Curtains for bedroom

TOP-100 of the best photo design curtains for the bedroom. Assistance in the selection of curtains for the bedroom, depending on the style of the interior

The entire design of the room depends on successful curtains. Knowing some of the nuances, we will select the best curtains for our interior.

Curtains for bedroom


Curtains in different styles of interior

Following a certain style of interior, we choose furniture, decoration of walls, floors, ceilings and, of course, curtains. In living rooms, and especially in the bedroom, it is difficult to do without them; they create comfort and protect from sunlight and prying eyes. Modern styles offer their own window design. We need to figure them out to perfectly execute the design of the room.

Read more about choosing curtains to different rooms.

High tech

In this popular style, there is almost no place for excessive beauty. It is designed for useful and convenient use of living space. Solid colored walls and ceilings, self-leveling floors, laconic furniture made of glass and metal – all these are signs of hi-tech style. Windows should be fully open or darkened with conventional blinds. In this form, high-tech is almost never found in residential premises, because people want to add something of their own, familiar to the design, and hang at least light curtains on the windows.

A bedroom in this style would look too ascetic, so we suggest choosing for it rolled or Roman curtains neutral colors. They look “nicer” office blinds and perfectly protect from the sun.

Photo curtains for the bedroom


In many ways, minimalism is similar to high-tech. The desire for free space due to the rejection of excess furniture, the discreet tones of the entire interior, the simplicity of lines and shapes combine these two modern styles. However, in minimalism there is no metal and glass; it is more comfortable and closer to ordinary life. The furniture is made of wood, its surfaces are not glossy, but matte.

Curtains in the style of minimalism are light, soft, and, like the whole situation, do not attract attention. They honestly perform their functions and do not carry any additional ideas..

Photo curtains for the bedroom in the style of minimalism
Photo curtains for the bedroom in the style of minimalism


Looking at a Provence-style interior photo, it’s hard to resist a smile. He, in fact, is very sweet, childishly direct and gentle. The bedroom looks especially attractive: embroidered bedspreads, floral curtains, napkins on the chest of drawers create the image of a fabulous room. Curtains in this style are always double, the air curtain is always combined with dense curtains of a darker color. For the bedroom, curtains of neutral pastel colors are usually selected, but pale blue and light green are allowed. In the interior in the Provence style, mainly natural fabrics are found: chintz, linen, cambric, etc..

Photo curtains for the bedroom in the style of provence
Photo curtains for the bedroom in the style of provence

Art deco

The luxury inherent in this style is reflected in all the details of the interior. Curtains as if created in order to emphasize the chic and sophistication of the environment. The Art Deco bedroom is impossible without heavy dense curtains made of velvet, satin or silk. They can be decorated with lambrequin, gilded tassels, drapery. Exotic patterns, original images that adorn curtains, furniture upholstery or wallpaper are often found in this style. The bedroom uses black and white, dark and pastel colors, but they are almost always complemented by an unusual print or expensive decor..

Photo curtains for the bedroom in the Art Deco style
Photo curtains for the bedroom in the Art Deco style

Classic style

Despite the fact that in modern homes this style is supplanted by new-fangled ideas, the classics are still loved by many. This style can be embodied in a spacious bedroom with a large window. The French window to the floor framed by velvet draped curtains will look great. Their color always echoes wallpaper and furniture, they are truly “cozy”, without them Bedroom design losing some of its virtues.

Unlike classical art deco, the curtains are strict and elegant. You can hardly find patterns and ornaments on them, they are monophonic and inconspicuous. In the bedroom we will only see beige, brown or cream color.

The classic style embodies traditional notions of beauty and comfort..

Photo curtains for the bedroom in a classic style
Photo curtains for the bedroom in a classic style
Curtains in different styles.
Style name Type of curtains Colour
High tech rolled white beige
Provence with lambrequin, on rings, on grommets variegated, with a floral pattern
Minimalism without lambrequin, on rings, on grommets plain pastel
Art deco with lambrequin, on grommets dark, light, with an ornament or pattern
Classic with lambrequin pastel golden

Curtain color

Green curtains

It’s great that we can see the world as colorful! Since childhood, we fall in love with some colors and want them to be always there. When you design your home, we want to make it in your favorite colors.

