Tile bathroom decoration – photo design examples, planning tile layout

Tiled bathroom

Repairing a bathroom is a troublesome and very expensive process. It is important to choose the color scheme, decoration elements correctly, taking into account all the features of the room. The fact that the best material for decorating a bathroom is tile, there is no doubt, because the durability, environmental friendliness and safety of tiles is widely known. Amazing how diverse the design is tiles in the bathroom – Photos in numerous handouts are amazing. But how can one orientate to the ordinary customer in the variety of textures, shapes, colors and ornaments? It’s hard to make a choice, relying only on your own taste. The final result depends on a harmonious combination of all elements. To protect yourself from possible errors, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the features of the design of the bathroom in advance.


  • Facing project development steps
  • Paper layout planning
  • Finishing tile selection
  • Useful tips for future finishers
  • Facing project development steps

    1. Layout Planning.
    2. Definition of color scale.
    3. Selection of the shape, size and nature of the surface of the tile.
    4. The choice of tiles and decorative elements.

    For a small bathroom, the issue of visual expansion of space is relevant. The desired effect can be achieved using glossy tiles in light shades for wall cladding. When choosing a floor tile, you should pay attention to a large plain tile. The use of a small tile or mosaic in the interior of the bathroom is suitable for a spacious room. A similar rule should be followed when choosing mirrors: a large mirror will visually increase the space, small cabinets with small mirror doors contribute to the creation of the opposite effect.

    Spacious bathroom design

    Mosaic decoration of a spacious bathroom

    Paper layout planning

    In order to rationally use the surfaces and arrange all the decorative elements in the most spectacular way, it is better to start the process of tiling the bathroom with planning the layout. To do this, transfer the exact dimensions of the room onto paper, observing the proportions.

    We do not disregard niches, protrusions, dimensions of the doorway and the location of plumbing. It is important to ensure free access to the pipes (it is advisable to consult a plumber about the location of the hatch), mark the hatch on the plan. Also indicate ventilation, sockets, the location of the water heater and the washing machine. Plan is ready.

    Finishing tile selection

    The next step is the selection of tiles. Go to choose a tile with a ready-made floor plan: it will be easier for the seller to sort out the count of the number of tiles, and you will sort out the dimensions of the elements. You can look at several options with different color combinations. It is advisable to photograph the collection of interest in order to ponder your decision again at your leisure. Do not rush to buy tiles, first think over the color layout.

    The most common option is to decorate the walls with tiles of one collection, with a transition from a dark tone at the bottom to a light top with a decorative border between them. You can improve the proposed scheme by applying vertical division of space, or by placing one row of dark floor tiles along the walls, supplement the row with a thin plain border and continue laying with light-colored tiles.

    Repeat in the masonry of the dark border over the ceiling will give a finished look to the overall picture. Let’s consider several options for an original solution to the issue of tiling a bathroom.

    Example of vertical division of space

    An example of the vertical division of space using tiles

    There are many solutions for decorating the bathroom, you can use soft neutral tones or include contrasting elements, it all depends on the preferences of the owner. Both warm and cold colors are suitable for the bathroom, with which you can visually expand the room, create a mood, and set the desired accents.

    Playing with the color and texture of the tiles, you can decorate the bathroom in any style: from laconic minimalism to deliberate baroque luxury. Some accents in ethnic style, mention of marine themes or floral elements are enough to revive the design of the room, to give it personality and a special charm. You can choose soft, calm shades of color to create a relaxing atmosphere, or realize the idea of ​​creating a modern, dynamic setting with a vibrant color combination..

    Useful tips for future finishers

    Dark floor tiles contribute to the visual expansion of the space. There are countless decorating options: a mix of tiles of different shades of the same color with alternating stripes from a decorative border, or a game in color contrast. You can visually divide the surface into zones. Transfer everything that was planned to the plan, keeping the scale: it is not difficult to draw the plan through the finished drawn horizontal rows of tiles. Over the layout, put the arrows indicating the direction of the masonry tile.

    The location of the central corners is especially important. If you start laying tile on the opposite side, clipping may fall on the central corner, which will affect the aesthetics of the picture as a whole. The next stage is the purchase of tiles. It is better to purchase tiles with a small margin, find out about the possibility of returning residues. Another important point: the shade of the tiles of the same manufacturer, of the same collection, but of a different batch may vary slightly. This fact is another argument in favor of buying tiles with a margin..

    Large tile in the interior

    Example of horizontal dividing space

    When choosing, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to the target application, that is, the tile must correspond to the conditions of the room and the type of surface. For example, you should not purchase expensive frost-resistant tiles for the bathroom, or use glossy wall tiles for flooring. In addition to the beautiful appearance, the tiles in the bathroom should have the necessary resistance to excess moisture and the action of chemicals. Resistance to water is determined by the porosity of the tile, which is determined by its class and is indicated on the package. Also on the packaging is the thickness, strength and degree of wear resistance of the tile.

    To summarize. When starting to plan a bathroom repair, first of all, you should familiarize yourself with the available range of tiles in advance, make a plan and a sketch of the layout, calculate and prepare everything, and then boldly undertake responsible work.