How to choose a hammer drill – expert advice

The hammer drill is a drill with a shock mechanism, designed for destructive work with solid materials: brick, concrete, as well as artificial and natural stone. The puncher is in many ways similar to a drill, and some do not even know what the difference between them is. In this article, we will consider the recommendations of specialists about, how to choose a hammer drill.

What to look for

If you decide to purchase a hammer drill, you probably do not want to make a mistake with the choice of model. Let’s look at the criteria that will help achieve this goal..

First of all, remember that power is an important indicator, but in pursuit of it you should not turn a blind eye to other characteristics of the tool. It is best to take into account the functionality that you need from the very beginning, and combine it with the required power. Of course, it would not be wise to buy a professional tool of the latest model for one hole in the wall. On the other hand, it is important to consider that even in budget models many functions are implemented that have as their goal only attracting the attention of a potential buyer. But in this case, the presence of these little things can affect the quality of their implementation, and not for the better. If you want to get a really high-quality puncher, it is better to give preference to professional models, although in them, as a rule, the set of additional features is small, but they guarantee reliable operation in a busy rhythm.

An important indicator is the maximum diameter of the obtained hole in various materials, and it is best to pay attention to this indicator for concrete.

A quality tool features a good heat exchange system and protection. After all, if the punch overheats, you will be forced to interrupt the work and wait for it to cool. If you do not, you can immediately prepare money for a new.

Additional functions

Another convenient tool is control electronics, which will allow you to adjust the impact force and the exact start of drilling, so that all work can be performed with utmost accuracy. Constant electronics allows you to maintain a given parameter even with increasing load. Even with a change in the hardness of the material, a punch equipped with such electronics can provide constant revolutions. With a soft start, you avoid jerking when starting the tool. If you want it right choose a hammer drill, it is important to consider all these points.

Thanks to protection against an overheat your puncher will not burn even at excessive loadings. The device for turning on and off the rotation lock is convenient in that it allows you to set the bit in the desired working position. The switch of direction of rotation or reverse will also add convenience in using an electric tool. And if it is also combined with the ability to adjust the speed, you can even use your hammer drill as a screwdriver, with which it will not be difficult to unscrew and tighten the screw.

When choosing a manufacturer, it is important to consider the development of its service network. It is better to ask in advance whether such a service center is located in your city, because in case of breakdown it may turn out that you will have to take it far to service the tool. And this will not only increase your expenses, but can significantly stretch the deadlines.

Be that as it may, when acquiring a hammer drill, it is unusually important to decide on the purposes for which it will be used. And if it turns out that the model you like has features and power that are unlikely to be relevant to you in the next couple of decades, consider saving your budget and getting something cheaper. We hope that our article answered the question: how to choose a hammer drill.

How to choose a hammer drill - expert advice

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