Fountains and ponds

How to successfully choose a nozzle for a fountain

The most beautiful and majestic natural landscapes cannot be imagined without water bodies: streams, lakes, waterfalls, rivers or seas. Indisputable decoration of the territories equipped with human hands are fountains. We have a special awe and admiration in us. Foam and splashes, streams shining in the sun, pouring in a special order and forming bizarre forms will remain indifferent to few. The creation of this magnificence is provided by different nozzles for fountains. Accordingly, choosing one or another of their design, you can completely change the appearance of the jets.


  • We form the given forms from the water flow
  • The effect of nozzles on the appearance of the fountain
  • How to navigate the choice of nozzle
  • Fountain nozzle options

We form the given forms from the water flow

To make water flow in a certain way, strictly in the right directions, fountain nozzles (or nozzles) are used. The output of the submarine pump is closed by a tip that releases water flows of a given configuration. Passing through such nozzles, the liquid is ordered, distributed in a certain way, sprayed, foams, saturated with air. As a result, peculiar water compositions are created, as if hanging in the air.

Often, nozzles are quite simple in design. They are used in combination with water pumps of different capacities. The characteristics of the pump determine the height of the column or jets. The angle of fluid supply can be adjusted by adjusting the inclined nozzles, so that the overall composition of the fountain changes quickly and easily.

beautiful fountain

Some fountains simply amaze the audience

Some options are ideal for small ponds and fountains, which are preferably considered close. Others create massive whitewashed columns, cascades, poles and bubbling layers of water – it is better to place them in large areas to provide a wide view. Combinations of various nozzles, especially at large fountains, allow you to get amazing volumetric water paintings and shapes. If there is a backlight, their effectiveness increases many times. At night, the spectacle of erupting illuminated water looks simply fantastic..

nozzles for the fountain

Night illumination as if creates columns of colored fire

The effect of nozzles on the appearance of the fountain

No matter how complex the composition of the water composition may seem, its size and shape of each part depend on the design of the nozzles used. There are devices that make it possible to create foamy mountains, shafts or columns, which form water domes shining with transparency, and weave a whole lace from jets. Tips rotational give the chance to receive the moving or rotating drawing of water. Many people like flower-shaped arrangements with two or more tiers. Water balls, spheres and hemispheres, various cascades and walls from sprayed spray can look very spectacular. There are fountain tips that create dense water screens where you can project images.

Experts recommend choosing a suitable nozzle, taking into account several factors. This is the wear resistance of the used material, the dependence of the functioning on the water level, wind resistance of the created water picture, the size of the object, compatibility with the pump. And, of course, aesthetic considerations, designer’s plans. For example, some form will be perfect for use in a quiet pond of a private courtyard or in the interior. But, she will go unnoticed in the large fountain complex of the public park.

small pond

Some fountains look better in small bodies of water

How to navigate the choice of nozzle

The durability and price of the fountain tip is largely determined by the material of its manufacture. More often such products are made of brass, stainless steel, aluminum bronze or plastic.

The most durable and high quality are nozzles made of aluminum bronze. They are also the most expensive. The material provides high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Another advantage in this case is the aesthetically attractive appearance of the product, its soft golden metallic luster. On sunny days, polished bronze looks very beautiful, and especially in the halo of drops and splashes shining with diamonds.

Steel and brass tips are more economical. They also look good, strong enough and durable. Do not need any additional care, in addition to timely cleaning. Therefore, they are widely used as part of urban fountain equipment.

Plastic nozzles are the cheapest of the entire assortment. For a small pond or pool, the use of plastic is justified. But, there are significant disadvantages to this cheap material. This is a short service life, inability to withstand strong water pressure, unstable to wind jets.

Windproof metal nozzles will preserve the water picture even in adverse weather. The pattern of jets created by them and under gusts of wind remains clear and stable. The most persistent in this regard are the nozzles that create foam – there are no trickles and splashes carried away by moving air.

fountain jet

The length of the fountain jets should not exceed the distance from the installation site to the edge of the reservoir

When choosing a particular device, it is recommended to consider not only its price and the effectiveness of the fountain composition. The sprayer should correspond to the area of ​​the reservoir and function normally with the available liquid level. It is necessary that the distance from the point of its location to the water edge exceeds the maximum expansion of the length of the jets. Please note that in windy weather, the spray range may increase..

Fountain nozzle options

The shape, arrangement, sizes, and diameters of the fountain nozzle openings affect the effects of the distribution of the water flow that they create. There are several types of common nozzle types..

“Sphere” (as an option – “Hemisphere”) – a design that looks like a ball consisting of hollow tubes coming from the center. Mounted on a pressure pipe. In the work creates an aqueous form similar to the snow-white hat of a dandelion.

types of fountains

Spherical and hemispherical fountains resemble the giant caps of miraculous dandelions

The “fish tail” forms a picture of a number of separate jets of a given length, escaping through nozzles without forming a film. The angle of the jet fan is usually 30-40º.

The “bell” is created by a pipe of small diameter, on top of which a pair of disks is fixed with a gap to form a water curtain. The nozzle length varies from 0.5 m to 15 m. The adjustment of the inter-disk space allows you to change the thickness of the water dome.

types of fountains

The fountain “Bell” is suitable for open ponds or the interior of the room

The Tiffany fountain in the shape of nozzles serves as a symbiosis of the Fish Tail and the Bell. The domed peak in it is combined with individual symmetrically breaking out jets. A prerequisite of work is to provide a stronger water pressure in the upper bell-shaped node.

“Ring” – a pressure pipe made in the form of a torus with individual small (0.5-1 cm), evenly spaced nozzles. Water escapes from them in thin streams, flying around at an angle of 120?.

The “tulip” tip creates upward directed jets that merge tightly in the form of a funnel. According to the design principle, it is similar to the Bell. The same type of nozzle having two tiers is called the “Bouquet”.

“Pinwheel” – has a rotating base in which nozzles are located. Rotation speed and tilt angle can usually be adjusted. A few jets break up and spin along the axis, resembling a spiral in appearance.

A single mono-jet sprayer that allows you to get a high ejection of the jet when tilted at an angle of 15-20º. Similar in design to the Fish Tail.

The jet atomizer creates a rising column of water, then disintegrates in separate streams along the sides. The nozzle has the form of a nozzle tapering upwards.

A longline sprayer creates several tiers or cascades of water by supplying it under different pressures or through openings of various diameters, depending on the design of the tip.


This may look like longline spraying

These are just a few of the fountain nozzle designs. We are attracted by the sight of beating jets, melodic and soothing splash. And also the pleasant coolness created by them, capable of brightening up the summer heat to people and plants. Each one can create such beauty on his site or even at home. The scope of the plan should be limited to a rational approach. Fortunately, now the market for fountain equipment allows you to create real wonders of water design.


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