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We make the gym at home with our own hands – recommendations for decoration and installation of the gym

Do it yourself at home

There are too many reasons for organizing a home gym. It makes no sense to list them and convince them of the rationality of those who decided to arrange their own gym on their personal space with their own hands. However, the technical issues of the implementation of a valuable project must surely interest owners arranging individual fitness clubs not for momentary entertainment, but for arranging for many years a zone comfortable for regular classes.


  • How to choose the right place for the gym?
  • Making a plan for future work
  • How to do wall decoration?
  • Flooring – the main element of the gym

How to choose the right place for the gym?

The first natural question can be expressed with the short word “where”. The best option would be insulated attic or a porch of a country house, another well-ventilated room with the obligatory presence of windows. Window openings are needed not only for the implementation of ventilation in a natural way, but also for the formation of an atmosphere that stimulates, and does not repel, classes in a dense enclosed space.

It’s better to build a gym at home on the veranda

To organize a home gym, it is best to use well-ventilated rooms: attics, verandas, loggias

Second question: optimal area. Designers and paramedics recommend allocating at least 8 meters for the gym. If there is no such opportunity, you should not be upset. You can engage in a smaller space, you just have to reduce the number of simulators that can be installed and carefully consider their placement.

Important. Between stationary installed, not “gathering” daily sports units should be a place for free movement. It is necessary to avoid problems with evacuation in the event of dangerous situations and to prevent the risk of injury from accidental careless or awkward movements.

A self-made gym can only occupy part of the room

It’s great if for the device of the gym at home you can select a whole room, but the training area can only partially occupy the room

Making a plan for future work

After choosing a place to organize an individual fitness center, you need to do design. It is advisable to make a small plan for yourself. It should schematically indicate all the technical details that may affect the arrangement criteria and the arrangement of sports equipment. Perhaps some nuances will need to be adjusted.

Note the door and window openings. This is necessary in order to:

  • when opening the shutters of windows or doors to “athletes”, unwanted “injuries” were not inflicted;
  • correctly install the mirrors, which are recommended to be located opposite the windows;
  • exchange swing structures for sliding analogues if you have to save space.

Denote sockets and lighting. Replacing outlets needs really good reasons, but if they are too far from the electrical workmanship, it’s better to move them than constantly stumble on extension cords.

Those who want to organize and equip a gym at home with their own hands need to know about the important rules for lighting in personal gyms.

  • Acceptable only top lighting.
  • Lamps should emit only white light, as close as possible in intensity and spectrum to daylight.
Do-it-yourself home gym

In the home gym, overhead lighting is recommended; devices with a spectrum of daylight are preferred

Think about ventilation issues. This is an important aspect for the competent arrangement of the gym. Naturally, in the process of performing various exercises, sweat will be released into the environment, condensation will accumulate on the surfaces, exacerbating the adverse environment. The best solution would be to purchase a climate system, in extreme cases, a fan, which can be installed permanently either in the window or in the communication ventilation network.

If there is enough space in the gym, then it does not hurt to allocate a relaxation area with a sofa or at least a bench. A table for drinks and an LCD TV, attached by brackets so that they can be seen, can also be enjoyed by people who relax and exercise. Most often, the recreation area from the “labor” segment is separated by a bar, but you can do fine without it.

How to do wall decoration?

The decision to establish a large or small home gym with one’s own hands is not usually associated with global alterations. Existing decoration and communications need only to be slightly modernized, adjusted to the specifics of operation. However, in this aspect, there are rules for the formation of favorable conditions: materials for wall cladding should freely pass the excess of fumes characteristic of training processes.

Home gym: do-it-yourself plastering the walls with your own hands

How to arrange a home gym: do-it-yourself plastering or wallpapering with your own hands; finishing materials should freely allow fumes to pass through

Plastic panels, porcelain tiles, tiles, of course, are not suitable, it is best if the walls are plastered or glued with not too “funny” wallpapers. The color is selected based on personal taste preferences. The priority is light neutral tones. Soothing shades of green do not increase health.

According to the studies of physicians, representatives of the stronger half will be encouraged to train by a white, light gray, pastel blue background, women will be made to work on their own figure: peach, yellow, slightly orange surroundings.

Nothing prevents the use of natural lining or cork panels to indicate functional areas..

Do-it-yourself gym with clapboard

Lining is quite suitable for finishing the training zone, the main thing is that the material has the ability to pass steam

Confident people who do not suffer from complexes, one of the horizontal surfaces can be made completely mirrored. For this purpose, both standard mirror sheets and PVC tiles with a similar effect are used. Mirrors are needed for control and competent movement training. If a full lady who wants to “lose” weight, the reflection in them will irritate or upset, it is better to refuse mirrors.

Gym at home: with your own hands you can wall the wall with mirror tiles

To create a mirror wall in the gym, you can use a mirror glass or PVC tile

Flooring – the main element of the gym

The maximum noise load in sports facilities is directed to the floor. Those who arrange a fitness club in a personal country cottage, and even on the ground floor, may not be particularly concerned about the choice of floor coverings. For them, the only criterion is wear resistance, but it is better to neglect porcelain stoneware or clinker in any case..

The best option is a floating screed that does not transmit sound vibrations to walls and ceilings due to the presence of a gap.

As a floor covering for a training room are applied:

  • a carpet with a thickened base, especially valuable for those who are going to perform part of the exercises while sitting or lying on the floor;
  • cork with specific spring properties and high insulation;
  • rubber coating sold in rolls or tiles.
Home gym: do it yourself better to lay rubber tiles

Rubber tile is one of the best options for laying flooring in the gym, which has good soundproofing qualities.

Vinyl tile is also suitable, linoleum and laminate are not prohibited if a thick rubber substrate is laid before laying.

When arranging a personal gym on a loggia, combined or not combined with living quarters, do not forget that the floor must be insulated.

About the equipment for the gym it is better to read the article dedicated to him, which describes the rules for the selection of simulators and their placement. The simplest furniture – a sofa or armchair, a table or a bar counter is needed only for the arrangement of a recreation area. Sports surroundings can be supplemented with posters, wall clocks, shelves for cups, sports equipment and other items.

The desire to organize a personal training room is the right choice for a modern person who is not in vain taking care of his own physical condition. The listed organization rules will certainly help to make the sports room comfortable and reliable, and the photos will tell you a lot of interesting ideas. Feel free to proceed with the implementation of ideas. The funds invested in its implementation will quickly pay off due to savings on visits to sports clubs. In addition, this is a very exciting activity, followed by more useful classes..


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