Classic style bathrooms: what they should be

Decorated in the classic style direction, the bathroom should be filled with light and have to relax and have a good time. The main attention in the room should be focused on the snow-white bathtub, which will fill the room with special luxury. The use of modern developments in the field of design will help not only to design classic style bathrooms, but also recall the era when the interiors of these rooms served to wash royal people.

Features of the design of the bathroom in a classic style

Often, when decorating rooms in a classic style, combinations of contrasting tones are used. You can even apply light and dark color solutions at the same time. Looks great combination of translucent blue and deep blue, black and white, as well as delicate beige and chocolate colors.

Main characteristics classic style bathrooms they will become their unique splendor and sophistication, which experienced designers will be able to harmoniously interweave in the design of the room. A bathtub in this style is a large oval-shaped tank. Its head can be raised; graceful stands surprising with curvature of shapes are used to install the accessory. The huge dimensions of the accessory require special space, it is good that a large window is located in a high room.

Furniture for a classic room should be solid and concise, which will make it easy to recognize the classic interior. In these bathrooms there is always a place for an aesthetic dressing table, decorated with a thick marble countertop and original fittings, gilded frames will be an excellent frame for mirrors. Wicker chair or leather pouf will give you a pleasant time.

Using plumbing accessories

Classic style bathtubs are made of cast iron or brass, which are characterized by high thermal insulation characteristics. These materials will retain high temperature in the accessory for a long time, their other advantage is a long service life. Such baths are very heavy, so they will be very stable. However, the installation of such structures requires the manufacture of a reliable floor. If necessary, reinforce it..

Classic style bathrooms suggest the use of elegant mixers, and handmade appliances will be especially out of place. As their coating, you can use copper, gilding or bronze..

Some people find that there is no room for showers in classic bathrooms. However, the exclusive products of Italian masters can be harmoniously combined with the classic interior. Stained-glass windows, glass fencing and all kinds of geometric images will create the overall integrity of the interior.

Of course, in the classical style it is not acceptable to use a modern style shower cabin with an abundance of control buttons in the bathroom. Here, as you know, fashion is dictated by laconicism and comfort, and any pretentiousness is alien to the classics. This requirement is valid for plumbing and other elements of the room. It is important to remember that when choosing a sink, shower tray or washbasin, remember the general principles of the classical style.

Surface finish in a classic bathroom

When forming the interior of the room for hygiene in the classical style, special finishing materials are used. Here can be used wallpaper, tile, plaster mortar granular or glossy type, as well as paint, the tone of which corresponds to the bath. When decorating the room, you can use stone, weighty curtains or trellis made of wood. To create a special intimacy and comfort, use a canopy over the bathroom, and various draperies on the windows. Gilding and stucco molding are used to decorate paintings, mirror frames and other elements..

Classic style bathrooms: what they should be

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