What wallpaper to choose for the hallway and corridor – the best options

What wallpaper to choose for the hallway and corridor

It is impossible to make a first impression twice – everyone knows this truth. This expression can be applied not only to a person, but also to a house or apartment, because, having entered a previously unfamiliar environment for the first time, one can immediately conclude that a person is well-being and his character. It is the entrance hall that allows you to look into the mysterious world of someone else’s apartment and it is here that sets the tone for the entire interior. But which wallpaper to choose for the entrance hall to make a lasting impression on the guests? What is fashionable now and what should be avoided?


  • Choose the type of wallpaper for the hallway
  • Classic washable wallpaper
  • Advantages of the Vinyl Option
  • Silkscreen – “pasted and forgot”
  • What attracts liquid wallpaper?
  • Cork wallpapers – stylish, presentable
  • Choose the color of the wallpaper for the hallway
  • Choose the type of wallpaper for the hallway

    The entrance hall is the first room that a person enters when entering the house. Therefore, there is often a lot of dust and dirt (especially in the autumn-spring season). No matter how carefully you remove your shoes and clothes, anyway, sooner or later drops and smudges may appear on the walls. And if your family has a child (or maybe not just one) or a dog, then you definitely cannot avoid such problems.

    However, correctly selected wallpapers can save your repair even from the most restless kids and animals..

    Classic washable wallpaper

    Washable wallpapers vary in degree of water resistance. There are those who are afraid of “rudeness”, that is, they need to be washed only with a soft, damp sponge or cloth. Others are able to withstand the onslaught of cleaning products, and the third even a rough brush in the least. You can determine the level of water resistance yourself – on the label from the wallpaper there is a special sign in the form of a wave. One wave – such wallpapers love gentle care, two are moisture-resistant, that is, they can be wiped with a damp cloth, three are washable, but the brush icon allows you to do all of the above and even more with such wallpaper.

    Advantages of the Vinyl Option

    If you are thinking about what wallpaper to choose for the corridor, then vinyl wallpaper may well be the answer to it. This type of wallpaper is very durable and resistant to various types of mechanical stress, which is important for a narrow and narrow hallway, in which even one person is difficult to turn around..

    Washable vinyl wallpapers are not sensitive to various detergents, even cleaning abrasives are not afraid of them. A smooth, even surface of such wallpaper is completely ready for cleaning..

    Most often, such wallpapers are made on the basis of non-woven fabric – a non-woven flame-resistant material. Flizelin does not shrink during drying, is resistant to tearing and is very durable. The dense texture of vinyl wallpaper allows you to not only hide minor defects on the walls, but also become an excellent obstacle for microcracks that may appear over time.

    Washable Vinyl Wallpaper

    Hallway decorated with vinyl wallpaper

    Silkscreen – “pasted and forgot”

    Silk screen printing – vinyl wallpaper on a paper basis with a top layer of silk threads. This type of wallpaper is just a godsend for those who want to live by the principle: “Sticked and forgot.” They practically do not require any care – just occasionally wipe their surface with a damp sponge. The service life of silk-screen printing is 12-15 years! Agree, long enough to get bored.

    Silk screen printing

    Silk Screen Printing

    What attracts liquid wallpaper?

    A new trend in wallpaper fashion is liquid wallpaper. They are actually liquid, because to put them on the wall, you will have to use a spatula.

    Liquid wallpaper is a dry mixture consisting of a binder, filaments of cellulose and cotton, dyes and various inclusions, for example, silk, algae, mica, etc. They provide an increased level of heat and sound insulation in the room, have an antistatic effect (a particularly important point for the entrance), are non-toxic, moisture resistant, elastic (not subject to deformation during shrinkage), and are durable.

    Liquid wallpaper

    Liquid Wallpaper Colors

    But their main advantage is the possibility of a “painless” replacement of the dirty area, that is, in case of pollution, you do not have to completely change the wallpaper in the room, it will be enough to remove the contaminated piece with a spatula, and put a fresh mixture in its place with the spatula, which, setting, is ideal level with the wall.

    The design of the hallway with liquid wallpaper

    Hallway decorated with liquid wallpaper

    Cork wallpapers – stylish, presentable

    Cork wallpapers are also an ideal hallway wall decoration. They are durable, fireproof, beautiful and easily glued. And their naturalness cannot but please nature lovers and everything connected with it.

    Such wallpaper due to its dense texture can hide minor wall defects, as well as provide reliable heat and sound insulation.

    The entrance, covered with cork, looks modern, fashionable and very luxurious. And guests will certainly appreciate your taste and style..

    Hallway decorated with cork wallpaper

    Hallway decorated with cork wallpaper

    Choose the color of the wallpaper for the hallway

    There are many types of wallpaper suitable for a hallway, but not so much as to get entangled in them. But the colors and shades are tens, or even hundreds of times more. Here it’s just right to think about how to choose wallpaper in the hallway.

    From a practical point of view, the wallpaper is ideal for the hallway in dark colors, because it is here that most of the street dust and dirt are concentrated. And from the point of view of comfort and coziness, light wallpapers look much more harmonious in a dark room devoid of windows.

    Do not rush from one extreme to another – choose something between the first and second. Let it be the color of coffee with milk or cold blue, or maybe you like green shades? In any case, the choice is yours..


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