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How to make stones glowing in the dark

Everyone wants to make their home cozy and beautiful. People plant flowers in the front gardens, attach arbors and build decorative wells. Each one builds its nest by virtue of its capabilities. Some do this with the help of cutting-edge interior refinements and technical innovations, while others make interesting designer masterpieces with their own hands. Luminous stones can be called such man-made miracles..


  • Luminous Stone Tips
  • The principle of operation of miracle stones
  • Create beauty with your own hands.
  • How to decorate the garden with luminous stones

Luminous Stone Tips

In ancient myths, it is said that such stones have special strength and energy. It is clear that legends can say a lot, but the fact that luminous pebbles, whatever you decorate them, will cheer you up is a fact.

Stones glowing in the dark are used in making souvenirs, decorating photo frames and other trifles. They are used in interior decoration, decorate them with aquariums, bookshelves and flower pots. In general – with their help, the world around you can be changed beyond recognition, there would be a desire.

how to make glowing stones

Glowing stones, whatever you decorate with them, will cheer you up

The principle of operation of miracle stones

Initially, such stones were made of plastic and filled them with luminous paint. But at home, the workpieces are covered with acrylic paints with a luminescent effect. Such paint has a glossy or matte surface that does not lend itself to flushing or fading. During the day, the luminescent surface, like a battery, accumulates sunlight and begins to emit light when night falls. Therefore, such stones are very popular not only in decorating small things, but also in landscape design. They look great on summer flower beds and off the pond. A glass vessel filled with such stones looks very original. It can be used not only as a decoration, but also as a lamp.

stones in a glass jar

A glass vessel filled with luminous pebbles looks original

A big plus of such stones is that they are charged not only from sunlight. This can be done from a flashlight or the simplest lighter, so if the weather is gloomy, this does not mean that the stone will not glow at night. A large palette of colors makes it possible to decorate any room with stones, while fitting into its design.

Create beauty with your own hands.

Before you make luminous stones with your own hands, you need to decide what you will decorate them in order to choose the right shape and size. In order not to puzzle what billet company is better to take, you can use natural material – ordinary cobblestones or pebbles. In addition, you will need TAT33 light-accumulating paint, which you need to color your pebbles. The dried surface can be used immediately. Glowing paint does not deteriorate even in the presence of a humid environment, so it often adorns the bottom of decorative ponds and aquariums. Also, the paint is environmentally friendly and safe for people and animals. It is safe to paint interior items with it..

Stones in the aquarium

The pebbles in the aquarium provide excellent night illumination.

With such paint for concrete surfaces, you can make whole luminous borders, and this is a good way to decorate the territory without spending a lot of money. If you want to make a luminous paving slab, then you need to cover it after laying. But if you need to make a flower bed of stones or a border, then you first need to paint and dry them.

Glowing stones have become an indispensable thing for landscape design. Experts divide them into three types, which depend on size: crumb (about 5 mm in diameter), river pebbles (1-2 cm) and boulder (27×17 cm). These standards come from manufacturers of finishing materials, so you do not have to measure each piece with a ruler and generally adhere to specific numbers. After all, you create comfort for yourself, which means that you yourself choose the size and shape of the stones.

You can decorate your house with luminous stones not only from the outside, gluing them to the tiles. If you want to decorate the interior of the house, then on a freshly plastered wall you need to impose a building grid on which pre-painted stones are glued. Empty spaces between the stones are gently rubbed with plaster. Ceiling tiles can also be framed with luminous crumbs..

Making luminous stones often turns into a hobby. Even if you have already decorated them with everything that is possible, your hands are drawn to the paint again and again. In such cases, people begin to study art more deeply and even find a way to make good money. So it makes sense to work.

How to decorate the garden with luminous stones

Decorating your site will primarily require your own imagination. If you want to strew a track with them, then it is better to use pebbles painted in a color that fits into the design of the garden. The border between the path and the lawn can be laid out with boulders. A sufficient number of luminous stones in the garden will significantly save energy and will not allow you to stumble in the dark.

luminous track

The glow of stones will not let you stumble in the dark

Also, the path can be strewn with pebbles of different colors, for example, the main color is blue, and dotted intersperses are pink. Or to make a mix of natural gravel and colored stones, at night it looks like a “moonlight path”, which any romantic will definitely enjoy. Glowing pebbles are especially relevant in those regions where day turns sharply into night and there is almost no twilight: they charge as much as possible and begin to glow very intensely when dark.

Another version of the track is provided for those for whom it is already laid out from another material. Typically, such trails are made of logs or country-style logs, that’s just between the wooden masonry and you need to fill everything with small pebbles, you can even crumbs.

painted stones

A mix of natural gravel and colored stones at night looks like a “moonlight path”

Flower beds must be framed with boulders. They can be dotted and between flowers, if they do not grow very densely. If the flowerbed is dotted with grass in places, then it is decorated with multi-colored crumbs, inventing beautiful patterns that are visible not only at night, but also during the day.

Having the talent of an artist, you can paint lonely boulders. If this is not in your competence, apply a special sticker on a transparent film to the flat surface of the stone and open the surface with varnish. A large luminous boulder also looks very attractive under natural curly flowers such as sweet pea or morning glory. If hops are woven on the stone, then you can plant any bush with bright inflorescences nearby.

A garden decorative well is framed both at the base and on racks. Depending on its size, the size of the stones is determined. It is better to paste over the roof with crumbs or pebbles. Also, luminous stones are ideal for decorating a children’s sandbox. The main thing is that they should be large and heavy so that the child could not lift and drop on his leg. There is no need to decorate the playground with small pebbles; children like to taste them, and this is unsafe for health.

Thus, luminous stones are a design element that evokes imagination and makes you improvise. And who, if not you, should know how to decorate your territory. Good luck and creative success!


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