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How to clean the carpet yourself: the choice of means and method of cleaning

How to clean the carpet yourself

Remember how you chose a floor covering: you looked for a suitable color carpet, studied operational characteristics. Remember how proud were a good color combination. It would seem, what more to wish? – A well-thought-out interior is pleasing to the eye, but beauty must be maintained. It’s a shame if, due to improper care, the product quickly loses its attractive appearance or due to accidentally “planted” spots, all efforts will go down the drain. Let’s talk today about carpet. Consider the types of this popular flooring, find out how to clean the carpet correctly so that it retains all its best qualities as long as possible.


  • Features of cleaning different types of carpet
  • How to clean your own carpet
  • The specifics of wet cleaning
  • Simple dry cleaning
  • Foam and cleaning method
  • Proven folk ways

The main care for any type of carpet is timely and regular cleaning: you cannot sweep away any dirt with a broom, it remains to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner at least 2 times a week. It is better to drive a vacuum cleaner with a brush against the pile, avoiding pressure with effort. Let us consider in more detail the classification of carpet, so that you can navigate in matters of further care.

So, carpet is a modern floor covering, the structure of carpets of different types is similar: the primary base, the fixing layer, the secondary base and, in fact, the pile.

Features of cleaning different types of carpet

  • the composition of the base (foamed rubber, latex, synthetic or natural jute);
  • by the composition of the pile (natural, mixed or artificial materials);
  • by type of pile (different way of weaving pile, length, uniformity).

If you used natural yarn (cotton, linen, sisal or wool) in the production of carpet, you are lucky, because such coatings are environmentally friendly. Pile elastic, dense. Wet cleaning in the usual sense of the word – using a washing vacuum cleaner, for example, is then contraindicated.

Wet cleaning scheme with a washing vacuum cleaner

Wet cleaning with a washing vacuum cleaner

Recall the operating principle of a washing vacuum cleaner: a special cleaning shampoo for carpets is dissolved in water, carefully rubbed into a contaminated coating. And after a while, more moisture with already dissolved contamination is removed. Natural pile stores the remaining moisture for a long time. In order not to breed excess moisture in the house, it is better to use a special dry composition to remove dirt (dry cleaning). Wet cleaning with a well-wrung rag is also possible no more than once a month. Dry cleaning should be done at least once every six months.

A carpet made of synthetic materials can be cleaned with a washing vacuum cleaner. But it is very important to carefully remove excess moisture. The carpet is impregnated with a special dirt-repellent solution, when the product is wet, the solution can be washed and your carpet will lose its useful properties in repelling dirt. It should be noted one more fact: if the carpet has an adhesive base, then with excessive wetting, deformation of the base is possible. Color also matters in order to maintain color uniformity, to eliminate the formation of unattractive stains on the coating, it is better to avoid intensive wetting of the carpet.

If the secondary basis of the carpet was made of natural jute, then such a product does not tolerate contact with moisture: the coating may be deformed (shrinkage after contact with water), an unpleasant odor, various fungi and mold may appear.

The base made of foam rubber and latex and artificial jute is not afraid of contact with water, but the product will not “come to its senses” from intense moisture. Any carpet after wet cleaning should dry properly. A carpet with a latex rubber base during laying is very tight to the floor, removing such a carpet without damaging the base is problematic, it is better to use a dry cleaning method in this case.

You can seek professional help – there are numerous cleaning companies whose main specialization is carpet cleaning at home. Specialists will determine the type of coating, clean the most suitable for your type of carpet, restore the antistatic and dirt-repellent coating (special professional impregnation for carpet), it is possible to use special flame retardants. However, it is easy to clean the carpet at home. Consider cleaning methods in more detail..

How to clean your own carpet

  • wet cleaning;
  • dry cleaning
  • with a vacuum cleaner;
  • foamy cleaning;
  • professional cleaning.
Wet cleaning

Wet carpet cleaning at home

The specifics of wet cleaning

Usually done with a damp cloth or soft bristle brush (so as not to damage the structure of the carpet). A solution of a special shampoo for carpet (usually one tablespoon per liter of water is sufficient, follow the recommendations indicated on the product packaging) is applied to the surface of the coating. Gently grind the solution on the surface, avoiding excess water. You can not mix several products with different composition.

Important! Only use specialized carpet cleaners. The use of random detergents can cause excessive pollution in the future and loss of elasticity and softness of the fibers (the product does not wash properly, sticks to the pile, attracting dust and dirt).

One of the options for wet cleaning can be cleaning the carpet in the snow (the main condition is dry snow). The sequence of actions repeats the cleaning of a carpet familiar from childhood: the carpet is turned with a pile onto the snow, it is slammed slightly with a broom, knocking out dust. Then transferred again to clean snow, repeating the procedure.

Simple dry cleaning

In order to clean the carpet without water and various detergents, a special dry composition for cleaning the carpet is used. The first step is to clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner. The powder should be applied evenly by hand or using a special machine. In order for the powder to absorb the dirt properly, it must be left on the surface – the duration of the action depends on the degree of contamination. Usually from half an hour to two hours. Over time, the powder is removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Carpet cleaning with special foam

Foamy carpet cleaning

Foam and cleaning method

The special composition for cleaning carpets and carpets contains various detergent components: alkalis, fine abrasives, alcohols and other substances selected in such a way as to dissolve dust and various impurities. Foam cleaning is a light moistening of the surface with a foam of a special composition to remove contaminants, without intensive moisturizing. Foam is applied with a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle to a previously cleaned (using a vacuum cleaner) coating. After application, it is necessary to withstand the time necessary for the active components of the foam to destroy the impurities on the nap of the coating. Foam with dirt is removed from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

There are many specialized cleaning products on sale: stain removers, powders, aerosols, shampoos, but there are also undeservedly forgotten folk remedies: for cleaning carpets, it is quite possible to use recipes for carpets, especially when it comes to removing stains.

Proven folk ways

The easiest way to get a fresh stain. If by chance there wasn’t a single specialized carpet cleaner in the house, and the stain is already there and spoils your mood with your existence, do not despair, perhaps one of the old proven recipes will help correct the situation.

First of all, a fresh stain needs to be wet – carefully, without rubbing along the edges. If something thick was spilled (ketchup, jam, mayonnaise) – collect with a spoon, and try to wipe the remaining stain with one of the formulations described below.

Stains from juice, ketchup and jam under the action of a solution of citric acid will become much lighter. It is recommended to lightly moisten the stain and sprinkle with citric acid, leave for a couple of minutes, then remove with a damp cloth, wiping with force. Alcohol-vinegar solution (3 parts alcohol per 1 part vinegar) is also intended to remove stains from grapes, coffee, wine. It is generally accepted that a slightly acidic aqueous-vinegar solution returns the brilliance and brilliance of the color to the pile. Cold water with ammonia is recommended to remove stains from tea and coffee. If you pour salt on a fresh greasy stain, then the crystals will quickly absorb fat.

Professional carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning at home

The most effective is still considered a professional carpet cleaning at home. Indeed, along with highly effective means, various technologies and special expensive equipment are used.

As you can see, there are many ways to clean your carpet at home. You can use the latest achievements of developers of household chemicals or use one of the available tools. The effectiveness of the application depends on your efficiency (the “older” the pollution, the more difficult it is to remove). If you can’t cope with pollution yourself, you can use the services of one of the cleaning companies – professional carpet cleaning at home is an expensive but effective service. Let your house always be cozy and comfortable.


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