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Landscaping and country lamps as an element of design

The process of creating a modern landscaped personal garden necessarily includes the inclusion in the overall compositional plan of all elements of the garden. As a rule, designers focus the lion’s share of general attention on plants, track design, flower variations in flowerpots, stones, and they say very little about lighting. But landscape gardening lights allow you to set interesting decorative accents.


  • Classic
  • “Balloons”
  • Hi-tech and more
  • Hand made
  • Lighting of park and country areas

In the design of summer cottages, adjacent territories of country houses, both classic light sources and original lamps having a special shape, size and color are used. The choice is the owners, but consider the existing options.


In creating an informal-ceremonial atmosphere, the usual garden lamps, whose lamps are perceived as elements of architecture, will help. Flower gardens, garden paths, recreation areas, they give a complete look. You can place such elements of a country decor at the porch, paths, swings, artificially created ponds. They also look good against the background of multi-level compositions from plants. If during the construction process this was not taken into account and the lanterns did not enter the arrays of shrubs, they can be framed with various stones, gravel chips. Thus, it is possible to create unusual decorative compositions that have a special charm..

garden lamp

The most beneficial lanterns will look on tree branches, along paths, pool edges

Such lighting devices do not require additional design. But as an option, you can simply hide the leg or supplement the ceiling with any decorative elements: butterflies, artificial flowers, collected dried flowers.


On the territory of the garden, lamp-balls look incredibly beautiful. They can be located on the grass, steps of the porch, the edge of the path, indicating its boundaries (beginning and end). Sometimes, thanks to the efforts of manufacturers and designers, such “balls” can even decorate the water surface, gravel garden, forest mixborder. The materials from which country lamps are made (and this is plastic, glass) also allow you to experiment with design. The manufacturer offers matte and patterned products..

“Balls” can be placed along the entire plot one at a time, assembled into small groups and even compositions consisting of luminous dots of various sizes and located at different heights.

garden lights

Scattered light devices can be installed along low bushes, along the entire terrace, at the steps of the veranda

The installation of garden lights in the form of balls can clearly follow both predictable straight lines and specially conceived drawings that emphasize the features of the exterior of a private estate.

Hi-tech and more

A special style in the design of the cottage requires a special approach to the selection of additional decorative elements. And country street lamps cannot but obey the general plan. This requirement is generally accepted and quite common among professional designers and true connoisseurs of beauty and harmony. Following the new trends should be balanced and deliberate. Modern lamps will be simply ridiculous in the old “grandmother’s” garden. It’s important to adhere to the overall style..
A special mood is created by decorative garden lamps on a curved leg with a bowed head. They resemble lilies of the valley and large bells.

garden design

Convenient luminaires with adjustable luminous flux

Interesting look lanterns-beacons that complement any mound, an island of greenery, a decorative embankment near a reservoir. Such small inclusions of light will revive the most secluded corners of the site, will be a pleasant surprise for guests. The garden lights shown in the photo can be used to illuminate the entire estate. The fashionable trend is now considered Japanese fireflies, lanterns.

Hand made

In order to save money, you can arm yourself with improvised materials, be patient, connect your imagination and make garden lights with your own hands. Tin can lamps would be a great solution. They are quite mobile and allow you to create a real romantic atmosphere in the fresh air. A drawing made using various nails (a jar breaks in accordance with the selected pattern, which is previously fixed on the outside) will bring mystery, will become an original interspersed in the overall design plan. These lights can be placed anywhere in the garden.


Convenient solar powered lights

It is very easy to make luminous “fireflies” of glass. If you try, you can get a real exclusive. At the bottom, just pour a little sand, shells or different pebbles to complement the composition.

Many designers do not recommend choosing one type of flashlight. The best option is a combination of different in shape and size, color and decor fixtures (wall and pendant, single and aggregate, on legs and chains). The main thing is to maintain a uniform style.

lamp for sage

This solution combines practicality and aesthetic advantage.

Lighting of park and country areas

Very interesting look on personal plots and LED garden lights. Drop-shaped and dotted devices mounted in paths, borders, multi-tier flower beds, steps, bases of decorative boulders look laid-back and very natural.

The latest innovation was solar-powered cottage lights. Their advantage is that gardeners do not have to dig their entire plot in order to lay electrical wiring. And, of course, the main plus is in cost savings, because the devices drive the environmentally friendly energy of the sun. Modern solar-powered lamps work not only in clear and cloudless weather. There are highly sensitive elements, so even in winter or in cloudy weather, lights can emit light.

garden lamp

Popular lanterns in the form of various animals or plants

An interesting decision of the manufacturers was the manufacture of floating luminaires, balls, which work from the energy of the sun and, due to water resistance, can be located on the water surface of fountains, ponds, pools for several days without problems.

Well, the options are more than enough. Therefore, the harmonious design of a country or personal plot, terrace of a country house will not become a problem. The main thing is not to lose the sense of taste and still adhere to the chosen style. Then the result will exceed even the wildest expectations. Experiment, consider different options, choose models to your liking and do not limit yourself to classic solutions.


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