What is the best way to install fixtures in a suspended ceiling: methods and their implementation

What is the best way to install fixtures in a suspended ceiling

The beauty of the stretch ceiling is hard to dispute, it is obvious. But what about the functionality? More precisely, with the arrangement of lighting. How exactly is the luminaire installed in a suspended ceiling formed by a PVC film that is sensitive to heat and easily damaged by sharp objects? – Consider in detail the features of the selection and installation of fixtures in a suspended ceiling.


  • Possible mounting options
  • Hook Mounting
  • Mounting with mounting plate
  • Mounting with a cross plate
  • Installation of spotlights

As a rule, two types of lighting are used in a house: main and backlight. The main source of illumination can be a ceiling lamp: a raster, fluorescent or LED, located in the center of the room. Recessed spotlights and LED strips are used as an additional source of lighting – illumination. Almost any lighting fixtures can be used with suspended ceilings, but due to the sensitivity to heating of PVC films, there is a limitation of lamp power (incandescent up to 60 W, halogen up to 36 W). The fixtures are installed in the suspended ceiling according to a pre-planned scheme, taking into account the layout of the room and the necessary general illumination.

The fixture mounting locations must be prepared in advance (before the installation of the stretch ceiling) and wiring to them.

Possible mounting options

Choosing a chandelier, one should be guided not only by personal preferences, color compatibility and stylistic harmony of the lighting device with other elements of the interior. First of all, it is important to comply with the following requirements:

  • the base of the chandelier should not heat up;
  • the lamps should be placed inside the ceiling, have a lateral or lower direction.

Whenever possible, try to avoid complex structures. The use of energy-saving lamps is highly desirable..

The preparation of the place of attachment of the chandelier before installing the stretch ceiling depends on the design features of the attachment of a particular model. There are several mounting methods..

Hook Mounting

The traditional method, which existed even before the widespread use of suspended ceilings, is familiar to almost everyone and to this day is the most reliable. The essence of the method is that the chandelier is suspended on a metal anchor or hook mounted in the slab even during the construction of the house.

It is only necessary to choose a hook of the required length, make sure its strength and compliance with the ceiling level (the hook must be above the level of the film so that there is no visible gap between the chandelier cup and the ceiling).

What is the best way to install fixtures in a suspended ceiling: methods and their implementation

Luminaire with mounting plate and step-down transformer

Mounting with mounting plate

In this case, the chandelier is mounted on a special mounting plate (included with the chandelier). It is necessary to make a wooden base, the height of which is determined by the level of location of the stretch ceiling film. Such a base should be firmly fixed to the main ceiling with dowels and screws. To drill holes for the dowels, a punch is used. To this basis, subsequently you need to attach the mounting plate of the chandelier.

Cross plate for chandelier mounting

The cross-shaped plate for attaching the chandelier is fixed with dowels and screws

Mounting with a cross plate

In this way, large chandeliers are mounted. The cruciform plate is made of a piece of plywood, to which the legs of tin are attached. The legs are securely attached to the ceiling, due to their flexibility, the height of the plate is adjusted. In the center of the plate is a hole for wires.

Chandelier Mounting Plate

Plate for attaching the chandelier, the position of the lighting device is regulated by bending the tin legs

Installation of spotlights

It makes sense to purchase spotlights before installing a stretch ceiling, in this case it is possible to measure the length of a spotlight with the distance between the base and stretch ceiling (if you need to install spotlights, the stretch ceiling should be at least 6 cm lower than the base). In spotlights, fluorescent, LED, halogen and incandescent lamps are used.

In our case, spotlights with additional thermal insulation, or fluorescent and LED light sources, are best suited, since they are the least heated.

What is the best way to install fixtures in a suspended ceiling: methods and their implementation

Mounting scheme for spotlights in suspended ceilings

Before installing the ceiling, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work – laying the wire and installing fixtures for the fixtures. In the case of using 12V lamps, provide a place for a step-down transformer. In the places of installation of spotlights, special suspensions on metal plates are attached to the base ceiling, which makes it possible to adjust their height – the lower plane of the suspension should be located at the level of the stretch ceiling.

After the preparatory work, the stretch ceiling is mounted, a special plastic ring is glued to the places where it is necessary to make a hole in the film, when the glue is firmly “seized”, the film in the center of the ring should be carefully cut with a clerical knife. Next, through the hole obtained, pre-laid wires are taken out and connected to the lamp with special contacts. Then follows the installation of the lighting device in a manner appropriate to its design.

Mounting fixtures in a suspended ceiling requires accuracy, accuracy, certain knowledge and skills. Such work can only be entrusted to a professional in their field..


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