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Water reservoir in the country: in the heat of summer, cool and for the eyes of delight

Reservoir in the country

Spectacular man-made pond is a very successful solution of landscape architecture. With the help of a nice lake, a fountain or a pond with a stream, you can create a truly fabulous atmosphere on the site, whether it be countless hectares of a country estate or a small piece of land near a country house. Spectacular ponds in the country – this is another way to stand out from the gray mass of summer residents, creating a cozy paradise, where everyone can retire and replenish spiritual energy, be filled with peace.


  • Choose the destination of the country reservoir
  • Place and place again
  • Types and sizes of a reservoir
  • Earthwork: getting down to the most important thing
  • Waterproofing: when the water sports
  • Pond decor

An artificial reservoir in the country helps to create an authentic atmosphere, its style can be anything – from a chic classic of straight lines to a cute rustic warm pond with ducks or swans. Having correctly selected the shape, type and place under your pond, you can create your own world on your site. For business!

Choose the destination of the country reservoir

To create a pond in the country with your own hands is not a problem, to make it look appropriate and always look well-groomed – the task is more complicated, but also solvable. The main task is to determine the dimensions, successfully choose a place and decor, designed in the required landscape and terrain style. Your design idea should be clearly formulated at the very beginning, because it is your idea that the choice of materials, shape and so on will depend. Do not be too lazy to sit down at the drawings and visualize what you want to get. It’s worth it, believe me.

Experts recommend the following instructions in this matter..

  1. There should be no trees in the area allotted to you (they can damage the waterproofing and almost certainly will clog the mirror surface of your pond with falling leaves, branches and flowers).
  2. The sun’s rays should warm up the place where you are going to make the pond, no more than 10 hours a day.
  3. The leeward side of the site also does not fit – you want to get peace from the contemplation of the mirror surface of water, and not a splashing storm in a cement glass, right?

If you make a pond for quiet hours of reading or thinking, break it away from prying eyes, in some secluded corner of your land. If the concept of your landscape design is based on a decorative waterfall or lake, place it in the center of the plot, focusing on a stylish element.

Small pond

Size matters, but not in terms of performance

Place and place again

When choosing the location of a future oasis, before building a reservoir in the country, study the following parameters of your land allotment:

  • area (we will repel it from it when choosing the dimensions of the reservoir itself);
  • the degree of illumination (as mentioned above – if the sun warms up the water for more than 10 hours a day, your pond will simply evaporate, and by the end of summer it will begin to bloom and “smell” with the stench of the swamp, which is completely useless);
  • site relief (choose the low parts of your garden, this point does not need explanations – everything is logical: well, what kind of pond is on the mountain?);
  • the degree of gardening (roots and decaying foliage, everything is self-evident; if you are tempted to soak up your own hands in a reservoir, under the canopy of willows and other trees, it is better to choose shrubs – their roots are not so dangerous for construction);
  • type of soil (a pond in the country with your own hands will turn out to be done on loamy, peat and clay types of soil, but chernozem will be heavily overgrown with silt, like acidic types of soil).
Solitude by the pond

If you plan to retire to your reading pond, keep it away from the fence and prying eyes.

Types and sizes of a reservoir

A primitive flat pond two by two – this is a long time ago the last century. You do not have to limit your imagination to the usual framework. Play with perspective and dimensions, try something new, something “not like everyone else”. Let it be a romantic puddle with myriads of streams, a deep lake with stone steps, a cascading fountain or a falling waterfall.

By type, water bodies are divided into the following categories:

  • pond;
  • lake;
  • brook;
  • waterfall;
  • fountain.

The most common and least costly type of reservoir in terms of financing and labor is a pond. It is easiest to do without the involvement of specialists..

The form is also an important moment, you can build an artificial reservoir of round, rectangular, diamond-shaped and even triangular shape. You will be able to imitate the virgin corner of the lost land with the help of an elegant pond of a natural form with smooth bends of the coast. Geometrically verified form will emphasize the severity of the landscape, suitable for arranging a minimalistic exterior, modern landscape. Oval or round shape is good for classic exteriors, will look great in a duet with an elegant fountain

The main rule when choosing a form – your oasis should ideally fit into the surroundings, if the pond is knocked out of the general mood ensemble of the site – write is gone.

The dimensions of the future pond depend on the total area of ​​the personal plot and individual preferences. The optimal size is up to 5 square meters and a depth of half a meter. If your soul span dictates you need to increase the depth to a meter or more, and bring the total area to 9-10 m, you know, you are a happy owner of an artificial lake.

Note: strangely enough, the rule “the more the simpler” applies to the issue of constructing artificial reservoirs. The wider your water surface, the easier it is to look after it, maintain an ecosystem in it (if you decide to start fish and plants), clean, change water. Paradox, but the way it is.

Mini fountain

The mini fountain is a great addition to the pond

Earthwork: getting down to the most important thing

If we have decided on the shape, area and purpose, we pass to the most exciting moment – to the realization of ideas. The main difficulties, difficulties you will encounter, are the torment of choice: buy a ready-made tank-pool or make a concrete bowl yourself, use PVC film or other materials for waterproofing, etc. But all this will come later. First you need to dig a pit. To the sun glare from the cool waves playing on the branches and in the hair of your sweetheart, there is still a lot of work. Let’s get started!

  1. Dig a hole of the required depth and area.
  2. Strengthen the moat with reinforcement and concrete mix.
  3. If you decide to use the finished bowl, pre-lay a waterproofing film; then place the container on a sand prepared base (4-5 cm).
  4. Mount the backlight if desired.
  5. Install pipes (flowing and waste) and a pump for circulating water (it must always be flowing). The sewer must be below the level of the pond, for convenience, install a valve on it or simply tighten the stopper.
  6. Organize the filtration system by the type of aquarium structures (this item is especially important if you breed in a fish pond).


    In order for plants and fauna to be healthy, water must be running and always clean.

But how to make a reservoir in the country from scratch? Not as complicated as you think:

  1. Dig a hole.
  2. Cover the bottom with a layer of sand, soil compactor or regular peat (5 cm).
  3. Tamp the soil well.
  4. Install the formwork.
  5. Reinforce with a metal mesh.
  6. Pour concrete mixture.
  7. After drying (after several days), treat the surface of the bowl with sealant to avoid contact of the flora or fauna of the reservoir with concrete.

Tip: as you can see in most photos, ponds are built in the country on warm summer days. And this is no coincidence – your foundation should dry thoroughly and “grasp” before it becomes a vessel for water. This precaution is necessary so that you do not get upset due to cracks and breaks of an insufficiently dried base. Imagine what your garden will become after installation, for which it’s worth the wait.

Rectangular pond

Strict lines in the design of the pond – unusual and elegant

Waterproofing: when the water sports

You can waterproof the bottom with materials such as polyethylene, PVC, liquid rubber or synthetic rubber.

Pond decor

Decorate your work of art with waterfalls and curly streams, bridges. You can line the bottom with gravel, colored mulch, huge boulders, strew with sand, rhinestones or pieces of glass, pebbles. Plant decorative plants: calamus, kaluzhnitsa, chinton, water lilies and lilies, water chestnut and water-red. Do not forget about the sculptural elements – figures of fairy-tale characters, asymmetric pseudo-ancient bowls and jugs will add mystery and completeness to your composition.

Decor for a reservoir

Stone, marble and bronze figures will complement the mood.

Do not become confined to simple banal design options, prove yourself. You had the opportunity to compete with nature itself in the art of creating a reservoir. Whether you win or lose in this battle depends on your imagination.


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