How not to make repairs in the bathroom

It is believed that bathroom repair is one of the most time-consuming and key stages of apartment repair. When repairing a bathroom, you need a professional approach, because repairing a bathroom is a complex process and you can make many mistakes when repairing. It is especially difficult if the bathroom is accompanied by a redevelopment: the demolition of the partition between the bathroom and the toilet, the expansion of the bathroom into the corridor, or even the creation of it in place of the former room. Before you start a repair in the bathroom, you need to plan ahead. To start repairing the bathroom, you need to understand what you are going to do. Designing a bathroom project is one of the important conditions for getting started. Therefore, everything must be decided in advance how the bathroom should look as a result of work. The first step of the repair – you need to decide what kind of repair will be, whether it will be cosmetic or capital. Next, you need to choose a bathroom design. Then you can start compiling a list of necessary materials, as well as counting their quantity.

To determine the amount of facing coating, for example – tiles, you need to know the exact dimensions of the room.

For this purpose, measure the height, length and width of the walls and based on these data you need to calculate the area of ​​the room. To find out how many water and sewer pipes, as well as electrical wires are needed, it is necessary to draw a diagram of their installation, and then calculate the length of each system based on them. In order to make an estimate, i.e. – determine the total cost of repairs, pre-visit construction markets and shops and select specific materials based on your financial capabilities and aesthetic preferences. Having decided on what you need to repair the bathroom, the quantity and cost of what is needed, you can start acquiring it. You need to buy materials with some margin. This will help you to avoid their shortage, for example, during the battle of ceramic tiles or problems during the installation of utilities. Since the bathroom is a place of high humidity, based on this, only appropriate technologies should be applied when finishing the bathroom. In order for the repair work to be carried out at affordable prices and with impeccable quality, you should contact the Turnkey company. The Turnkey construction and repair company has been engaged in construction and repair work in Moscow and the Moscow region for a long time and has managed to win the trust of customers with its high-quality services. Turning to the Turnkey company, you will receive high-quality repair services for the bathroom, children’s, balconies, bedrooms, living rooms and other turnkey rooms. Before you begin any repairs, you need to think about everything in advance and make a plan. What bathroom repair do you exactly want, what materials will you use in the process of performing work, where to buy building mixtures and other consumables. The Turnkey company carries out repair and finishing of a turnkey bathroom and toilet of any complexity, as well as any scale.

How not to make repairs in the bathroom

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