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TOP-50 of the best photos of the design of a small bedroom. The best ideas for the interior of a small bedroom from the best designers. All about wallpaper, furniture, curtains, etc..

It would seem, is it all the same how our bedroom is equipped? After all, we see her when we go to bed and wake up. But according to psychological tests, what we see and feel before bedtime greatly affects its quality. Do not underestimate the interior in which we spend a third of our lives, although we are in the arms of Morpheus. Even if it is a very small bedroom, it should be cozy and comfortable for its owners. In this article, you will familiarize yourself with the basic rules of the design of such rooms, get recommendations on the choice of furniture and wallpaper, learn how to visually expand the space.


  1. Advantages and disadvantages of a small bedroom
  2. The most suitable colors for the bedroom
  3. What furniture to choose for a small bedroom
  4. How to furnish a small bedroom
  5. Means of visual increase in space
  1. Mirrors and glass elements
  2. Glossy walls and ceiling?
  3. Special wallpaper
  4. Lighting
  5. If the bedroom has a balcony
  • Design features of a small bedroom without windows
  • The styles most suitable for the bedroom
  • A few original small bedroom design ideas
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a small bedroom

    Very often, typical apartment projects do not please us: the ceilings are low, the windows are narrow, and the area of ​​the room leaves much to be desired. These flaws are characteristic of Khrushchev’s bedrooms, but it’s so easy TO TURN THEM TO ADVANTAGES.

    In a small room it is much easier to create a cozy nest, in which everyone will strive to relax after a hard day in the company of a loved one.

    In addition, what a wonderful occasion to show off your talent, to show the perfect taste in the interior design of a small bedroom. After all, you need to solve problems that do not arise in the large bedroom: visually increase the space, choose the right color and the most necessary furniture. There is nothing more interesting and addictive than working here with such small rooms, and after enjoying the worthy fruits of their labor.

    Design photo of a small bedroom
    Design photo of a small bedroom
    Design photo of a small bedroom
    Design photo of a small bedroom
    Design photo of a small bedroom

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    The most suitable colors for the bedroom

    The bedroom is a place intended for relaxation. Hence, the color scheme in it should be calm, peaceful.

    Light shades, so pleasant to tired eyes, visually increase the space, which is important for a small bedroom. WHITE AND BEIGE – these are not the only colors acceptable to her. Any light color that you like best will do. He will make the room modern and creative..

    One important recommendation: each color has warm and cold shades. Warm shades are best used in the bedroom with windows to the north, cold will cool a little south-facing room. To the interior does not seem too boring, in its design you can apply bright color accents, contrasting in the general mood of the color. It can be a wall at the head, painted in a bright saturated color, rich wall murals, a carpet on the floor or a dark blanket, the color of which stands out against the background of pastel walls of furniture.

    The most appropriate color scheme for the bedroom - photo 3
    The most suitable color scheme for the bedroom - photo 1
    The most appropriate color scheme for the bedroom - photo 2
    The most appropriate color scheme for the bedroom - photo 4

    The walls and ceiling painted in the same color conceal the boundaries between them, thereby visually raising the ceiling. Their color, similar in tone to the color of the floor, pushes the boundaries of the room. You can raise the ceiling by creating a piping around it. The edging should be in the same color with the walls..

    What furniture to choose for a small bedroom

    Due to the small space of a small bedroom, the amount of furniture for it must be minimized. Of course, you can’t do without a bed. But in order to create the impression that there are not so many of them, you can take a model without legs. It will seem smaller than usual, visually make the ceilings higher. If the small bedroom is for children, it is best to use a bunk bed..

    Read also about choosing a crib.

    What furniture to choose for a small bedroom 1
    What furniture to choose for a small bedroom 2
    What furniture to choose for a small bedroom 3

    Most often, all accents are placed in the immediate vicinity of the bed: at the head of the bed, in the corner to the right or left of it. Or a decorative back that attracts attention. Other furniture is chosen at the discretion of the owners of the bedroom, but it should be a little.

    What furniture to choose for a small bedroom 4

    Designers find a way out, creating a MULTIFUNCTIONAL FURNITURE for such small rooms:

    • Bedside tables combined with shelving, on which you can store things, this is a closed version, or books and decorative elements on open shelves.
    • Built-in wardrobe with mirrored door It contains all the necessary things, visually expands the space and replaces the mirror at the night table. In more detail about the choice of a sliding wardrobe for a bedroom read here. If there are not very many things, you can opt for a chest of drawers. Sometimes chests of drawers installed under the bed.

