Welding inverters and their features

Light and small inverter-type welding machines are gradually pushing bulky transformers out of the market, in addition, their speed and quality are at the level of electric arc and gas equipment. Not surprisingly, inverter devices have gained widespread popularity. Let’s get closer to this equipment.

The inverter is a device designed to obtain current indicators to the required values. It includes a power transformer, a transistor-based circuit and a stabilizer designed to dampen current ripple.

After the electric current arrives, it is sent to the rectifier, where it is converted to direct current, after which an alternating current of the desired frequency is obtained. Then it goes to the transformer and transfers the energy necessary for the formation of the arc.

A feature of the inverter is the reduced dimensions of the power transformer, which made it possible to reduce their weight and dimensions in comparison with classical welding equipment.

Recommendations for choosing an inverter apparatus

Almost every welding equipment store offers a wide selection of devices that are easy to get confused in. From the very beginning it is necessary to pay attention only to certified devices. Only in this case, you can be completely confident in the high quality of the equipment. The next important indicator is operating temperatures. Often a good inverter unit will be able to work in the temperature range of -40 .. + 40 ° C. However, not every device can boast of such characteristics. Of course, if the work will be performed only in well-heated rooms, you can not stop at this indicator for a long time. However, when buying a universal device, you will have to overpay for quality.

The next important point is the assessment of the quality of electric current in the power grid. If it is high and flawless, then you can purchase a device with high power and a tolerance of 10-15%, which will allow you to perform work even with a wire with a diameter of 5 mm. However, for those who are not well with power supply, it is better to limit themselves to a device with a tolerance of 20%, which will allow cooking with a wire with a diameter of 2-3 mm.

Although inverter devices are lighter than classic ones, a good device is still quite weighty. It is best that the welding weigh about 10 kg, if the mass is less, this will affect the duration of the inclusion. And very small devices will be able to work for several minutes, after which you will have to wait until they cool.

With frequent cooking, the semi-automatic inverter, which feeds the filler wire into the bath for welding, will be the best choice. These devices have become the favorite choice of owners of repair workshops, boilers, installers and builders. But for the domestic needs of an apparatus that uses bar electrodes, it will be quite enough.

Having considered the features of welding with an inverter apparatus, you can easily purchase the optimal device.

Welding inverters and their features

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