How to make false ceilings in the bedroom: device and design options

How best to make false ceilings in the bedroom

Have you ever wondered why, among other options for decorating the ceiling in a bedroom, you most often prefer a suspension design? Most likely, the answer is in the functional affiliation of the room. I want to see the living room as festive and elegant, the nursery as comfortable and functional, and the bedroom as cozy and unusual. In the relaxation room I want to create a pleasant atmosphere of comfort and privacy. The use of suspended ceiling structures opens up almost unlimited possibilities for the implementation of design ideas of any stylistic direction, while also allowing you to effectively arrange lighting. Consider how suspended ceilings in a bedroom can be designed – a photo selection of successful examples of arranging the ceiling will provide the necessary visibility.


  • Design features of suspended ceilings
  • Ceiling decoration in a spacious bedroom
  • False designs in a bedroom with low ceilings

Design features of suspended ceilings

Structurally, any suspended ceiling consists of a supporting frame and facing elements. The frame is most often made of galvanized metal profiles, and the facing material may be drywall, mineral fiber, plastic, fiberglass, wood, metal panels.

False ceiling (based on drywall construction)

The suspended ceiling can be modular, multi-level, continuous, there are a lot of options with different structures and colors, often in the design used large-format photo printing

There are a lot of options for the execution of suspended ceilings, they can be either solid (one drywall plane) or modular (panel, rack, cassette, trellised), single and multi-level. The effective combination of a matte surface and gloss, combined with hidden or spot lighting allows achieve the most interesting design options. In a word, there is an opportunity to realize a wide variety of design ideas.

Rustic (country) bedroom ceiling may include exposed ceiling beams or wood paneling.

Minimalism of the hi-tech style, with an almost complete absence of decorative details, favorably complements the two-three-level design of the ceiling. An emphasis on the shape and texture of the details, combined with the right lighting will give the desired space effect..

Suspended ceiling structures in a country-style bedroom are applicable, both strict geometric shapes and abstract configurations

Suspended ceiling structures in a country-style bedroom are applicable, both strict geometric shapes and abstract configurations


The bet on strict geometry of forms, in contrast to the generally recognized emphasis on the compatibility of color and pattern, is fully justified provided that the surface texture is correctly selected. The ceiling can be decorated with a mirror cloth, the luster of metal fittings of fixtures in combination with matte colored shades of a simple form is also appropriate.

In addition to excellent interior qualities, the design of the suspended ceiling makes it easy to hide irregularities and defects in the base ceiling, while the curved concrete floors and permanent cracks in the joints are no longer terrible, the suspension system will hide any flaws of builders. Fixtures are easily and conveniently built into the suspended ceiling, electrical wiring and other communications are laid.

Multi-colored lighting

To organize lighting, you can use a variety of combinations of fixtures

The option of arranging a lighting system in a bedroom with only one (central) source of the upper light is possible, but it loses much in comparison with a combination of multi-colored spotlights or with the addition of decorative elements of the ceiling with hidden lighting. The arrangement of additional lighting, in addition to the aesthetic effect, will also bring a functional one: the original “night lamp” will set the right mood.

Ceiling decoration in a spacious bedroom

Large spacious bedroom with high ceilings seems uncomfortable. But there are no restrictions on the arrangement of suspended structures in this case! With multi-tiered friezes, central medallions, asymmetry of protrusions or a bizarre curvature of a figured design, you can achieve an amazing effect in decorating the ceiling.

Moreover, with the help of a multi-level design of the ceiling, it is possible to provide the necessary zoning with the necessary lighting (bright concentrated lighting near the dressing table, diffused soft light above the bed or uniform lighting around the perimeter of the suspended structure).

False designs in a bedroom with low ceilings

The arrangement of multi-tiered structures with large level differences is appropriate in rooms with high ceilings, because after the installation of a suspended ceiling, the height of the bedroom will significantly decrease. Be sure to consider this fact when choosing a design option. If initially the height of the room is small, try to correct the situation using design techniques.

Use of small moldings for low ceilings

The use of small moldings for a low ceiling will optically create a depth of space, eliminate the feeling of a low ceiling

Visually, you can make a room higher by choosing the right color combinations: light blue, pearl, snow white as the main color of the ceiling, combined with the bright, contrasting color tone of the walls will give the desired effect. False ceiling with mirror panels will also cope with the task. The use of medium-sized moldings (lighter in tone than the space inside) will also give a visual effect of distancing the ceiling. Stucco molding on the ceiling or a massive chandelier also make the ceiling visually lower. Choosing a flat chandelier or many spotlights is preferable.

Among other things, a significant advantage of suspended structures is the speed of installation. Eliminates the need for special preparation of the ceiling surface (removal of old plaster, leveling the surface, grinding), which significantly reduces labor costs.


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