    How to furnish a small bedroom

    First of all, you need to decide on the compositional center. In the bedroom, of course, is a bed. If an optimal place has already been found for her, then arranging the rest of the furniture is not difficult. When placing furniture in the bedroom, it is necessary to leave space in the middle of the room so that it does not seem overloaded. It is better to place furniture around the perimeter of the room, without leaving any gaps between it. If bedside tables are needed, they should not be higher than the bed itself.

    It is not advisable to use bright and very contrasting tones in the choice of color for walls and furniture. It is important that it be two harmonious shades; it is better to take a light, but not white color. Light squat furniture visually raises the ceilings. Minimum decor. It is necessary to remove all small and cluttering space parts. It is enough to make one bright accent in the room, but by no means in the middle of it. It should be in the far corner, which visually adds perspective.

    If the accent element of decor is taken more elongated vertically, then its presence in the bedroom will visually raise the ceilings.

    All the upholstery and textiles with a large pattern will look ridiculous in a small bedroom. It is better to dwell on a plain version or with a small, non-contrast ornament.

    How to furnish a small bedroom - photo 1
    How to furnish a small bedroom - photo 2
    How to furnish a small bedroom - photo 3
    How to furnish a small bedroom - photo 4
    How to Furnish a Small Bedroom - photo 5
    How to Furnish a Small Bedroom - photo 6
    How to Furnish a Small Bedroom - photo 7

    Means of visual increase in space

    Do not be very upset if the bedroom is not as large as we would like. There are several ways to apply optical illusion..

    Mirrors and glass elements

    Mirror comes first. One large one on the wall or wardrobe with a mirrored door will visually add volume, and several small ones on the wall will divide the space, hiding its borders. It is desirable to place them against the window, then the reflected light will make the room not only larger, but also brighter. If the mirrors in the bedroom are unacceptable for certain reasons, you can use mirrored surfaces: tiles, panels, stained glass.

    Glass due to its transparency and visual lightness does not clutter up the space. Some elements of furniture for a small bedroom can be made glass: shelves, coffee table, door leaf.

    Mirrors and glass elements 1
    Mirrors and glass elements 2

    Glossy walls and ceiling?

    In modern design, glossy paint is often used. Applied to the walls, it visually enlarges the room no worse than mirrors. In this case, do not overdo it with color. Too bright and aggressive shades of gloss do not cause anything but anxiety and fatigue. The color should be pastel, not oppressive. But for such a paint there should be a perfectly flat surface. Mirror gloss, refracting light, successfully gives out all the pits and bulges on the wall, which creates the impression of untidy painting.

    Glossy stretch ceilings visually add space. In combination with well-exposed lighting, they give the impression of infinity. The mirror ceiling imitating a starry sky with randomly flickering lights creates the illusion of vast space.

    Glossy walls and ceiling? 1
    Glossy walls and ceiling? 2

    Special wallpaper

    You can deceive the perception of space with the help of photowall-paper with a pronounced perspective. Today’s selection of such wallpapers is great for every taste. Most often, they depict landscapes or city views. Only one wall should be occupied with wallpaper, which will become accent, with its help, the space will visually increase. Do not put wallpaper with a perspective pattern on a narrow wall in a rectangular room. The room stretches even further, giving the impression of a tunnel.

    Special wallpapers 1
    Special Wallpaper 2
    Special Wallpaper 3

    Harmonize the disproportionate space, visually change the proportions of the walls using strips on the wallpaper. Horizontal stripes placed on a narrower wall, pushed it apart. Vertical stripes will rise ceiling.

    Do not use wallpaper with a very large or pompous pattern. Large details on the wallpaper will make the room smaller. And the excessive brilliance and ornate picture will destroy the whole integrity of the situation, making the contents of the room a simple pile of things. In a small room harmony is very important, otherwise comfort will not work.


    Lighting plays an important role in the design of any room, especially a small bedroom. Do not stick to the classics and make bright central lighting. In this case, no effort will make the room cozy. It is better to make it zonal, highlighting separately each corner of the bedroom.

    If the lamps are placed on the walls around the perimeter of the room, then with the light on, the ceiling will seem much higher. Good results from multi-level lighting.

    Lighting 1
    Lighting 2
    Lighting 3
    Lighting 4
    Lighting 5

    If the bedroom has a balcony

    The balcony in the bedroom is an incredible luck. Indeed, thanks to him, the space of the room will not expand visually, but really. If you include it in the general decor of the bedroom, it will be its continuation, where you can put furniture. Make it a nook for solitude in thought or behind a book. Yes, and for a hobby it’s a good place. There is much more daylight in a room with a balcony.

