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How to choose equipment for the gym – the organization of a home fitness center

How to choose gym equipment

Most of our compatriots are not familiar with the rules of organizing home fitness centers. Not to personal gyms was those who huddled in small-sized apartments. But now the trend that has arisen in the West is firmly rooted in our freshly plowed soil. Owners of solid country estates, wonderfully planned spacious city apartments are happy to equip places for classes, carefully select sports equipment for the gym and begin hard work to improve personal physical parameters. What will be required to equip a home sports center?


  • What should be a home gym?
  • Exercise machines – how to make the right choice?
  • Guidelines and selection rules
  • What equipment is needed and which is not?

What should be a home gym?

To begin with, the concept of “home gym” does not and should not have clear criteria. The place of home training can be a part of the bedroom of a sporting young man, half of a child’s active younger generation or a generously allocated whole room.

Home gym equipment

You can arrange a home gym on the loggia, in the attic, allocate a whole room for it or organize a small fitness club, occupying only part of the room

The gym can be equipped on the loggia, in the attic, even in the basement, although the latter option is extremely undesirable. Why? Because for training you need good air exchange, due to which:

  • negative fumes and the smell of sweat will be effectively removed;
  • the body of people engaged in a home gym will be regularly supplied with oxygen;
  • condensate will not accumulate on finishing materials and on inventory, which, of course, will significantly increase their life.

The technically sound priority of rooms with excellent natural ventilation: rooms with large windows, attics, insulated loggias. However, if an enclosed space is allocated for a place for physical training, you will need a climate system or a reliable air conditioner that can successfully cope with the conclusion of the “exhausted” air mass and stimulate fresh air in return. Permissible installation of a fan built into the hood.

Home gym should be well ventilated

It’s great if the room for a personal fitness center can be ventilated by opening windows, but if natural ventilation is not enough, you will need to install an air conditioner

Whether or not to equip a room with video and audio equipment is a personal choice of owners, based only on individual preferences. It will be more convenient for one to be engaged under the guidance of a video trainer, and an LCD panel will be required to broadcast physical education courses, while another does not need it. The need for the rhythmic dictate of an audio device is also a matter to be decided individually.

Exercise machines – how to make the right choice?

It is quite difficult for a person who is not familiar with the types of sports systems, their purpose and design nuances, to get lost in the assortment of abundance. Helpful tips will surely help.

Guidelines and selection rules

The natural starting point for the exact selection of simulators is the volume of the room. Based on these conditions, a complex of fitness systems is formed or the most necessary training “machines” are selected, stationary or compact “folding” units are bought.

There is another rule – the equipment for the gym is selected on the basis of three criteria, among which:

  • the goal of the training is to build muscle mass, lose weight, maintain muscle tone, strengthen and increase endurance, which is very prone to stress and overload of the cardiovascular system;
  • financial opportunities, the size of which depends on the class and technical equipment of the simulators;
  • unit design in harmony with the user’s inner world and the surroundings.

What equipment is needed and which is not?

Optimally, if your personal gym is equipped with systems for training a variety of muscle groups. But if the dimensions do not allow, you have to choose between:

  • power units designed to increase muscle mass, which include athletic multi-stations, special benches for pumping up muscles in different positions, rods, Swedish walls, dumbbells, etc .;
  • aerobic training machines or cardiovascular machines, which include horizontal and vertical type exercise bikes, steppers, rowing machines, treadmills, etc..

Exercise machines for home gyms are designed for average load, they can be mercilessly operated for 2-3 hours with a daily training regimen.

Multifunctional multi-stations

Designed to implement a wide range of physical exercises, in fact, they are a comprehensive installation that combines several power simulators. Solving the multiple tasks of the machine are suitable for working out a variety of muscle groups by performing traction from above, chest press, extension, movements such as butterfly stroke.

Equipment for gyms: multi-station

Multistation – a power multifunctional simulator designed for training various muscle groups

You can deal with them, both sitting and lying down, protecting the spine from critical loads. The latest modifications of multi-stations are equipped with computer devices to track the status of the user and the degree of load, to adjust the operating modes.

Folding benches – budget choice

And most importantly – compact! A very true solution for limited space, they can be assembled without special difficulties and problems every day without cluttering up the room with unnecessary stationary installations. Benches are suitable for training people, regardless of their body type. They have adjustment devices that allow you to change position, change the quantitative indicators of the load on the spine. In addition to the athletic bench, dumbbells will be required, possibly a barbell and corresponding discs.

Gym Equipment: Athletic Bench

The athletic bench does not take up much space, the main advantage is compactness and budget price

Running along the path from physical inactivity

Hardly anyone needs to be acquainted with the design. All modifications work on a single principle, the latest options are equipped with displays and control devices with built-in programs that calculate calories burned, heart rate, training time, speed, indicating distance.

Exercise Bikes – Stamina Plus Health

The vertical version takes up very little space, suitable for arranging a small gym, horizontal can be installed in a large room. These home gym equipment are the most popular equipment used to organize personal “fitness clubs” outside the city and in city apartments. Depending on the model and the class of the manufacturer, they have a different number of built-in programs.

The most popular home gym equipment

Exercise bikes – the most popular equipment for home fitness, are inexpensive, occupy a minimum of space

Ellipsoids – track with exercise bike

Symbiosis of an exercise bike and a small treadmill. The huge range includes models with electronic and mechanical adjustment, with color and black and white displays, with built-in various control systems. The position adjustment available in each unit allows you to find and fix a position that maximally protects the joints and spine from excessive load.

Rowing machines – are you needed?

In addition to strengthening blood vessels and heart muscle, they are also suitable for training back muscles and building muscles in the upper shoulder girdle. Compact, comfortable, the most popular folding options.

We have listed the basic configuration, which the owners have the right to diversify to their taste. Excellent if the area for sports is supplemented by a Swedish wall, a rope for teens. In the individual fitness center, women should have a hoop and a jump rope, men will not be prevented by a punching bag, a horizontal bar.


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