Modern style living room

The living room, made in a modern style, represents a maximum of space and light plus functional furniture. If you like cute trinkets, stucco and ruffles, you should not surround yourself with an organized, pragmatic interior.

Minimalism in the living room

Minimalism involves a small number of items and accessories in the interior. The gaze should not cling to anything, it should as if glide around the room. The room should only have the necessary, strict amount of furniture. When selecting paint, you should avoid eye-catching contrasting combinations. Favorite combinations should be shades of black and gray, white and oatmeal. To bring light into the room and visually expand the interior space, you should pay attention to the window. Choose very light curtains or discard them if possible. Walls, ceiling and floor should be plain and smooth. Cabinet furniture should not be much. The main thing is that it takes up little space and is concise.

Hi-tech in the living room

In combination with a minimal decor, ultra-modern materials give an abundance of space and light. The color scheme should be monophonic. Primary colors: gray, white and metallic, as well as bottle greens. The main character of the living room is a large modern home theater. Transforming sofas, a coffee table with metal legs and transparent glass get along with her. Do not be afraid to experiment with materials. In hi-tech, unexpected combinations are welcomed: glass and metal, concrete and plastic, artificial leather and wood. The style of German pragmatism is very close to this style. It is characterized by high technology, reliability and maximum functionality. The decor is completely inappropriate.

Constructivism in the living room

Clean and bright colors of your home. The windows should be large, the walls should be light, even white, and the furniture should be light. The interior should not be any frills, the emphasis is on apparent simplicity and maximum functionality. This is the best choice for those who value modern design. The interior has only plain surfaces and straight lines.

Fusion in the living room

In one room, in this case, a harmonious combination of completely different styles is used: the laconic interior of Japan with the hot colors of Africa, the Empire style with hi-tech, the exotic of the East and the interior traditional for Europe. And be bolder! At the same time, do not forget that styles should complement each other very organically, and not be overshadowed. Fusion is a bold but very harmonious combination of different style decisions in one interior.

Art Deco in the living room

This style is, without exaggeration, the most luxurious modern style. Imagine ocean cruise lines, as well as Hollywood stories about beautiful life. To recreate this collective growth of luxury, it is important to use expensive materials: bronze, rich brown and black colors, as well as shades of gold. Cabinet furniture for the living room made of dark wood, cubism and geometric shapes.

Modern style living room