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Fairy tale illusion with solar-powered garden lights

Outside the city, power outages are common, and in the “young” summer cottages you can still wait a long time for communications to appear in general for comfortable living conditions. Therefore, very often in the evening the territory plunges into pitch darkness, and the necessary walks are accompanied by a pocket flashlight. Fully solve the problem of solar-powered lights that can be installed anywhere.


  • Complete set and principle of operation of solar lamps
  • Benefits of Solar Lighting
  • Types of garden lights
  • Distinctive features of garden lamps
  • According to the material of manufacture
  • By type of battery
  • By type of silicon for photoelectronic elements of modules


  • Important nuances when choosing
  • Lighting Care
  • Complete set and principle of operation of solar lamps

    The light source in this model is an LED lamp, the battery is a solar battery. It converts the energy of the sun into electrical energy. During the day, the battery is charged, and at dusk it feeds the lamp and illuminates the area. If it was sunny, charging lasts for 10 hours, with cloudy weather time is almost halved.

    solar powered lights

    Using solar panels allows you to install a flashlight anywhere

    Important! Shadow luminaire batteries may not fully charge.

    The set of components for all models is similar:

    • photosensitive element,
    • storage battery,
    • solar battery,
    • LED matrix,
    • fasteners.
    solar battery

    A battery converts the energy of the sun into electricity

    Benefits of Solar Lighting

    This is a real find for thrifty people who carry out lighting only when necessary, trying to minimize the payment for electricity and the cost of installing the line. With solar-powered lights, you don’t have to worry about this. The advantages of such lighting are undeniable.

    lamp installation

    Easy installation is one of many benefits.

    • The costs will have to be incurred only for the purchase of fixtures, and electricity is absolutely not needed for their operation.
    • Eliminates the need for cable laying, automatically freeing from problems associated with the purchase of necessary materials, digging trenches and paying for electrician services.
    • No need to change bulbs.
    • Installation is very simple. Lanterns just go deep into the ground with a sharp tip. They can be moved to any place for convenience or experiments with decorative lighting, put into the house before a long absence.
    • Care only consists of cleaning with a damp soft cloth.
    • Products do not lose their appearance and functional characteristics while in the open air.
    • Create an original landscape design.
    original lamp

    Original models decorate landscape design

    • Different price options allow you to purchase the right model in a certain amount.

    Types of garden lights

    Solar powered garden lights come in many sizes and configurations..

    • Up to 2.5 m high, they are installed in the ground to light paths, arbors, benches and other recreation areas. The same function is performed by lamps located near the ground. The lights can be cemented and not removed from the site, then they will illuminate the road upon arrival at night.
    • An alternative to them are wall-mounted models. From the name it is easy to determine that the place of attachment is a fence, pillar, wall of a house or other building.
    • Lamps in the form of columns and bollards are used to illuminate paths and decorate the site. They look very impressive..
    • Built-in models are most often used for stairs. It can be both a structure leading to the house, and to other structures of functional and decorative purpose..
    recessed fixtures

    Built-in models are installed on a staircase or other building that is exposed to sunlight.

    • Underwater lights illuminate the pool, fountain, pond. Mounted before filling the tank with water.
    underwater light

    Underwater lights can be installed in the pool or fountain

    • Waterproof fixtures mounted on the water can be in the form of a ball, lily, a fairy tale character. The picture becomes even more beautiful with a light breeze that sets the lights in motion.
    pond lighting

    The pond can become part of a fabulous territory

    • For flower beds and lawns, it is worth choosing models in the form of flowers, butterflies, gnomes and animals. During the day, they can be almost invisible, and in the evening they become a decoration of landscape design..
    do it yourself

    On the flower beds you can install lamps that will be almost invisible during the day, and in the evening will become a “highlight” of the territory

    • Garlands are used to highlight trees and shrubs, and can be mounted under the roof of the house, gazebos, on the veranda and terrace.

    It is interesting! If the battery is placed on the window on the sunny side, and the garland is inside the room by the mirror, on the outside it looks like a working TV, therefore it could very well frighten offenders.


    The garland can be placed anywhere, only the battery must be in the sun

    The festive mood is created by lanterns with colored LEDs. It is not necessary to use them for daily lighting, but for a celebration they will be very useful.

    Any models can be supplemented with motion sensors (they are convenient to install along the tracks and in the parking lot of the car) or with a device that keeps the battery in charge mode during the day, and switches it to light when dusk sets in.

    Distinctive features of garden lamps

    A wide range of products allows you to make a choice for lighting any site. The owner only needs to select the most priority qualities for himself.

    According to the material of manufacture

    Lamp housings are made of plastic, metal and wood. Special processing allows you to keep the original properties for a long time. For metal, it is a powdery paint, for wood – a coating against decay, drying out and rodents. Well, plastic does not need additional processing.

    For the manufacture of shades, glass of various structures is used:

    • Smooth has maximum throughput.
    • Reflex does not reflect direct sunlight. Solar-powered streetlights with such glass are ideal for cloudy weather..
    • Tempered is the most reliable. Moreover, the price difference is only 5-10%.

    By type of battery

    • Nickel cadmium.
    • Nickel metal hydride. Such models are more expensive. But their use ultimately becomes cost-effective because they have a long service life..

    By type of silicon for photoelectronic elements of modules

    • Polycrystalline is used to make the cheapest batteries. Already in the second season they can work only 4-5 hours.
    • Multicrystalline is somewhat more practical. Used correctly for several years.
    • Monocrystalline solar panels for street lights are the most reliable. They are coated with a protective oxide film that does not interfere with light scattering. They are highly resistant to chemical and climatic influences, but this option cannot be called a budget option..

    Important nuances when choosing

    Due to the great demand for products powered by solar energy, the number of manufacturers is growing exponentially. Only here the quality sometimes does not meet even the minimum requirements. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to the packaging. The following characteristics should be indicated on it..

    • Type of lamp.
    • Power and quantity of LED lamps. The higher the indicator, the larger the area illuminated by the lantern. It can be installed 10-15 lamps.
    • Operating time provided that the battery is fully charged.

    It is interesting!

    The larger the area of ​​the battery, the more intense the output of solar energy.

    garden night lighting

    With the right choice, the garden will be buried in flowers day and night

    Lighting Care

    Lighting on a suburban area performs several functions: it eliminates injuries due to movement in the dark, reduces the risk of intruders, and decorates the landscape design. And after the equipment of the site, I want the devices to serve as long as possible.

    To get more light into the battery, periodically wipe the surface of the lamp with a damp soft cloth so as not to damage the protective film.

    The simplest malfunction is the poor relationship between the battery and the power container. This is due to the oxidation of particles at the junction. In this case, you need to disassemble the lamp and strip the contacts of the power container and the battery terminals.

    Many options for garden lights can beautifully design landscaping. And objects, plants, which in daylight do not have a great aesthetic value, at night create the impression of a fabulous town or castle. Solar-powered lights can also be used for lighting inside the house. They are charged while on the street or window sill.


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