Advantages and disadvantages of LED lamps

Recently, more and more new types of lighting and lamps have appeared. Incandescent lamps are slowly becoming a thing of the past, giving way to innovative products. One of them is diode light sources. Let’s look at the main advantages and disadvantages of LED lamps.

Advantages of LED lamps

Diode lamps are primarily known for their cost-effectiveness. According to this indicator, they are 10 times more effective than traditional incandescent lamps, and three times luminescent analogues. Their second advantage is a long service life. Products can work continuously for 11 years or 100,000 hours. Therefore, such lamps are a profitable investment.

The next advantage of LED lamps lies in their relative safety for humans – they do not contain mercury, which facilitates disposal, and the products are relatively harmless to humans. Of course, these are all secondary advantages, because the main requirement put forward today for lamps is the cost-effectiveness of their use. And for this indicator, there are no worthy analogues for LED lighting sources yet.

The disadvantages of LED lamps

Now consider the weaknesses of diode light sources. Their weakest point is the high cost. So, products with a power of 4-9 watts cost from 70 to 500 hryvnia. And when used in suspended ceilings «Armstrong» need to lay out from 1000 hryvnia. Luminescent counterparts are slightly cheaper.

Due to the high cost of LED lamps, their payback is increased, which is 5 years or more. In addition, such products give an unregulated stream of light. Therefore, to get the desired lighting effect, you will need to use more such lamps than traditional counterparts. And when using matte equalizing filters, the luminous flux is reduced.

For LED lamps to work long and stably, they need to use expensive cooling systems and power supplies. In their absence, the LEDs fail faster. And due to frequent changes in the network, switching power supplies break faster and need to be replaced.

So, we got acquainted with the main advantages and disadvantages of LED lamps. Of course, it is impossible to say unequivocally that they are by all indicators higher than their luminescent counterparts. However, an increasing number of our compatriots are acquiring just such products..

Advantages and disadvantages of LED lamps

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