We choose textiles for the bathroom

It would seem that there is nothing complicated in choosing a bath mat and shower curtains. But these accessories are so hard to choose, because they are of great importance in shaping the interior of the entire bathroom.

Often, equipping a bathroom, we only think about plumbing and suitable tiles. But we don’t think about such accessories as bathroom blinds, rugs and towels. As a result, textiles are always bought according to the residual principle, and are not combined with the interior of the bathroom. But this is an important point. Agree that the sterile white bathroom will completely change if the shower curtain and rug are bright. And with classic accessories, she will gain nobility.

Types of Textile

Curtains. This accessory has two important roles. On the one hand, it protects the floor from splashes, and on the other, it is an important part of the interior. If you decide to fix the curtain on the ceiling, you will get a canopy effect. If you want to ensure a good mood in the morning, choose a curtain of bright, juicy color.

Impregnated textiles will cope with their duties no worse than ordinary oilcloth curtains, and its appearance will be no worse than that of a real drapery.

Floor mats. Leaving the shower, any person wants to feel a warm and dry surface under their feet, and not a slippery and cold floor. Use a textile rug. If the need arises, you can just wash it in the washing machine. As for the design, give preference to shades in the same color scheme in which the bathroom is made. Contrast options also look great..

Traditional terry mats are the most functional. But leather mats are also suitable for such purposes..

Towels. They can become a real decoration of your bathroom. If you put neat piles of colorful towels in your bathroom, you might get the impression that you’re in a spa resort. And do not forget about the good ventilation of the room, otherwise your towels will be wet.

Pay attention to the composition of the product. It is better to give preference to 100 percent cotton. Terry towels with the addition of viscose can also be found on sale. The length of the terry is also important. It should not be shorter than 5 mm, but should not be too long. Such towels will serve you for a long time, because they have a high density. Bright towels look great in a white bathroom, and in a room with a neutral color scheme you can not do without textiles made in the same range.

We choose textiles for the bathroom

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