Design a small toilet – what you need to remember?

In most apartments, the bathroom cannot boast large sizes. However, this does not mean that there is no way to unusually design a toilet. Thanks to the competent design of the bathroom, even small sizes can achieve comfort and functionality. In the online store of creative furniture you can buy everything you need to design it. Let’s see how to visually increase the available space..

How to make a toilet visually bigger

The general design concept of the bathroom should be in harmony with the design style of the bathroom and the entire apartment. After that, you can begin repair work. In the design of small toilets, pastel and soft colors will be an excellent solution. For visual expansion of the space of the bathroom, lilac, ultramarine, rose, mint or turquoise color are well suited. They can bring extra coolness to the room..

Design a small toilet - what you need to remember? Design a small toilet - what you need to remember?

Color accents in the form of an interesting form of lamp on the wall or graphic panels will help revitalize the interior of the toilet room, decorated in pastel shades. If you wish, you can try to play in contrast, it is good that it is soft. The use of square tiles in a room can evoke a memory of the design of bathrooms in the days of the Soviet Union. Instead, it’s better to paint the walls in the right colors. This will allow you to achieve amazing freshness and elegance..

Experts strongly do not recommend using monochrome tiles in the design of the bathroom. In this case, the interior will be lifeless and flat. If the space is very small, then color combinations should be bolder. An interesting solution will be the accentuation of the wall section. For example, if the wall is finished with pastel-colored tiles, then I’ll stand behind the toilet and use a different color, which will be brighter.

Design a small toilet - what you need to remember? Design a small toilet - what you need to remember?

Recently, Baroque, Rocco and Renaissance designs have become especially popular. An interesting solution is that the lower sections of the walls will be decorated with black tiles, and the upper, ceiling and flooring are made in bright colors..

As you can see, even a small toilet can be designed in an interesting and stylish way. The main thing is to have the right approach. It is necessary to think over the idea from the general to the particular – first create a general plan, then determine the materials and their characteristics. Approaching the issue of designing a small toilet in all seriousness, you can achieve the desired result.

Design a small toilet - what you need to remember?

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