard ceiling in the bathroom

      In the bathroom, you can choose as a material for a false ceiling drywall boards. Currently, special moisture resistant sheets are sold for bathrooms, under which you can hide irregularities in the ceiling, electrical wiring and piping. Such sheets are environmentally friendly and easy to install. They can be adjusted exactly in size without bumps and joints. When creating multi-level plasterboard ceilings in the bathroom, wet plasterboard is used, which bends easily. They give him any desired shape, and then he saves it. Caring for such a ceiling is not at all difficult. It is simply wiped with a cloth or sponge soaked in a washing solution.

      Slatted ceilings – A popular variety of suspended ceilings in the bathroom today. They are made, as a rule, of aluminum or steel, while they have a wide color gamut – about 50 shades. They are practical, durable (service life – 15-20 years), non-combustible, environmentally friendly. The most fashionable colors are chrome, gold, mirror. Reiki do not absorb moisture, do not rust, make it possible to arrange ceilings of any configuration. They are smooth or perforated. Joints of slatted ceilings can be decorated with intermediate inserts.

      Slatted ceiling in the bathroom

      Trendy rack ceiling color – gold

      Such a ceiling can be given any shape using, for example, a wave-shaped rail. At the same time, he “eats” only 3 centimeters of height. The rack ceiling is lightweight, its installation can be done on its own, without the involvement of a specialist. It’s easy to care for: it can be washed with simple detergents..

      Stretch ceilings in the bathroom

      A stretch ceiling is the only type of finish with which a completely flat surface is achieved over the entire area. It is made from a special material based on vinyl. Such a ceiling is a rather expensive option, but the high costs will be fully justified. It will give the bathroom a modern, trendy look. And if you like to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, then the stretch ceiling is perhaps the best choice, because it does not form mold and is not absorbed by microorganisms. In addition, condensation does not accumulate on the surface of suspended ceilings. This can be explained by the fact that the fabric warms up almost instantly to the temperature of the steam in the bathroom and therefore does not condense moisture. It withstands high temperatures (up to + 50 ° C) and does not deform.

      Stretch ceiling in the bathroom

      Stretch matt ceiling in the bathroom – stylish, cozy, harmonious

      There is another advantage with suspended ceilings. They are the best protection against negligent neighbors who periodically arrange floods, as they can withstand up to 100 liters of water per square meter. In such cases, call the installers who installed the ceiling: they will drain the water and dry the ceiling, and this service is free. Care for stretch ceilings is minimal: occasionally wipe with a cloth and all.

      There are no equal stretch ceilings in the richness of textures and color gamut and this allows you to choose the most harmonious option. If you need to visually increase the space in the bathroom, you should pay attention to the glossy ceiling. It is the glossy ceiling that is most popular today among designers.

      Glossy stretch ceiling

      Glossy stretch ceiling – a popular option for bathroom interior

      Satin and matte canvases resemble externally a standard finish – whitewashed ceiling, with the difference that the surface is perfectly flat. Often combined glossy and matte surfaces are used..

      Stretch ceiling with satin canvas

      Stretch ceiling with satin canvas in the bathroom

      Stretch ceilings with photo printing are very popular in the bathroom, exclusive options for ceilings “Starry Sky” are admired. When taking a bath, you can relax and get away from worries, watching the amazing effect of twinkling stars.

      Stretch ceiling

      Stretch ceiling “Starry sky” in the bathroom with amazing twinkling stars

      For suspended ceilings, the quality of installation is very important, so it’s unlikely that you can do such a ceiling in the bathroom with your own hands, you definitely need to invite specialists.

      Mirror surface: priorities

      For a bathroom, a mirrored ceiling is a very good option for a ceiling coating. With such a ceiling, the bathroom becomes not only attractive, but also significantly transformed. Mirror panels are so diverse that they make it possible to create exclusive and even sophisticated options. Their color scheme consists of various shades: malachite, bronze, turquoise, pink and steel, and can combine several colors at once.

      Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom

      Mirrored ceiling in the bathroom expands the visual space

      The main feature of indoor mirrors is the visual expansion of space. Therefore, it is the mirror ceiling that can become the ideal solution for a small bathroom. It has many advantages: aesthetic, moisture resistant, functional, easy to install. The mirror surface provides good light reflection, thereby increasing the illumination of the bathroom, both general and local. It’s easy to look after the appearance of the mirror coating. Dry and wet cleaning is used for this, using special detergents for glass and mirrors for washing..

      Original glass ceiling

      Touching upon the topic of choosing a ceiling for a bathroom today, one cannot but recall such a modern type of ceiling as glass. This is a beautiful and practical solution that has a number of advantages. The glass surface is not afraid of moisture, spray and high temperatures, it is easily cleaned from condensate. Glass ceilings are environmentally friendly – bacteria and mold do not multiply on them, they do not contain toxic substances. Exposure to an aggressive environment is not a threat to them. Individual damaged boards are easily replaced if necessary..

      Glass ceiling with stained glass

      Glass ceiling with stained glass

      Due to its optical properties, glass expands the visual space, and correctly selected light creates an atmosphere of intimacy and mystery in the room, airiness and lightness..

      Glass ceiling with photo printing

      Glass ceiling with photo printing – original, intriguing

      For the ceiling in the bathroom, frosted or glossy glass with a different degree of transparency can be used, it is possible to use photo printing or stained glass. You just need to make a little imagination and then even the smallest bathroom will gain excellent volume and amazing look.

      In conclusion, I want to note that, whatever type of ceiling you choose for the bathroom in your house, the main thing is that it meets all your needs. And there is no single answer to the question that we asked at the beginning of the article – which ceiling is better for the bathroom? We just highlighted the possible and suitable types of ceilings for the bathroom. And you do not save and do not spare the imagination for this magic room, and then for many years it will be happy to meet you in the morning and in the evening to accompany you to bed..


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