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Sports flooring for the gym – a detailed overview of the characteristics of each option

The effectiveness of classes in the gym depends, first of all, on the personal aspiration of the athlete, because even in very modest conditions, you can maintain a fit form. But a lot depends on the proper organization of the conditions for training. It is not only about buying equipment and equipment of appropriate quality, but also about a responsible attitude to the organization of ventilation and lighting systems, as well as to the selection of flooring. Sports flooring for the gym should be, first of all, safety, wear-resistant, should provide the necessary shock absorption, while remaining unpretentious in operation and easy to clean. Consider the existing varieties, as well as get acquainted in more detail with the requirements that the coverage for gyms must meet.


  • Features of rubber coating
  • PVC sports flooring
  • What are good bulk floors?
  • Sports flooring option

The flooring for the gym is chosen taking into account the specifics of the room. Obviously, the requirements for the floor of the gym, playgrounds for ball games or fitness studios are different. There are universal and specially designed coatings for specific sports. A universal coating of composite materials (containing crumb rubber and polyurethane) is usually used as a universal coating. Depending on the installation method, stationary, modular and removable sports coatings are distinguished.

Modular rubber flooring for the gym

The folding modular design is easy to install, in case of damage to the module, it can be replaced.

By purchasing a removable floor covering for gyms, where from time to time trainings are held for playing sports (table tennis, badminton), you will be able to rationally use the room. dismantled. For quick organization of a temporary playground, a plastic modular coating is also suitable. The collapsible design is easy to install, in case of damage to the module, it can be replaced with a new one. The most popular sports coverings for indoor halls:

  • rubber coating;
  • PVC sports flooring;
  • polyurethane bulk coating;
  • specialized carpet;
  • sports parquet (wooden and laminated).

Features of rubber coating

For gyms with bulky equipment, shockproof coating is required that can withstand severe shock loads. Roll and modular coatings based on rubber, rubber granules and polyurethane, as well as vulcanized coatings made of synthetic and natural rubber, fully comply with the above requirements.

Impact-resistant sports coating based on rubber crumb and rubber

Wear resistance, the ability to absorb point impacts and excellent soundproofing properties are successfully complemented by a low cost, which explains the wide distribution of this type

The width of the roll material is usually 150 cm, the thickness is different (the choice depends on the expected loads). A sufficiently high coating density (1050 kg / m3) and elasticity guarantee a good shock absorption. Rubber based coatings are non-toxic; they are resilient and wear-resistant. Stacked on a level base.

PVC sports flooring

A multilayer coating based on foamed polyvinyl chloride, which occupies three quarters of the thickness of the material, also has excellent shock absorption. Such a powerful cushioning layer is complemented by a stabilizing mesh of non-woven fiber, providing an even distribution of loads.

PVC Sports Flooring Device

The structure of stationary sports flooring made of PVC – a multilayer coating, which is a good shock absorber

The top layer is represented by pure PVC. In general, the coating is characterized by elasticity, good shock absorption and excellent sound absorption. Sports linoleum refers to stationary coatings for indoor multi-purpose gyms. Corrugated surface prevents slipping.

What are good bulk floors?

An example of a monolithic sports floor covering is a polyurethane bulk coating – relatively flexible and moisture resistant it is ideal for spacious gyms. The installation of a seamless polyurethane coating is carried out on a carefully aligned base.

gym flooring example

The monolithic polyurethane coating for the gym is characterized by high stability and flexibility, which helps to reduce the load on the athlete’s joints

The coating is multilayer, it is based on rolled material from rubber crumb and polyurethane, up to 12 mm thick. This is followed by several layers of polyurethane with a total thickness of about 3 mm and a topcoat, also of polyurethane, providing the necessary matte surface. Such a coating is durable and absolutely safe. Highly stable material is flexible enough, resistant to static and dynamic loads, which guarantees wear resistance and durability. Carefully verified friction and sliding indicators and a well-thought-out design (we are talking not only about the choice of color, drawing appropriate markings, but also about the absence of glare on the surface) are necessary to ensure the proper level of safety in the gym.

Sports flooring option

The flooring for past gyms was exceptionally plank. Among the modern options for sports flooring made of wood, the leading types of sports flooring are recognized around the world for a unique combination of strength, wear resistance, resistance to changes in humidity and temperature, and environmental friendliness.

Highly stable gym cover example

Due to its multilayer structure, sports parquet is characterized by durability, high stability and durability.

The structure of the sports floor is multi-layered, high-quality wood is used for production, in the upper layer, as a rule, hardwoods – ash, oak, maple. To minimize the likelihood of injury, the wooden floor can be supplemented with an elastic anti-slip coating that reflects impacts well and a cushioning pad that helps reduce the load on the spine and joints of the athlete. The cost of such coverage exceeds at times the cost of previously considered.

For specific sports in a spacious hall, a combination of various floor coverings can be zoned. In areas for fitness, often used two-layer sports linoleum with an elastic shock-absorbing layer with anti-slip properties. A specialized rubber coating for the gym with simulators, where increased shock loads are foreseen, will be one of the best options for flooring. For basketball, handball and volleyball courts, specialized sports parquet is considered the best..

The flooring in the gym can be implemented in various ways, the choice depends on the expected loads and is largely determined by financial capabilities. When choosing a particular variety, make sure that it meets safety standards..