Which tile is best for the bathroom: information for the right choice

Which tile is better for the bathroom

When choosing a material for decorating a bathroom, it is most often preference is given to tiles. The specifics of the room dictate harsh conditions for the properties of finishing materials: firstly, the material must tolerate contact with water and elevated temperatures, the tile meets this requirement. Secondly, the material must be chemically stable and durable (the effects of cleaning and detergents of various compositions tile transfers firmly and retains an attractive appearance for a long time). If we consider the aesthetics of the material, then in a wide variety of shapes, textures, shades of color, patterns and drawings of tiles, even the most demanding buyer can choose the one that suits their taste. On the other hand, each of us is faced with the need to choose a tile not so often. It is likely that ignorance of certain subtleties will prevent you from making the right choice. You can follow the advice of sellers and consultants of construction stores, but the answer to the question “what kind of tile to choose for a bathroom so that it is both beautiful and practical” is not so simple as it seems at first glance. When choosing, you should consider the size of the room, the color compatibility of different shades of the tile, and, of course, the operational characteristics.


  • What tile to choose for a bathroom?
  • Packing Information
  • Choosing the optimal texture
  • Choose the best size
  • Color, shape, pattern
  • Useful Tiled Tips
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    Vertical Zoning Option

    What tile to choose for a bathroom?

    1. Performance characteristics.
    2. Texture.
    3. The form.
    4. Colour.

    Packing Information

    Pay attention to the information indicated on the package. Long text describing product characteristics is replaced by pictograms. Floor tiles are indicated by a black pictogram with a pattern of the foot, wall tiles – by a palm pattern. The shaded background in the pictogram of the floor tile indicates a product of increased wear resistance, which, by and large, is not necessary for the bathroom, but a high resistance to acids and alkalis is a very desirable indicator, it corresponds to the AA symbol. Recommended wear indicator for the bathroom – 2 (floors designed for walking in soft shoes or barefoot).

    It is unacceptable to use wall tiles for flooring, the texture of the floor tiles is denser, which provides the necessary indicators of wear resistance and water absorption.

    The relatively soft texture of the wall tiles makes it easy to cut the material. The optimal rate of water absorption for wall tiles is 20%. Wall tiles are 6 to 9 mm thick and floor tiles are 9 to 12 mm thick. Another important detail: when choosing a floor tile, consider the coefficient of anti-skid (from 1 to 4). The higher, the better, but naturally and more expensive.

    tile performance

    Information about the properties of tiles is presented on the packaging in the form of pictograms.

    Choosing the optimal texture

    When choosing a floor tile, pay attention to models with a rough surface. You might like ribbed tiles with small grooves or porcelain tiles with a matte, non-slip surface. In any case, household injuries are an unpleasant prospect, consider when choosing the texture of floor tiles, so that the floor surface is safe.

    Choose the best size

    Size matters! Both from an aesthetic and practical point of view. Tile joints are the weak point of the ceramic coating in the bathroom, because a surface that is often in contact with water should have excellent waterproof properties, which cannot be said about tile joints, even if they are treated with special compounds. Large glazed ceramic tiles in this case, the most suitable option from a practical point of view.

    Tile and stained glass

    Spacious bathroom design option

    Color, shape, pattern

    When choosing the color of tiles for the bathroom, consider the size of the room. Such advice seems absurd only at first glance. A small bathroom will appear more spacious if light shade of color predominates in the decor..

    A narrow bathroom with high ceilings will visually appear wider if there is a horizontal pattern in the drawing of the wall tile, or horizontal zoning will be performed during installation (laying of several shades of tiles).

    Horizontal zoning

    Horizontal Zoning Example

    If dark tiles are laid on the floor, the lower part of the wall repeats the shade of the floor, and the upper part (from the bathroom and above) is made in bright colors, this option will create a visual effect of a high room. Blue, azure, white or turquoise will make you feel cool, clean, fresh. Shades of beige, coffee, brown in combination with golden elements in the frieze ornament will create the effect of a warm and cozy room. Do not neglect the imitation of natural textures. The imitation of natural stone in the floor tiles is successfully combined with shades of light green and blue. Imitation wood will successfully complement a beige or burgundy shade of tile. When choosing decorative elements, remember the compatibility of colors and belonging to the same style. For example, if the initial idea was to make a bathroom in a marine style, then leave alone a frieze in flowers, no matter how beautiful it may seem to you.

    combination of mosaic with tiles

    The combination of mosaics and tiles in the design of the bathroom

    Useful Tiled Tips

    • The dark glossy tile looks very impressive, but water droplets will be noticeable on it. However, as on mirror tiles.
    • Remember that textured tiles are much more difficult to clean than smooth..
    • If you have to decorate a surface with a complex configuration, the use of mosaics is justified.
    • Avoid multi-color solutions. Usually, several shades of the same color are enough to create an interior that is pleasing to the eye..
    • Bright contrasting shades focus on individual elements, which is tiring for the eyes.
    • Walls decorated with mosaics look better in a spacious bathroom. Numerous small tiles of different colors, merging into a fancy pattern, create a feeling of compactness of the room.
    • You can greatly simplify the choice of tiles, if you use the ready-made offers of well-known brands. Typically, tiles are produced in collections, in several colors, with various designs. So you protect yourself from possible discrepancies in sizes or shades of color.

    High-quality grouting is a prerequisite. This question is not so much the beauty of the surface as the safety and practicality of wall cladding. Moisture promotes the development of mold and various fungi, which is unacceptable. The unpleasant smell and the possibility of peeling tiles is nothing compared with the negative effects on health.