How to choose a roulette

Roulette is a modern measuring device by which distances are calculated. It is an indispensable element on any construction site. By purchasing this tool, many disregard various details that are important enough. It is worth noting that the manufacturers of this measuring tool invest considerable amounts in the development of protective coatings for the case or tape. We will consider some recommendations for roulette selection.

Where to start roulette selection?

Which element of the measuring device is the most important? Undoubtedly, this is a tape with the divisions applied on it, on which the obtained results largely depend. For its manufacture can be used in a variety of materials from metal to special fabrics. The most widespread in our time are roulettes in which ribbons with divisions are made of metal.

Many people think that roulettes are no different from each other. But having arranged a small test, you can immediately determine that this is not so. For example, such a characteristic is the largest length of the measuring tape at which deflection does not form. Just pull out the metal plate and evaluate its maximum length, this will let you know the strength of the material that was used to manufacture this component. At the same time, in expensive models, measuring tapes are coated with special compositions that give the material additional protection. This contributes to an increase in the weight of the device, so the kink in them is achieved earlier than in products of lower quality.

If measuring long distances is the norm in your work, then give preference to a product with a significant width. So you can increase the accuracy of the measurements, and roulettes of this type themselves will be able to serve you longer. Measuring instruments, the tape in which has a width of 19 millimeters, are most widely used.

Double-sided roulettes are characterized by additional convenience; some models have a scale representing the distance divided by the number of PIs. So you can, by measuring the circumference, easily calculate the radius of something round.

Every year, roulette manufacturers produce better protective coatings for tapes. In some measuring instruments, the tapes are coated with a nylon composition, which extends their use by several times. And polyester coatings for tapes can further increase their durability.

How ergonomic body?

When choosing a roulette, the second most important characteristic is the ergonomics of the case. In the vast majority of professional-type measuring instruments, the case fits very comfortably in your hand. For its manufacture, plastic or metal is used. Take a closer look at the tool with a rubberized case. It is very convenient to use, because it does not break so easily when falling. Fall is the main reason for the breakdown of roulettes. Moreover, rubber makes it easier to hold the tool in your hand.

To fix the tape with the measuring dashes on the roulette case, a special slider is made, by means of which the tape remains stationary and does not return back to the case. Some find it very convenient when in the measuring device, in addition to the latch, a button is placed on the housing «pauses».

In fairness, roulette is considered an indispensable measuring tool, without which no apartment or house should do. Of course, for household use it is not always advisable to buy expensive models, products with a sufficient resource of work will be quite enough.

How to choose a roulette