Bath decoration

Finishing the bath inside: photo selection to help those who wish to perfectly equip

Finishing the bath inside

It would seem that interesting and unusual can be thought up for a bath interior? Especially there you can’t walk around, and the purpose of the room itself does not imply the presence of any refined pieces of furniture or accessories. But the “mysterious Russian soul” even from the washing can create a brilliant creation, a work of art and a subject of special pride. What can the decoration of baths inside look like and what style decisions are most often used by designers in their work?


  • Dressing room: arrangement options
  • Steam room finish: standards
  • Washing: style and functionality

Dressing room: arrangement options

The dressing room is the face of the bathhouse. It is here that a hot body requires tranquility and rest, it is here that everything should be thought out to the smallest detail and it is in this room that you need to invest maximum effort to create a really comfortable zone for relaxation.

Most often, the vestibule is small, but recently, some bath owners have begun to expand the boundaries of this room, turning it from a small island where you can rest before entering the steam room, into a huge mainland of pleasure. Such a dressing room may well become a cinema hall, and a billiard room, and a bar.

Option dressing room

Spacious dressing room. Simple, spacious, comfortable

Here, for example, is an option that demonstrates how bath decoration transformed inside a large room a waiting room. The purely rustic style of the vestibule with log walls, a wooden floor and a clay brick stove turned the standard box into a cozy and bright room. Everything here is literally “saturated” with wood, even the table, benches, doors and a pedestal are made of birch – a material ideal for a bath.

Option finish tambour in the bath

Medium sized dressing room in loft style

The decoration of the bathhouse, the photo of which you see above, is a mixture of two styles. On the one hand, the walls of the dressing room imitate dilapidated brickwork, which is typical for the loft style, and on the other, modern white leather sofas on thin curved legs. It would seem ridiculous, but it looks very impressive and fashionable.

Big dressing room

The option of finishing a large dressing room in the “knightly” style

And here is another finish for the vestibule. Here, the owner moved away from the “Russian” stereotypes and instead of logs and boards used marble tiles, and it looks equally good on the floor and on the walls.

The dressing room is almost in the style of minimalism, because apart from armchairs, lamps, paintings and TVs, there is nothing more. Although what else does a person need to relax after a hot steam?

Little dressing room

Finish small dressing room

This dressing room is not so small, but compared with the previous ones, it is significantly inferior in size. The owner managed to skillfully place a recreation area and a place for undressing on several square meters. Cute curtains in large colors create additional comfort, and panels under the log give the room lightness and airiness.

Russian style dressing room decoration

An unusual stove transformed the vestibule, turning it into a comfortable sitting area

A large Russian stove from old brick turned dressing room in the photo to the “hut on chicken legs”. It is the furnace that is the center of the room, since it takes up a lot of space and has a bright and stylish texture. The colorful exterior of the firebox is successfully complemented by log walls and carved beams on the ceiling – one of the main elements of the Russian style.

Steam room finish: standards

If in the waiting room there is a place for a flight of fancy, then in the steam room it usually runs out. The thing is that finishing the bath from the inside involves a more functional approach than a stylistic one, because the small space of the steam room must be used to the maximum and at the same time leave plenty of room for free circulation of hot air. It is at this moment that the reasonable question arises before the owner of the bath: “What can be thought up on 5 square meters?”

Well, he’ll do the shelves, set up benches, a heater and … that’s all! What else? However, even these indispensable attributes of the steam room, can be made original and unusual, so that everyone who comes to take a steam bath is surprised and says: “Ah!”

Standard steam room decor

The steam room should combine convenience, functionality, safety and freedom of movement

Let’s start with the simplest option: a single-level wooden shelf and the same bench. Dull and boring? Maybe, but it’s very functional, because the small space of the steam room is fully involved.

Steam room finish option

Special elegance and lightness give lamps

This option is much more attractive, but this appeal is mainly created by elegant little lamps. And the space here is much more than in the first photo. The room is also given originality by a slightly rounded ceiling made of the same material as the rest of the interior.

Steam room decoration

Modestly, but originally due to masonry

Another way to decorate a steam room is to combine different textures together.

Brick and wood generally look very lively and natural, but in a setting of heat and steam, they have no equal at all.

An interesting style solution for finishing a steam room

Vertical elements visually make the pair higher

The elegant finish of the bath inside – a photo that could not convey all the beauty and originality – is presented above. Here the designer (or the owner himself) solved the problem of low ceilings very simply – he used a vertical layout from a wooden lining and an unusual ceiling design in the form of an arch. The owner of the bath refused the regiments and limited himself to only a bench. But even minimalism has its own charm.

Idea for placing a bench in a steam room

An interesting option for installing shops

To save the steam room, you can, and even need to, use corner shelves and benches. So there will be more free space, and the interior will be more interesting and brighter.

Wooden lining in the steam room

The modern Kamenka is a striking addition to the interior of a modest steam room

You can give the room a pair of modernity with the help of fashionable elements. In this case, it is a stylish stove-stove and a wall decorated with natural stone.

Washing: style and functionality

Previously, the washing room was located directly in the steam room, which created a lot of problems (some cannot stand the heat and come to the bathhouse to just wash themselves). Today, washing is a separate element, which, like a dressing room, and steam room, has its own style.

Washing with shower

Washing with shower: the interior in the Russian style does not spoil modern plumbing

So, the first option is standard: a bench for accessories and hygiene products and showers. In principle, nothing more, but somehow sparingly. Although the photo looks even very good.

Washing with tub

The pouring nozzle is now a fashionable accessory, it is also a means for hardening, and a way to increase tone

This option has recently gained crazy popularity. Do not believe? Enter in the search engine “finishing the baths inside the photo” and you will see how much the Russian people liked the ordinary wooden tub. Convenience and benefit of this accessory on the face – a hanging rope or chain facilitates pouring, and cold water tempers the body. Thanks to the communications brought to the tub, it will always be complete.

Washing room with shower

Washing room with shower

Well, such a washing will appeal to those who prefer comfort in everything. The shower cabin with hydromassage effect not only performs its main function, but also allows the owner of the bath to keep the washing room clean, because water does not get on the floor and walls.

Finishing the bathhouse inside with your own hands is a creative and rather complicated process, but with a little effort, and having given free rein to your imagination, you can easily create a bright and stylish interior.


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