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Geysers – reviews, market assortment, selection criteria


Currently, life in a house or city apartment cannot be imagined without hot water. People are accustomed to comfort, so washing and washing dishes in cold water seems unthinkable. The market range of heating appliances is striking in its diversity. If the hot water supply does not “stick” in any way, or the water is supplied to the house intermittently, then you need to buy a flowing water heater. When installing equipment such as gas water heaters in an apartment, the tenant reviews become more positive because the cost of paying for gas, which is used to heat water, is much less than the cost of electricity.


  • The principle of the column
  • Types of geysers
  • How is the column setup
  • Power of geysers
  • What does the market offer us?

The principle of the column

The geyser is used to prepare hot water for industrial and domestic needs. To learn more about the equipment arrangement, a gas column scheme will help: a flow-through water heater (gas column) consists of a heat exchanger, automation and a burner assembled in one housing.

This is the gas column

This is the gas column

The principle of the column is nowhere simpler. Cold water from the water supply passes through the heat exchanger, heating up due to the burner that burns under it. In this case, the oxygen supply occurs during natural ventilation of the house, through a special chimney for the geyser flue gases are discharged, and hot water enters the sink through the pipe.

Types of geysers

There are several types of gas water heaters on the domestic market: with electronic, manual and piezo ignition. However, their capabilities and technical properties are almost the same. It’s hard to say unequivocally which geyser is better! Models differ exclusively in comfort of use and, of course, in cost.

Devices with manual ignition – yesterday. Now they are almost never used. The ignitor in instantaneous water heaters with manual ignition is ignited by a match, the burner flashes if the knob is turned.

Bottom view

Gas water heater – bottom view

The device of the gas column with piezo ignition is based on the piezoelectric effect: the mechanical force in this case is converted into an electric charge. It is only necessary to press once the button, which is located on the panel of the gas column. And the igniter will catch fire from the spark that the piezoelectric element will give out. Then the whole process takes place in automatic mode – when the tap is opened, the column itself lights up, and hot water begins to pour in a few seconds.

Note: when using equipment with electronic ignition, although not too much, fuel economy is achieved. In the column with piezo-ignition, a candle constantly burns, even if the apparatus does not work, and therefore more gas is consumed. But in electronic water heaters, after closing the tap, nothing burns.

A column with electronic ignition is not in vain called the most reliable. Its advantages are on the face. The spark is issued by a battery element, which are two finger batteries. Accordingly, for the water heater to start working, you do not need button presses and matches. You only need to open the tap!

How is the column setup

Modern gas water heaters do not take up much space and look neat. Long trouble-free operation of a water heater depends on its correct installation. This business is not too time-consuming, however, to install any equipment that needs a gas inflow, only specialists with appropriate licenses should.

Installation diagram of a multi-point water heater

Installation diagram of a multi-point water heater

The geyser should be installed on a fireproof wall in the place where hot water is needed – in the kitchen or in the bathroom. The distance from the wall should be approximately 2 centimeters. You can do more! It is better to isolate the walls from the apparatus with a layer of sheet asbestos, which has a thickness of at least 3 millimeters.

The house must necessarily have a chimney with a wall thickness of about 0.6 millimeters in order to divert combustion products. In addition, chimneys on horizontal sections should have a rise of 2 centimeters per 1 meter. When installing a water heater, you should remember: if the work is carried out in an unheated room, then it is necessary to drain water from it in the cold season to avoid a break in the pipeline.

Power of geysers

Various gas water heaters are available on the market – how do you choose the right model for you? Just need to pay attention to some parameters! The more powerful the device, the more water it can pass through itself per minute. The choice of water heater power depends directly on the individual needs of the user. Of great importance is the place where the equipment will be installed.

Geyser for several points of water intake

The geyser effectively serves several points of water intake

If you plan to use the column for one water intake point, then you should buy a model with a power of 17 – 20 kW and a productivity of 10 – 11 liters per minute. If you plan to consume hot water at several points, then the power of the device should reach 20 – 26 kW, and the productivity should be more than 11 liters per 1 minute.

Note: the net power of the instantaneous water heater is different from the nominal. The power transmitted to the water is equal to the product of efficiency and rated power. The efficiency of modern speakers is usually 85 – 90%.

We calculate the average water indicator, which is necessary for a family of 4 people. The standard option is when there are 3 points of water intake in the house – 1 shower and 2 sinks. From the shower per minute, an average of 7 liters of water is poured, from the tap – 4 liters. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a geyser, which is capable of passing close to 15 liters per minute through itself. Of course, much depends on the pressure of water, too, because it can drip in a thin stream or whip with all its might.

What does the market offer us?

To date, only the best geysers are on the market. The main arguments in this regard are reliability, quality, ease of use, safety, as well as reasonable prices. You can buy a water heater of any power!

In addition, manufacturers pay special attention to automatic security systems that ensure the smooth operation of the device. First of all, it is protection against water overheating and a special safety element that cuts off the gas supply in automatic mode if there is no flame in the ignition wick, as well as an energy carrier leakage sensor.

Market range of geysers

The market range of geysers is very wide

The leading positions in the foreign market of heating equipment are occupied by such companies as Vaillant, Junkers, Beretta, Amina. The range is formed so that customers can choose a flowing water heater from a wide variety. The constant competition of manufacturers forces to improve their technology and offer customers equipment at attractive prices.

If you have to replace the gas column, then when buying, it is worth considering a number of factors that affect the heating of water:

  1. Minimum indicator of water pressure at the inlet to the apparatus.
  2. Gas pressure and pipe diameter.
  3. Number of water intake points and plumbing used.
  4. Productivity and power of the device.
  5. Design and dimensions of the device.
  6. Price and appearance.

Thus, gas columns in the domestic market are presented in a wide range. They spend a few seconds on heating water, so water heaters are no worse than central hot water supply. Have a good shopping!


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