Slides and ladders for pools: how to arrange your own water park

Slides and ladders for pools

Living in the private sector or owning a country house undoubtedly has a lot of advantages. Enumerate them all for a long time, and it is not necessary. We touch only one of them – the possibilities equip the pool. Just imagine: in the summer, in the scorching heat, you no longer need to hide in an air-conditioned room waiting for dusk, when the heat recedes a little. No need to go to the nearest body of water in search of coolness. Put on a bathing suit and in the water. It’s not worth talking about how much happiness this simple hydraulic construction will give to children. Just giving the pool at the complete disposal of the little tomboys, remember, the ladder for the pool should be safe, and the water level should be less than the waist of the smallest child.


  • Pools and owners budget
  • Ladders for pools
  • How to make a staircase to the pool, if it is already built
  • Fixtures for frame pools
  • Mini water park at home
  • Pools and owners budget

    How to choose a suitable pool? In fact, everything is quite simple – the choice of a pool directly depends on your financial capabilities and the area of ​​the site.

    • The construction of a stationary reinforced concrete pool will require the most costs. Such a structure is not easy to build, it must be constantly maintained. As a rule, representatives of specialized firms do this..
    • Laying a pool of composite materials will cost a little cheaper, but you still have to spend on constant maintenance.
    • The middle price segment is represented by prefabricated frame pools. These are products from metal tubes and multilayer plastic.
    • And quite inexpensive pleasure – inflatable pool. It is easy to transport and does not need to be serviced.

    Ladders for pools

    Ladder for a stationary pool

    Ladder for a stationary shallow pool

    Despite the apparent simplicity, the choice of a suitable ladder for the pool is an important matter.

    Your comfort and sometimes health depend on the correctness of this choice. This statement is especially true for in-depth stationary pools made of reinforced concrete or composite materials..

    It is recommended to choose ladders for pools at the design stage. So you can accurately imagine what your pool will look like. If this is a suspended metal staircase, several factors must be considered when choosing it:

    • The stairs should be anti-slip..
    • The staircase should be well lit.
    • If children will use the pool, it is worth installing an additional children’s staircase. For such products, the distance between the steps is much less.
    Swimming pool with roman staircase

    “Roman” staircase integrated into the bottom of the pool

    Another option for arranging the descent into the pool is the so-called “Roman” staircase. It can be made integral with the bottom of the pool, that is, laid during construction. Then the steps will also be faced and insulated..

    As a rule, underwater lights are inserted into the riser for lighting, and sometimes also nozzles for hydromassage. This allows you to sit down on the steps (or lie down if the pool is large) and enjoy the beating of jets.

    How to make a staircase to the pool, if it is already built

    There are only two options. Either fasten a steel ladder from stainless steel, or buy a ready-made “Roman” ladder – they are made from especially durable polymers. Stairs of various shapes, colors and sizes are on sale. Designed for rectangular, round and oval pools with a depth of 50 to 150 cm.


    Pool with standard “Roman” staircase

    If your pool is of a non-standard shape, you can order additional interface elements.

    Fixtures for frame pools

    If you opted for a frame pool, you can not do without a ladder. In this case, its absence makes swimming not just less convenient, but often impossible. Frame pools are not deepened, which means that a ladder is necessary to climb over its sides. Such designs are not particularly diverse. They have the shape of the letter “A” or “P”. The latter are equipped with a special mount for fixing by the pool. The ladder for the frame pool in the form of the letter “A” practically does not differ in shape from the usual stepladder. They are also equipped with steps and an upper platform. The differences include the presence of hinges at the base of the legs, which provide special stability to the stairs, and allow not to fix it. The racks of such a stepladder should be made of stainless steel, and the upper platform and steps should be made of durable plastic with anti-slip coating.

    Ladders for inflatable pools are made on the same principle. When buying them, it is important to consider the depth of the pool and the thickness of its sides. Be sure to note whether the stair racks are equipped with special tips to protect the bottom of the pool from tearing..

    Mini water park at home

    All sorts of slides for pools and other additional equipment will turn a regular pool into a whole water entertainment complex at home.

    Manufacturers offer a huge assortment of such products for every taste and budget. Unfortunately, small jumps are not suitable for small undecked frame or inflatable pools. But a huge selection of all kinds of slides and fountains more than compensates for this drawback. A slide for the pool will make it your favorite vacation spot for your children. As a rule, the frame of this product is made of stainless steel, and the steps and the gutter are made of fiberglass. Thanks to the strength of the material, the slide can last you for many years.

    Slide for the pool

    Slide for the pool – a great way to have fun

    Important! For the winter it is recommended to clean such a hill indoors.

    To improve glide, you can organize a constant flow of water from the slide. To do this, it is enough to buy a small circulation pump, which will supply water from the pool to the upper point of the descent. Sometimes, such a pump is sold complete with a slide, and if it is not, you can easily organize this process yourself.

    There are also inflatable slides, but they are more suitable for in-depth pools. But the models of inflatable products with a built-in slide are perfect for children. They take up little space and do not pose a health hazard to even the smallest children.

    Pool with slide for the little ones

    Slide with pool

    As you can see, arranging an excellent water recreation area on your site is quite simple. Today, in order to have a pool it is not necessary to be a very wealthy person. Of course, the large stationary pool is great entertainment for adults. But for children, an inflatable or frame pool is enough for fun games and good rest. The main thing is to ensure that the staircase for the inflatable pool, plastic slide or inflatable trampoline are as safe as possible..


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