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The choice of gas meter and features of its installation in the apartment

Gas meter selection

The growth rate of gas prices affects users much more convincingly than government decisions on the mandatory equipping of housing with all kinds of metering devices. There is no doubt that the payment of water by the meter brings considerable economic effect, but so far they have not been too eager to calculate the “cheap” energy source. The far-sighted owners of communal housing have already managed to purchase and introduce devices into the network that take into account the consumption of gaseous natural wealth. Now the installation of a gas meter in the apartment was needed not only by economical owners, but also by all citizens of the country, and the state that issued the decree to consider the costs of all resources.


  • Principle of operation and meter selection rules
  • How the device reads information
  • How to choose a gas meter?
  • Gas meter operating conditions


  • Specificity and installation rules of units
  • Principle of operation and meter selection rules

    Depending on the method of activating the counting mechanism, gas metering devices are divided into four classes. We disregard rotational, turbine and vortex devices intended for enterprises. Consider the device of a gas meter membrane type (also called diaphragm or chamber), used in domestic utilities.

    Membrane type gas meter device

    The device of the membrane gas flow meter used to equip public gas pipelines

    How the device reads information

    For those wishing to install a gas meter in the apartment, information about the operation of the membrane system will not be superfluous. The device consists of a kind of cameras with “curtains” opening in turn. Curtains are structurally connected with a cross-shaped traction mechanism.

    Gas meter readings

    The shutters controlling the passage of gas through the counter are structurally connected with a cross-shaped traction mechanism

    • First, the gas fills the first chamber-cavity, overfilling it, causes deformation of the diaphragm.
    • The diaphragm transmits movement to the shutter-dampers, which alternately open, passing a portion of gas into the next chamber, and close tightly, sending the contents to the next cavity.
    • The mechanical impulse from the movement of the shutters, passing a portion of gas, is transmitted to the cross mechanism.
    • The movement of the cross mechanism gives a signal to the attached “asterisk”, rotating in only one direction.
    • The asterisk tells the meter how many gas has passed through the device.
    The principle of transmitting gas meter readings

    Transmission of gas meter readings due to the movement of the cross mechanism, which signals the “star”

    Note. All elements of the device are made of aluminum or plastic, so it makes no sense to act on the gas meter readings with a magnet.

    The gas entering the device through the nozzle by the principle of displacement sequentially passes from one chamber to another. After completion, the process is cyclically repeated..

    How to choose a gas meter?

    The classification of metering devices is based on the amount of gas consumed per hour. To determine this parameter, you should study the technical characteristics of the devices installed in the apartment. The consumption rate of an average four-burner gas stove is 1.56 m³ / h, the geyser consumes 2.50 m³ / h. The sum of the values ​​will tell the total volume according to which the device model is selected.

    Tip. Customers figuring out how to choose a gas meter should be aware that gas can be supplied to different versions of metering devices on the left or right side. When choosing, do not forget to pay attention to this aspect.

    Norms and rules for installing a gas meter

    The movement of gas through the meter can occur from left to right or from right to left, this aspect must be taken into account before purchasing

    According to marking:

    • a device with the designation G-1,6 will be able to skip and calculate 1.60 – 2.50 m³ / hour;
    • G-2.5 passes 2.50 – 4.00 cubic meters;
    • G-4 from 4.00 to 6.00 cubic meters.

    Features G-6, G-10, G-16, etc. defined by similar principles.

    Attention. Be sure to check the release date of the purchased device, since the calibration interval of gas meters is calculated not from the date of installation, but from the date of manufacture. If after factory testing more than necessary for the next verification of years have passed, the owners may have problems with the gas management service.

    It should be noted that the verification period for gas meters of an outdated SG sample was 5 years; for new-generation meters, the interval between calibrations is 12 years.

    Verification period for gas meters

    For gas meters of a new generation (left), the verification interval is 12 years, the verification period for obsolete devices is 5 years

    Gas meter operating conditions

    The gas meter installation rules determine the degree of filtration of the substance passing through the device – less than 100 microns, which should be provided by Gorgaz.

    • The room temperature and the temperature of the gas passing through the meter are determined by a minimum limit of -20º and a maximum of + 60º.
    • The meter is able to withstand a short-term increase in consumption by 20%, without any problems it will tolerate an increase in standard pressure up to 10%.
    • Before the insertion point of the device into the gas network, it is not necessary to have a straight pipeline section.

    You can install the device vertically or horizontally. The main condition is that the verification of gas meters is not difficult and can be carried out by the representative of the supplying company with a certain frequency of the contract.

    How to install a gas meter in an apartment

    Horizontally mounted meter, installation was done by welding

    Specificity and installation rules of units

    Installation of the apparatus must be carried out by an organization having a licensed right to carry out work. This may be not only the Gorgaz service. Before installation, it would be wise to ask how much it costs to install a gas meter sold by different enterprises. Just do not forget that the standard tariffs will in any case be adjusted in accordance with the design features of the device, as well as with the location of gas appliances and the pipeline.

    • The process of equipping the gas network with an accounting device is preceded by the submission of an application to the PES (energy-saving point) of the city gas economy. A photocopy of the registration certificate for the living area and a certificate of timely payment of gas for the last month must be attached to the application.
    • After filing the application, a specialist’s visit time is set, which must determine the technical feasibility of installing the device and give the exact price if additional work is required.

    Tip. It is better to buy gaskets, a flexible hose and the device itself. The cost of the device and fixtures purchased from the installation organization is often seriously overstated.

    Installation of a gas meter in the apartment

    After the specialist sent by the company determines the technical feasibility and location of the meter, gaskets, a flexible hose and the meter itself, it is better to buy it yourself, if gas workers install the device they have proposed, the price will probably be overstated

    • Further, all work is carried out by gas specialists who thoroughly know the installation order of the gas meter. The owner must necessarily take the act and the settlement document from the performers for the subsequent sealing of the metering device. Owners will be able to pay gas according to meter readings only after installing seals. From that moment on, they bear all responsibility for violations and damage of both seals and devices.

    It is necessary to take counter readings monthly. The gas supply company has the right to control how accurately the gas meter readings are transmitted by homeowners. The usual frequency of monitoring gas workers is once every six months. If in doubt about the accuracy of the information, the company may order an examination. If violations are detected by the user, he will have to pay for dismantling, installation and inspection. The owner’s doubts about the veracity of the evidence should also be dispelled by the expert. But the maintenance associated with periodic verification is carried out at the expense of the organization that installed the counting device.

    How much does it cost to install a gas meter

    The gas management service has the right to check the testimony of a sealed instrument, if there are suspicions on the reliability of the data on both sides, expert examinations are carried out

    Those wishing to find out whom to turn to and how to install a gas meter, probably found answers to their questions in the article. It is impossible to insert the device into the circuit transporting an explosive substance with a toxic effect on its own. But it is necessary to know the rules of operation, installation and the sequence of actions for the gas service customer.


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