Which floor is better in the kitchen – choose a floor covering, focusing on design and practicality

Which floor is better in the kitchen

The perfect kitchen flooring … What does it mean? Firstly, the floor should be easy to clean, and secondly, it should not be afraid of moisture, scratches, or mechanical shock (suddenly the pan will fall, because it happens). Sure, this is all clear, but how to choose a good flooring, if the current range is so huge, and what other parameters should be followed when buying? The publication is dedicated to this issue..


  • Some useful tips
  • Bulk floor – modern and original
  • Ceramic tile – out of competition
  • Linoleum flooring
  • Cork

Some useful tips

What is a kitchen? This is not just an enclosed space where food is prepared. We can confidently say that this is a place of spiritual unity of all people living in the house. Therefore, it is necessary to take care not only of practicality, but to think about comfort, comfort.

When the time comes for repair, a person finds himself in a very difficult situation, because he cannot decide what to give preference to: aesthetics or functionality. The correct answer is unequivocal – harmony should be felt in everything so that the material lasts for a long time and the interior pleases.

As a rule, the basic requirements for the kitchen floor for most consumers are almost identical:

  • long term of operation – the costs of laying and purchasing materials should be analyzed in advance. Naturally, everyone wants the flooring to last a long time, for this it is necessary to buy only high-quality materials;
  • wear resistance;
  • moisture resistance;
  • antibacterial properties;
  • ease of care – the kitchen is a special room, so this aspect is very relevant;
  • beautiful appearance – it is desirable that the flooring is not in imbalance with the overall interior.

Also, during the preparatory work, it is necessary to decide whether the heating system will be installed, to think over the arrangement of furniture, appliances. If “underfloor heating” will be installed, only materials recommended by the manufacturer for such a construction should be purchased.

But as for the design, a wide flight of imagination is possible here, for example, a combination: laying laminate in the dining room area, ceramic tiles in the working area.

Bulk floor – modern and original

Polymer floors have a very attractive appearance, and also compare favorably with other floor coverings with a wide range of design solutions, the most daring, unexpected.

Important: the color of the floor surface can be selected from existing shades, then adding coverage to 3D images, pebbles, metal or plastic inserts.

Bulk floor obtained by applying liquid polyurethane to the surface. This coating has increased moisture resistance, is characterized by good resistance to abrasion, to mechanical damage, and also it is unpretentious in maintenance.

Bulk floor

Bulk floor – an interesting approach to the choice of flooring

Self-leveling floors are perfect for the kitchen, just remember that they have increased adhesion: dismantling is quite problematic.

Ceramic tile – out of competition

This statement is not unfounded, but reasoned enough: most housewives have the same answer to the question of which floor is better in the kitchen. It is about ceramic tiles. Why is this happening? Of course, the reason is the benefits. Ceramic tiles are relatively inexpensive, it is convenient, practical, and a variety of textures, drawings makes it possible to design the floor in any style.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are a good choice.

Ceramics is a natural material, that is, completely environmentally friendly. Moreover, the tile is absolutely not afraid of exposure to ultraviolet radiation, aggressive chemicals. It is very difficult to damage if furniture moves in the room, household appliances are installed.

Important: although this material is cold, you can equip the floor with a heating system.

Another important point – floor tiles can be laid in several ways, for example, diagonally, in a run, combining different types of decor.

Separately, mention should be made of porcelain stoneware; it also has remarkable characteristics. As a rule, porcelain stoneware is large, so from this material you can create beautiful decorative patterns. And this is already considered an additional decoration of the floor.

Linoleum flooring

A fairly practical solution is laying linoleum in the kitchen: synthetic or natural. As for the PVC coating, it has the following advantages:

  • reasonable price – artificial material is not too expensive, in addition, you can save on styling, consumables;
  • ease of maintenance – easy to wash, water and fat are removed from the surface without problems;
  • durability – the current synthetic linoleum lasts at least 10 years, it is reliable, wear-resistant, has good thermal insulation;
  • design – products of a wide variety of colors, patterns, textures.

Important: you should pay increased attention to the quality of the material without buying too cheap linoleum. Low price indicates poor health safety parameters.

Marmoleum is a great choice, its rationality is explained by the excellent characteristics that natural linoleum boasts. First of all, it is necessary to say about the presence of only natural components in the composition of this material: jute base, resin of trees, cork flour, linseed oil, lime. This fact makes marmoleum a purely eco-friendly coating..

Natural linoleum

Marmoleum – looks perfect in the kitchen

But useful indicators do not end there:

  • bactericidal activity – linseed oil gives natural linoleum remarkable disinfecting properties;

Important: doctors recommend laying marmoleum in a house where people with various allergies live. For this reason, it is widely distributed in child care facilities, hospitals..

  • durability – this flooring can be laid in places with high traffic, and, of course, in the kitchen. Marmoleum is practically not damaged by the claws of pets, heels;
  • fire safety – this quality can be called the most decisive, because natural linoleum does not notice a lit cigarette falling on the floor, matches, hot fat and other troubles. This means that this does not affect the appearance;
  • strength – even if a dent appears on the marmoleum, it can be easily removed using ordinary grinding. Plus, after such actions, the drawing is not damaged, because it is located throughout the entire thickness of linoleum.


Although this material is not known to all consumers, it has already managed to gain the trust of many people. This flooring is made from cork oak bark: it is cut from a growing tree every few years..

Cork Benefits:

  • reduced load on the spinal column when walking;
  • creates a feeling of warmth, the coating has excellent soundproofness;
  • the floor does not slip;
  • cork – a natural antistatic agent, an ideal solution for asthmatics and allergy sufferers;
  • unique bioenergy characteristics – scientists believe that cork has a beneficial effect on the human body.

If the cork floor is covered with a special varnish, it can be safely used as a dining area in the kitchen.

As you can see, there are many floor coverings suitable for use in the kitchen, but if you take into account reliability and durability, the first place on the pedestal is occupied by marmoleum, the second by cork, and the third by ceramic tile.


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