Each room has its own character and mood, and it can be expressed in color. In the bedroom we relax, not only due to the decor, but also to those shades that are present in the design.

Any color in its own way affects mood and well-being. For the bedroom, you need soothing and good effect on sleep. Green has long been considered just that color. It “does not press”, does not excite, but merges with the background.

Choosing the green color of the curtains, we must organically include it in the overall design of the room. What shades are suitable for the bedroom?

It can be all calm tones:

  • saturated green;
  • light green;
  • light green;
  • olive;
  • khaki;
  • emerald etc..

Of course, you should not use poisonous green for the bedroom, it will cut your eyes.

If in design we focus on the window, then it is best to focus on rich colors. Dense curtains should be dark, and the tulle should be light, almost transparent or white.

If in the room there are other “carriers” of saturated green, for example, pillows, bedspreads or paintings, it is best to hang the curtains in a gentle, neutral range.

Green curtains
Green curtains

Purple curtains

This is a mysterious and multifaceted color, it is chosen by creative, inspired personalities. Violet is so beautiful and unusual that it can transform any interior. Many shades make it possible to dream up. It can cause sensuality in some and anxiety in others, so you need to choose a tone carefully and carefully.

All “light” shades are well suited for a bedroom:

  • violet;
  • amethyst;
  • purple;
  • lavender.

Juicy tones can only be slightly interspersed in the bedroom interior: vases of iris color, lampshade or patterns on the bedspread … In a word, carefully add bright spots, like drops falling from a brush.

It is not recommended to hang purple, purple and bright purple curtains in the bedroom. They will not let you relax and will have a depressing effect on the psyche.

Purple curtains
Purple curtains

Brown curtains

This is the color of reliability, peace, traditions and stability, which means that it is perfect for the bedroom interior. Brown has so many shades that even a person who does not love him will still find something of their own among them..

The brown bedroom is trending today. It can be interesting for those who constantly use this color, and for those who blindly follow fashion..

So we decided that our bedroom would be brown. What tones will be there? To create home comfort, a sense of well-being and calm, it is better to choose these colors:

  • walnut;
  • chestnut;
  • coffee;
  • golden brown;
  • chocolate.

Our curtains will combine coffee, beige and ivory. And we will leave dark colors for furniture and accessories.

When creating a design in brown tones, curtains, consider the size of your bedroom.

For a large room, rich “chocolate” tones are suitable, and in a small room, the curtains should always be brighter than the rest of the environment, so they will let in enough light, and the room will become more spacious and comfortable.

Brown curtains
Brown curtains
Brown curtains

Fashionable curtains for the bedroom in 2020

Curtains for the bedroom should be multi-layered, textured, unusual and simply chic! The classic style does not go out of style, because it is in the bedroom that we want traditional comfort and chic at the same time.

Lambrequins and draperies are again in the foreground. They certainly adorn the window and look especially good on large windows..

For a more democratic and neutral interior, direct curtains on the rings are well suited.

Roman curtains are still in fashion, which do not take up much space and at the same time effectively highlight a window against the background of the entire interior. This is a choice, rather, for dynamic people who seek to organize everything around and get rid of excess.

Curtains with glass beads do not lose their position, perfectly complementing the bedroom in the style of minimalism.

In 2020, it is very fashionable to combine different styles and forms (fusion). Creative nature can create its own window..

Fashionable curtains for the bedroom

Curtains in a small bedroom

A small room is usually set aside under the bedroom. Sure! We just sleep there! But still I want it to be the most comfortable corner in the apartment. How to do it with curtains?

If the window costs nothing, we can safely hang long curtains on the floor.

Curtains should be multi-layered, with the upper ones being darker than the lower ones.

We will not choose dense curtains, let them all be light and transparent (then there will be a lot of light in the bedroom, and it will seem larger).

To protect yourself from sunlight, we will hang roller blinds of a light shade to match the curtains.

More on the design of a small bedroom.

