About pricing for design interior projects

The peculiarity of pricing in the field of interior design is such that the exclusivity of the project does not actually affect the cost of the designer. This is due to a well-formed market, each segment of which has its own specific features. There are three main segments, which are fundamentally different in prices: budget – the cost is up to 50 $ / sq. m, average – up to $ 100 / sq. m. and elite – from $ 100 / sq. m.

Let us consider in more detail the specifics of the pricing of each of these segments:


The cheapest segment of the design market is designed for customers with an average level of income, unpretentious and not demanding. Features of projects at this level – extremely low detail, the use of materials of medium quality. The success of this development depends on the conscience and decency of developers.

As a rule, new companies are working in this direction, which are ready to develop for relatively little money «project of any style». The target audience of the budget segment is the owners of apartments in multi-storey buildings, small studios and the private sector.


This segment is represented by companies that have been working in the field of design for 5-8 years and already have a good client base. In such organizations there is a certain staff of employees who carefully work out each stage of the development of the project of urban apartments, country cottages and even restaurants, offices.

As a rule, companies in the mid-price segment work in a certain direction, and do not undertake everything in a row. The psychology of the customer, his lifestyle, taste preferences are studied in detail. Already at the stage of technical development, the design of all parts is carried out: water supply and electrics, air conditioning and ventilation. The work uses expensive materials, equipment, modern technological innovations.


The third segment of the design market is a kind of «Olympus», where professional designers live. The objects of their development are not only within our country, but also in Europe. Clients of elite designers – politicians, businessmen, pop stars. The works of these masters are shown in various print media, and the names are always well known.

A designer with such a level can always reveal himself completely, realize all his ideas and ideas. Accordingly, their work is evaluated in sums with many zeros. But most importantly, the specialists of this level passed the previous two segments on their path to excellence, so that «hone» your skill.

Architectural Studio «Design path» working on creating design projects for any of the above segments. Continuous development and the pursuit of excellence is the key to the successful implementation of projects of varying degrees of complexity. And the use of new products in the construction and technological market is an opportunity to make even the most daring decisions a reality.

About pricing for design interior projects

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