    ? If the bedroom has a balcony 1
    ? If a bedroom with a balcony 3

    Design features of a small bedroom without windows

    The owners of one-room apartments, having at their disposal one large room, successfully solve the problem of creating a separate bedroom by dividing the room into two rooms. Most often in this case, the bedroom is without natural light, but this does not mean that it will be dark and dark. There are several ways to forget that there is no natural light in the bedroom:

    • Fake window. A fairly new element in the design of rooms without windows, but very effective. A wooden frame is installed on the wall, which in its shape imitates a real window. Its content can be varied: wallpapers with elements of nature, a mirror, stained-glass windows, own drawings or photographs. You can use the backlight for more originality and real curtains for greater credibility. In any case, it will be creative and original. With such a powerful accent in the bedroom interior, you don’t have to worry that it will ever become boring.
    • Glass partition. A large room divided into parts can visually remain a single whole if the partition between its parts is made of glass. This does not mean that it should be transparent. You can pick up sheet glass of all kinds of shades and patterns. The volumetric pattern on the glass refracts the light and hides what is behind it. But it lets in natural light from the window remaining in the other half of the room and makes the bedroom bright.
    Design features of a small bedroom with no windows 1
    Design features of a small bedroom without windows 2
    Design features of a small bedroom without windows 3
    Design features of a small bedroom with no windows 4

    The styles most suitable for the bedroom

    The style of the room can tell a lot about its owner. Therefore, before you start designing a bedroom and buying furniture for it, you need to decide in which style you will be most comfortable. The table below will help you with this..

    Characteristics of the design styles of a small bedroom
    Minimalism The most common style for small rooms. Furniture: low bed, bedside tables, chest of drawers or a table with an ottoman. Clear geometric shapes. Nothing extra. Color: muted, restrained. Preference for natural colors: white, black, gray. The accent spot is not very contrasting, most often a couple of shades darker than the main color.
    Classic Furniture: clear shapes and laconic lines. The material is only natural. Bed, bedside tables, wooden wardrobe. Textile silk. The color scheme is close to natural. A floral ornament is used. Emphasis: small sculptural fragments and wall mirrors possible.
    Japanese style It is close to minimalism with some intersperses characteristic of Japanese culture. The furniture is simple, low, no frills. Color: necessarily natural and pastel. The lighting is dim. Sliding screens and decor elements in the Japanese style are appropriate. The floor is only natural, pleasant for bare feet.

    A few original small bedroom design ideas

    If you are looking for ideas for your small bedroom, please watch the videos. What if right now you will see the bedroom of your dreams. Or maybe some plot will push for a creative solution that will turn a few square meters into a masterpiece.

    The crane in the sky is not always better than a little titmouse in the palm of your hand. And the design of our small bedroom, when a soul is invested in it, can be envied by any owner of large mansions. Cold and faceless. After all happiness is not in square meters, but in that aura that hovers there.

    Design of a small bedroom 20
    Design of a small bedroom 21
    Design of a small bedroom 22
    Design of a small bedroom 23
    Design of a small bedroom 24
    Design of a small bedroom 25
    Small Bedroom Interior - photo 1
    Small Bedroom Interior - photo 2
    Small Bedroom Interior - photo 3
    Small Bedroom Interior - photo 4
    Small Bedroom Interior - photo 5
    Small Bedroom Interior - photo 6
    Small Bedroom Interior - photo 7
    Small bedroom
    Small bedroom - photo1
    Little Bedroom - photo 2
    Little Bedroom - photo 3
    Little Bedroom - photo 4
    Small bedroom - 4
    Small bedroom - 5
    Small bedroom - 6
    Design of a small bedroom - photo 1
    Design of a Small Bedroom - photo 2
    Design of a Small Bedroom - photo 3
    Design of a Small Bedroom - photo 4
    Design of a Small Bedroom - photo 5
    Small Bedroom Design - photo 6
    Small Bedroom Design - photo 7
    Small Bedroom Design - photo 8
    Small Bedroom Design - photo 9
    Small Bedroom Design - photo 10
    Small Bedroom Design - photo 11
    Small Bedroom Design - photo 12
    Small Bedroom Design - photo 13
    Small Bedroom Design - photo 14
    Small Bedroom Design - photo 15
    Small Bedroom Design - photo 16
    Small bedroom design
    Small Design Bedroom 2
    Small bedroom design 3
    Small bedroom design 4
    Small Design Bedroom 5
    Design bedroom 6 small size
    Small Bedroom Design 7
    Small Design Bedroom 9
    Small Design Bedroom 10
    Small Design Bedroom 11
    Small Design Bedroom 12
    Small Design Bedroom 13
    Small Design Bedroom 15
    Small Design Bedroom 16
    Small Design Bedroom 17

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