Curtains in the bedroom with a balcony

If the bedroom has a balcony, it is advisable to use a curtain to hide the door. So they should be long and wide. For those who do not like bright sunlight in the morning, you should choose blackout curtains.

However, during the day, especially in the summer, we often go out onto the balcony. Therefore, curtains should not interfere with the way. To do this, you can fix them with braid or decorative rings, it will look beautiful, and we can calmly open the balcony door.

Video with examples of curtains for a bedroom with a balcony

Curtains in a room with two windows

All windows in the room should be equally decorated, the length and shape of the curtain should be the same. The same goes for color. If one window is large with a balcony and the other is small, we can hang curtains of different lengths. But otherwise it’s better to maintain symmetry.

Curtains in a bedroom with two windows

Types of Curtains

Today, choosing spectacular curtains is not difficult. For any style and every taste, there are many types of curtains..

  • curtains with lambrequin;
  • curtains without a lambrequin;
  • curtains on the rings;
  • curtains on grommets;
  • short curtains etc.

Lambrequin curtains create an aristocratic, luxurious atmosphere. They are usually chosen for a spacious bedroom with a large window. Lambrequin allows you to adjust the height of the window, and if necessary, hide some of the shortcomings.

Modest-sized rooms use curtains without a lambrequin, they make the bedroom lighter and look more relaxed and direct.

Curtains on rings are ideal for creating a vintage or minimalist style. They are simple in appearance and reliable, easy to remove and wash..

Types of Curtains
Types of Curtains
Types of curtains for the bedroom
Types of curtains for the bedroom

Curtains on the grommets also fit easily into the modern bedroom. Eyelets are holes in the curtains, on which they are strung on a round cornice. Thanks to them, the fabric folds lie perfectly evenly, the curtains do not stretch or deform.

Short curtains are suitable for a small bedroom, in which the bed stands next to the window, and there is no free space. Such curtains can consist of several layers of air curtain, they will obscure the bedroom and will look at ease.

What curtains to choose in the children’s bedroom

Boy’s room

Every child wants images of their favorite cartoon characters and games to be present in the interior of the room.

Therefore, for a grown up boy, you can choose curtains with bright patterns in the form of wheelbarrows, transformers or turtles.

For children under 3 years old, it is best to hang the curtains in calm, discreet colors with a small number of drawings, otherwise it will be difficult for the baby to fall asleep.

Photo of curtains for a child’s room

Girls room

To create comfort in the bedroom of a little girl, it will also be useful to use pastel colors. Curtains can be decorated with several butterflies or flowers. They will decorate the interior, but will not overload the psyche of the child.

Older girls can be allowed curtains with their favorite fairies and other fairy-tale characters.

Photo of curtains for a child’s room

In a children’s bedroom, curtains should be easy to clean, as they must be washed or cleaned frequently. Do not hang heavy blackout curtains with drapery and lambrequins: they collect a lot of dust and look bulky.

Multilayer tulle is more suitable here, and to protect from the sun, you can hang Roman or roller blinds.

Another good option would be curtains on grommets or rings.

Features of curtains for a children’s bedroom:

  • quality (from natural fabrics, without artificial dyes);
  • ease;
  • lack of unnecessary details;
  • harmonious, pleasant colors.

In this video you can see an example of the design of the window of a children’s bedroom with curtains

How to sew curtains with your own hands

  • Draw the curtains we want to get or find their photo.
  • If you found a good example in a special magazine, then there should be a pattern. If on the Internet, then you need to look for it there.
  • We buy fabric (it is better to take with a margin just in case).
  • We erase and iron.
  • Carefully cut.
  • Make a sketch.
  • Sew on a typewriter.
  • Iron and hang.

Can brag to guests!

Photo curtains in the bedroom
Photo curtains in the bedroom
Photo curtains in the bedroom
Photo curtains in the bedroom
Photo curtains in the bedroom
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Photo curtains in the bedroom 4
Photo curtains in the bedroom 5
Photo curtains in the bedroom 6
Photo curtains in the bedroom 7
Photo curtains in the bedroom 8
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Photo curtains in the bedroom 10

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