Types of electrodes for welding and their features

Many people prefer living in a private house to living in an apartment. However, in this case, you have to spend more time servicing various structures and structures. When living in a private house every now and then there is a need for welding metal. Many seek to master this business so as not to contact specialists and avoid high costs. To work, you will need to purchase a welding machine and electrodes. Consumables can be found on the page, but how to choose the most suitable for your purposes? In this article we will look at the popular types of electrodes and their key features..

Varieties of welding electrodes

Products are usually divided into two large classes. – melting and non-melting. In the first case, the electrodes are made of wire, which has a special outer coating, which ensures the stability of the welding arc. In addition, they help protect the metal being welded by preventing slag sprays and various gases from getting on its surface. To perform the processing of copper or stainless steel, electrodes made of special alloys are used. Non-consumable items are best suited for argon welding..

Depending on the coating of the core wire, the electrodes are divided into basic and rutile-coated. In the first case, you can get welds of the highest quality. They will be resistant to crystallization cracks and high strength. The main electrodes are widely used for the manufacture of seams in critical places, the operation of which will be carried out in difficult conditions. At the same time, they have their own weaknesses. For example, when working with a wet coating, a porous structure may be formed, the same effect may occur with an error made when setting the arc.

Rutile-coated electrodes are used to weld low-carbon metal. They are able to get a high effect when working with direct and alternating current. Moreover, the welding process is not accompanied by the formation of splashes. Rutile-coated electrodes can be used to weld soiled and rusty metal.

As you can see, there is a huge variety of welding electrodes. Each species has its own characteristics. Acquainted with them, you can choose the best option for your goals and conditions of use.

Types of electrodes for welding and their features

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