Modern lamps and their main types

Today, the lighting market offers a wide selection of products. Here you will find modern fixtures for every taste and color. Their design may vary significantly. Each product uses lamps of a certain type and power. When choosing a luminaire, it is important to consider its total power. Let’s look at the main types of modern fixtures.

Chandeliers and their features

Chandeliers are ceiling lighting fixtures with a different number of lamps, which are widespread in the arrangement of apartment lighting. Most often they use incandescent lamps, they are relatively simple to operate and have a low cost. Typically, up to 6 light sources are used in chandeliers. If the room area is 20m2, then the total power of the lamp should be about 300 watts.

When choosing a chandelier, pay attention to the location in it of such components as shades and lamps. In cases where the latter are fixed with the base down, and the hole in the ceiling lights looks at the ceiling, then the light flux will be directed to the surface of the ceiling, from which scattering will fill the entire room. Otherwise, the light will be directed mainly downward, through the walls of the plafonds a small part of it will spread throughout the room.

Some types of modern chandeliers require the use of fluorescent or halogen lamps. These luminaires are characterized by their economical energy consumption..

Characteristics of pendant lights

This type of lighting is located a short distance from the ceiling. Thanks to him, the whole room is filled with light. This type of lighting is especially relevant for tall rooms. When buying pendant lights, it is important to remember that the distance from it to the floor should be at least two meters.

If the height of the room is small, then it is better to use lamps that are mounted on the surface of the ceiling. In this case, they practically will not affect the height of the room. And the light stream formed by them will be directed in all directions.

There are others types of modern fixtures. Ceiling shades, pendant single-lamp light sources, as well as built-in ceiling lights, are separately distinguished. Each of these devices has its own strengths and weaknesses..

As you can see, the choice of a lighting device should depend not only on our taste preferences, but also on factors such as the height of the room and the desired level of received light. With this in mind, you can purchase a suitable type of lighting device.

Modern lamps and their main types

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